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Rugal 루갈 Episode 8 Recap

Jiang Qifan suspected that Chief Wu had been kidnapped and that it was a trap set by Dean Gu. Chief Wu was only a bait. Their purpose was to want Jiang Qifan’s eyes. When Song Mina was exhausted, Han Thai bear Li Guangzhe finally came. Li Guangzhe rescued Song Mina, Han Tai Xiong aftermath, and asked where the truck was. Huang Dejiu went to Cui Yiyuan’s house and pinched Cui Yiyuan’s neck, questioning Jiang Qifan. Cui Yiyuan stripped Huang Dejiu’s hands and asked Huang Dejiu if she was afraid of killing him or whether she would join forces with Jiang Qifan to make Huang Dejiu jealous? Huang Dejiu smiled and said that Cui Yiyuan was unreasonable. Cui Yiyuan said that Huang Dejiu would not kill her because Huang Dejiu liked her.

Chief Wu looked at the people who were used for the experiment, and was tortured discomfortably, very sad. Dean Gu said that Chief Wu could survive after completing the artificial eye. Wu Kechang’s death did not help Huang Dejiu to complete the artificial eye. Huang Dejiu took the hostage and threatened Wu Kejiu. Li Guangzhe and others followed the truck, and when they reached their destination, they went to Jiang Qifan separately. Soon Jiang Qifan also came, one of Huang Dejiu’s men exploded, and then others grabbed things, the scene was very chaotic. On the other side, Huang Dejiu looked at this scene through monitoring and couldn’t help but praise the beautiful picture. Li Guangzhe Song Mina saw the riot and hurried to rescue the citizens.

President Xuan called Huang Dejiu and guessed that a terrorist incident occurred in his park. Huang Dejiu did it. Huang Dejiu did not shy away and admitted that he did it. Jiang Qifan fought with two of Huang Dejiu’s men. When the two men smoked, Han Thai bears opened the door of the truck. Han Thai bears knocked down the two men and quickly jumped off the truck with Jiang Qifan. Li Guangzhe Song Mina jointly brought down the enemy. Han Thai bear sent a man to the police. The man took the opportunity to shoot Han Thai bear. Han Thai bear stopped the opponent’s gun and finally knocked the man down. Just when the Han Thai bear attacked, Jiang Qifan came to assist Han Thai bear.

Jiang Qifan and others returned to the headquarters. Han Thai bear suffered serious arm injuries and immediately went to treatment. Crazy news of explosion accidents spread online, and Cui Genzhe is worried that Rugal will be exposed. Huang Dejiu asked Section Chief Wu to listen to the report and let his staff take Section Chief Wu down. Cui Yiyuan was very angry when she learned that Huang Dejiu had destroyed the park. Jiang Qifan visited Han Taixiong. Han Taixiong said that in the park, he rescued the injured and arranged for the police. Later he found that the personnel were posing as ARGOS. The moment he turned around, ARGOS shot two policemen. Jiang Qifan said that when he was a criminal police officer, he was most angry because he was really being used by others. Jiang Qifan asked Han Thai bear why he wanted to be RUGAL, Han Thai bear explained, because the guys who wanted to catch him had to stand in the opposite team in order to really leave them.

Bradley demonstrated the equipment to Li Guangzhe. After reading it, Li Guangzhe said he wanted the equipment. Susan treated Song Meina. Song Meina wanted to quickly catch Huang Dejiu. Cui Genzhe said that she could not act until Song Meina was ready. Song Mina thanked Cui Genzhe. When her father died and everyone around her could look at her, only Cui Genzhe treated her strongly. She was very sad at first, and later she understood that only a strong person can live. If she lives, she can retaliate against that group of people. , Cui Genzhe asked Song Mina to regulate her emotions. At that time, Cui Genzhe took Song Mina to see her dead father. Song Mina asked how Cui Genzhe’s father died. Cui Genzhe said that Song Mina’s father voluntarily applied for a police secret experiment project. The project failed, and Song Mina’s father paid a heavy price for this.

Song Mina was very angry when she learned that her father’s funeral could only be carried out in secret, and the murderer had to secretly investigate. Cui Genzhe made Song Mina strong. Song Mina initially ignored Cui Genzhe’s warning and acted as she thought. She was rectified by the group of guys. Afterwards, Song Mina Cui Genzhe made a new commitment and she would never be emotional. Li Guangzhe saw Jiang Qifan Han Taixiong was in a low mood, and took all the snacks on his body. Han Taixiong was curious about Li Guangzhe’s past life. Li Guangzhe said that he was rich, gorgeous, and very fanciful. Jiang Qifan said that rich would not hide snacks.

Li Guangzhe praised Song Meina as he became more and more powerful. Song Meina did not strengthen her body, and she fought with her enemies without fear. Jiang Qifan said that Song Meina used to be the same. Han Thai bear remembered the picture of saving Song Mina at that time, saying that people will not be strong forever. In order to keep Huang Dejiu’s life troubled, Jiang Qifan was angry because ARGOS killed two policemen. Jiang Qifan chatted with Han Taixiong. Jiang Qifan suspected that the transformed person returned to the research institute. Han Taixiong worried that if Chief Wu was used, the scale of the victimization would continue to expand. The two reached an agreement and went to Huang Dejiu’s research institute for clues.

Li Guangzhe saw that Song Mina could do everything by herself, and she said that it was for this reason that Jiang Qifan Hantai Xiong believed Song Mina and gave it to Song Mina to do it. Song Mina didn’t know what to do with her. When it was time to save Song Mina, Jiang Qifan planned to give up the card of Cui Yiyuan and save Song Mina. After Song Mina knew that she had been arrested, Jiang Qifan and others re-planned the battle. When Officer Liang was drinking tea, he was startled by the blood man who was suddenly hung outside the window, and the citizens saw the blood man who was hung in other places. Jiang Qifan saw the blood man and knew that Huang Dejiu adjusted the plan again. The blood man said that Jiang Qifan killed him. Jiang Qifan remembered the picture of his wife being killed injustice.

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