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Rugal 루갈 Episode 7 Recap

Jiang Qifan asked the doctor to take Gao Longde back to the headquarters. Jiang Qifan wanted to kill Huang Dejiu directly, but the artificial eye said that killing Huang Dejiu would be convicted of homicide caused by negligence. Jiang Qifan had no choice but to contact the headquarters. Li Guangzhe and others learned from the population of masks attacking them that the other party was instructed by President Xuan. Han Taixiong believes that some people have deliberately planned these things for the sake of President Gu Xuan. The police alone cannot solve the problem and can only send them out. When Jiang Qifan attacked Huang Dejiu, Xue Minjun came. Jiang Qifan fought Xue Minjun and found that Xue Minjun’s strength had increased. Jiang Qifan was entangled by Xue Minjun, causing Huang Dejiu to run away. Seeing the injured Huang Dejiu on Dahao Road.

Song Meina drove to follow Huang Dejiu, but did not want Huang Dejiu to escape. Song Mena and others came to the fishing supplies store and told Jiang Qifan that Huang Dejiu ran away, and Jiang Qifan was very angry after hearing it. Huang Dejiu endured the pain and asked the doctor to treat him. When Cui Genzhe saw that Gao Longde was still alive, he asked Gao Longde to explain that Jiang Qifan said that it was Huang Dejiu’s collaboration with Gao Longde. Cui Genzhe said that he would torture Gao Longde next. Jiang Qifan wanted to help Cui Genzhe, but Cui Genzhe said no, and then Susan came in. Jiang Qifan asked Han Taixiong if he killed Huang Dejiu. Who is responsible for the responsibility, Han Thai bear said Rugal something happened, he will be responsible in the end.

After Susan injected Gao Longde with a syringe of medicine, Gao Longde woke up. Cui Genzhe said that he gave Huang Dejiu to Gao Longde. If Gao Longde wanted to live his revenge, he would hurry up and say everything that Gao Longde knew. Jiang Qifan Qi did not kill Huang Deji at that time. The artificial eye said that Jiang Qifan’s anger indicator reached a dangerous stage and needed proper release. Jiang Qifan received a call from Cui Yiyuan, who asked Jiang Qifan to kill Huang Dejiu. Han Thai bear trained with Song Mina. Jiang Qifan saw Cui Yiyuan donate, pretending to praise Cui Yiyuan as an angel, and Cui Yiyuan said they also did many good deeds.

At night, Cui Yiyuan and Jiang Qifan walked together. Cui Yiyuan said that all middle-level cadres will be called to party recently, and Huang Dejiu will also be present at her home, letting Jiang Qifan take the opportunity to kill Huang Dejiu. Murderous. Jiang Qifan observed the surrounding environment, and then sent the photo to Han Thai Bear, and asked Han Thai Bear to meet tomorrow morning. The next day, Han Thai Bear went to the beach to see Jiang Qifan. Jiang Qifan apologized to Han Taixiong. Han Taiyan was just trying to make his brother go wrong and bet everything on the sister who was on the police, but he didn’t save anything. Han Thai bear suffered an arm injury. He also has a responsibility, Han Taixiong said that they are only responsible for their duties. Jiang Qifan knows that the first pick in Han Thai bears heart is Rugal. He asked Jiang Qifan to keep Rugal the first pick. Later Song Mina Li Guangzhe also came, and the four of them ran along the beach together.

After Huang Dejiu was cured, he told the doctor that he would implement self-development in advance to surpass human existence. Susan came when the doctor threatened Li Guangzhe. Huang Dejiu asked Cui Long about Gao Longde’s whereabouts. Without telling Cui Long, he let Dahao follow K Hospital closely 24 hours a day. Cui Genzhe learned that Chief Wu had been abducted, and he and Rugal members studied plans to rescue Chief Wu. Jiang Qifan and others went to rescue Chief Wu. Song Mina saw the injured Dean Qiu Yuanfeng. Song Mina learned from the mouth of Dean Qiu Yuanfeng that Chief Wu had fallen. When Song Meina supported Dean Qiu Yuanfeng, she did not want to be stunned by Dean Qiu Yuanfeng. Cui Genzhe caught Dean Qiu Yuanfeng and asked Han Taixiong Li Guangzhe to return to the headquarters.

When Jiang Qifan found Song Mina’s tracker, his eyes suddenly hurt, and he contacted Doctor Bradley. Jiang Qifan’s eyes were forbidden, and Bradley told him how to recover. Restoring Jiang Qifan’s eyes was equivalent to opening Pandora’s box. Susan would do her best to block them. Jiang Qifan insisted on allowing Bradley to restore his eyes. After the eyes recovered, Jiang Qifan went to find Song Mina according to the clues in her eyes. Song Mina woke to see Huang Dejiu was very angry. Huang Dejiu saw that Song Mina was still useful, so he let his men beat Song Mina, but could not let Song Mina die. Han Thai bear Li Guangzhe hurried back to the headquarters. After knowing the trap, Han Thai bear planned to interrogate Gao Longde.

Han Thai bear approached Gao Longde and asked the doctor of the K hospital where he did not want to be stabbed by Gao Longde. Gao Longde said that Han Taixiong and others could not win after Argus. Jiang Qifan found Song Meina, Huang Dejiu threatened Jiang Qifan with Song Meina, and Jiang Qifan expressed surrender. Huang Dejiu pushed Song Mina in front of Jiang Qifan. Jiang Qifan took advantage of Huang Dejiu’s inattention and brought a tracker to Song Mina and let Song Mina escape from the slope road. Jiang Qifan restrained Jiang Qifan’s men and let Song Mina escape. Huang Dejiu grabbed Jiang Qifan and said that even if Song Mina fled outside, she couldn’t leave. It was hell outside. Huang Dejiu was very angry when he learned that Cui Yiyuan and Jiang Qifan wanted to get rid of him. Huang Dejiu wanted Jiang Qifan to taste the hell, but did not want Jiang Qifan to destroy Huang Dejiu from the inside.

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