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Rugal 루갈 Episode 10 Recap

Song Mina saw the corpses on the ground, and those guys who were going to hit the entrance directly, but Han Thai bear said first of all to ensure the safety of Section Wu. Jiang Qifan used an artificial eye to scan the body of a man on the ground. An Youmin was a professional basketball player who disappeared in 2018. There is only one exit here, and Han Thai bears let everyone split up, and then get together again. At the entrance of Jiang Qi Fan Ru, Song Mina went to check the surroundings of the wire accident, and Li Guangzhe went to the basement. Li Guangzhe saw the man in the couple who had recorded the video in the basement. He was suspended in the basement and was dead. He suspected that there was fraud. Li Guangzhe cleaned the basement and immediately notified his teammates. Song Mina solved the two people in the electrical room and also reported to her teammates. Han Thai bears the news that Wu Guangxiu and Wu Section Chief have been transferred away, so that everyone can transfer their actions.

Li Guangzhe rescued another woman in the couple. Xue Minjun took away Dean Gu and Wu Guangxiu. Cui Yiyuan was pulled into the car by Huang Dejiuqiang, and she secretly sent Jiang Qifan a message saying that the price was calculated on a piece-by-piece basis. Cui Yiyuan watched Huang Dejiu staring at the watch on his hand. I didn’t know what Huang Dejiu was planning. If he wanted to jump off, Huang Dejiu said that he was almost at his destination. Cui Yiyuan saw the police car next to him and wanted to help the police. Huang Dejiu left the police car behind. Jiang Qifan saw a blindfolded man in the room, begging Jiang Qifan for mercy, Jiang Qifan remembered the previously blind picture, Jiang Qifan asked the other party what was going on, the other party kept saying murder, let Jiang Qifan rescue his daughter, Jiang Qifan again Recalling the framed as a murderer.

Two enemies appeared from behind Jiang Qifan. Jiang Qifan found the enemy and killed the enemy. Han Thai Bear saw Jiang Qifan who was out of control and immediately stopped. Jiang Qifan recognized Han Thai bear as an experimental body, and then started to deal with Han Thai bear. Jiang Qifan regained consciousness under Han Taixiong’s fist. Li Guangzhe intends to take the woman out of here, but Han Thai Bear asked Li Guangzhe to leave the woman. Li Guangzhe said that the woman had a chip on her body and was found to be very dangerous. Han Taixiong agreed to let Li Guangzhe take the woman away. Out of danger, Li Guangzhe asked the woman to leave on her own. The woman asked Li Guangzhe and others to take her away and protect her. Li Guangzhe and others agreed.

Huang Dejiu learned that Min Dahao didn’t hold the entrance and let ARGOS destroy the laboratory. He was very angry. When he let Min Dahao breathe out, Cui Yiyuan took the opportunity to run away. Huang Dejiu left Min Dahao’s life and let Min Dahao capture Cui Yiyuan. Li Guangzhe returned to the headquarter and took the woman to Bradley directly, and asked Bradley to take out the chip behind the woman’s neck. Bradley said that he wanted to find Susan. Li Guangzhe was afraid that the woman would explode sometime, and Bradley had to agree. Han Taixiong reported to Cui Genzhe that Jiang Qifan had found the person who had been released from Wu Guangxiu. Cui Genzhe confirmed that Wu Guangxiu was not life-threatening, the enemy just wanted to use Wu Guangxiu,

Jiang Qifan remembered the out-of-control pictures and did not understand how he regarded Han Taixiong as an experimental body. At this time, Jiang Qifan was hit by someone, and he suspected that his defense function had been upgraded. Jiang Qifan met Cui Yiyuan on the road, and Cui Yiyuan drove Jiang Qifan. Cui Yiyuan did not expect that Jiang Qifan was still alive. Cui Yiyuan asked Jiang Qifan what his real task was, and Jiang Qifan said to grab Argos. After listening to Cui Yiyuan, asked Jiang Qifan whether the contract is still valid? She can still use Jiang Qifan now, and Jiang Qifan says it works. Huang Dejiu returned to the laboratory and saw the room full of devastation. He knew that Jiang Qifan would not be impulsive because of his anger. In order to play with him and die, he was determined to play with Jiang Qifan.

Song Mina was angry at Li Guangzhe’s stubbornness, but Han Taixiong asked Song Mina to think about Jiang Qifan first. He saw Jiang Qifan, who was out of control. Song Mina thought that Jiang Qifan became manic and related to the whispers of artificial eyes. Song Mina has a safety device, only Song Mina and Jiang Qifan have chips. If Jiang Qifan loses himself and cannot control his emotions, the signal will come from the chip on Song Mina’s body. Han Thai bear envy Song Meina can share emotions with Jiang Qifan, Song Meina said that Han Thai bear has done enough. Huang Dejiu will soon find Cui Yiyuan, and Cui Yiyuan and Jiang Qifan get off to have tea.

When Cui Yiyuan learned that Huang Dejiu’s business was ruined, Jiang Qifan did it unintentionally and asked Jiang Qifan to explain why the mobile phone was in Huang Dejiu’s hand. Jiang Qifan explained that there were other reasons. When Cui Yiyuan wanted to be fine, she called Jiang Qifan. When Jiang Qifan said it was fine, she would not hide. Cui Yiyuan came to the car and asked Min Dahao to take her to Huang Dejiu. After being released by the police, Feng Manzhe drank and chatted with Mrs. Cui Longzhang. Feng Manzhe broke away Mrs. Zhang, and Cui Long said that the key to Feng Manzhe’s office vault was in Huang Dejiu’s hands, and Feng Manzhe was very angry after hearing it. When Mrs. Zhang took the wine, she saw Huang Dejiu and immediately told Feng Manzhe Cui Long of the news.

Feng Manzhe furiously went to Huang Dejiu. Huang Dejiu thought Feng Manzhe was here to thank him. Feng Manzhe called Huang Dejiu to steal another vault and was a thief. At this time, Mrs. Zhang came in to deliver fruit. Huang Dejiu took the opportunity to snatch the gun from Mrs. Zhang’s body and fired a shot on the sofa. Mrs. Zhang fled the scene panic. Huang Dejiu asked Feng Manzhe who the owner of Argos was. Feng Manzhe said that it was the president and them. Huang Dejiu deliberately missed. Xue Minjun heard the gunshots and hurried over. Under the threat of Huang Dejiu, Feng Manzhe begged Huang Deji for mercy. Huang Dejiu asked Feng Manzhe to choose between Cui Long and Mrs. Zhang.

Jiang Qifan learned from Bradley’s mouth that artificial eyes could steal his thoughts, and asked Bradley, if he was really controlled by artificial eyes in the future, what would happen to him? Bradley said that losing himself is as artificial as he wants. When Li Guangzhe admitted to Cui Genzhe, he saw the report that the chief of hospital K was still alive, and the chief disclosed the truth about the ugliness of the national government and police. Song Meina, Jiang Qifan, and Han Taixiong also came to see the report, and were angry that Dean Gu exposed their traces.

RUGAL was exposed, and the superior asked Cui Genzhe to deal with Jiang Qifan. Huang Dejiu put on a mask and controlled the major platforms to provoke Jiang Qifan. Jiang Qifan recognized the other party as Huang Dejiu. Cui Genzhe found that there was a time bomb on a bus. If Jiang Qifan did not arrive at the location designated by the other party before 9 o’clock, the other party would detonate a bomb. When he was worried about this, Jiang Qifan came to ask for a taunt. After Cui Genzhe agreed, Jiang Qifan put on his former police uniform and went to Huang Dejiu.

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