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Rugal 루갈 Episode 6 Recap

Jiang Qifan asked the location of the hostages before Huang Dejiu was leaving. Huang Dejiu spoke of 17 Zhongshan Road 24 Street and left. In order to save the hostage, Jiang Qifan had to fight Xue Minjun. On the other side, Min Dahao threatened the hostages. Huang Dejiu saw that Jiang Qifan had cracked the password he set, and praised Jiang Qifan’s unusual eyes. Then he called Min Dahao, and Jiang Qifan would pass, but he didn’t want to hear President Xuan’s secret and was very angry. When Xue Minjun was fighting with Jiang Qifan, he accidentally touched ultraviolet rays and was injured by ultraviolet rays. Jiang Qifan asked Cui Genzhe to go to No.17, 24th Street, Zhongshan Road to save the hostage, and Cui Genzhe sent Song Mina and Li Guangzhe to the past.

Cui Yiyuan learned that Cui Long and Feng Manzhe were dealt with by Huang Dejiu and wanted to call Jiang Qifan. Jiang Qifan used Xue Minjun as a meat shield in order to get out of the ultraviolet light. Jiang Qifan just walked out of the ultraviolet and received a call from Cui Yiyuan. At night, Huang Dejiu went to see President Xuan. Huang Dejiu said that he provided a warehouse for President Xuan. President Xuan also had money that he didn’t know.

President Xuan said that a person looking at the warehouse could not open his food. . Huang Dejiu asked President Xuan how could there be Cui Yiyuan’s money in political secret funds. President Xuan asked Huang Dejiu to take care of his goods. After Huang Dejiu said with doubtful tone that he produced Gao Longde, would President Xuan want to push Cui Yiyuan up? President Xuan remembered the picture of his transaction with Cui Yiyuan, and then scolded Huang Dejiu for his neuropathy, and Huang Dejiu asked President Xuan not regret.

Jiang Qifan let Cui Yiyuan come to Huang Dejiu’s hiding place. Jiang Qifan didn’t dare to see the ultraviolet light in front of him. After Cui Yiyuan turned off the ultraviolet light, Jiang Qifan dared to go. Jiang Qifan told Cui Yiyuan that this is Huang Dejiu’s hiding place. He was almost killed by Xue Minjun. Cui Yiyuan was surprised to see that Xue Minjun was still alive. Jiang Qifan asked Cui Yiyuan, did he protect Huang Dejiu? Seeing that Jiang Qifan was good at killing, Cui Yiyuan said that the people in the Argos organization are more afraid of Huang Dejiu than her. Jiang Qifan heard that Cui Yiyuan wanted to make those afraid of her. Before Jiang Qi Fan Lin left, he secretly hid the monitor on Xue Minjun. After Jiang Qifan left, Cui Yiyuan called Huang Dejiu and said she was at Huang Dejiu’s house.

Song Mena and Li Guangzhe went to save the hostages, but they didn’t want to power on. Jiang Qifan contacted Song Mina, and Jiang Qifan knew the situation from Song Mina’s mouth, and then gave a solution to the power supply. After opening the prison door, Song Mina was afraid that there was a danger outside, and wanted to wait for Jiang Qifan to come over. Li Guangzhe was afraid that the hostages would die like the previous ones and insisted on saving the hostages out. Li Guangzhe took the hostage to the door of Daluo, stepped on the trap set by Min Dahao, the dungeon was destroyed, and the remaining hostage in the dungeon was smashed to death.

At this time Jiang Qifan came and Jiang Qifan was shocked to detect that one of the hostages had died. In the car, Li Guangzhe blamed himself. The hostages would not die unless he was impulsive. Song Mina quarreled with Li Guangzhe. Jiang Qifan persuaded the two not to quarrel. What the enemy wanted was that they saved people and they felt guilty.

Jiang Qifan saved them for the Han Thai bear, and endured the pain and rushed to pride. Wu Kechang said that Han Thai bear wrote a guarantee in order to join RUGAL. Han Thai bear dreamed of the scene with his sister, and dreamed of a broken arm. Cui Genzhe wakes up the Han Thai bear in the nightmare. Cui Genzhe said that the Han Thai bear was engaged in an unhealed state. He heard that the Han Thai bear cut off the intact place. The Han Thai bear said that he would insist that no matter whether it is replaced, he still vows in this way. At this time Jiang Qifan came and heard the conversation between Cui Genzhe and Han Taixiong at the door. Han Thai bear wants to adapt to life with his comrades-in-arms, but Jiang Qifan is curious about what Han Thai bear’s promise is.

Cui Yiyuan brought Xue Minjun to see Huang Dejiu, and Cui Yiyuan questioned Huang Dejiu. He actually used Gao Longde’s money to hide his name in real estate and collect art for money laundering. So he warned Huang Dejiu not to go around and Huang Dejiu countered Cui Yiyuan. . Cui Yiyuan asked what Huang Dejiu did to Xue Minjun? Huang Dejiu said that Cui Yiyuan would not be in charge. Cui Yiyuan said Huang Dejiu would not kill Xue Minjun because of fear of guilt. Huang Dejiu said with a smile, Gao Longde was killed by Cui Yiyuan. Jiang Qifan used the monitor on Xue Minjun’s body to listen to the conversation between Huang Dejiu and Cui Yiyuan. Cui Yiyuan wanted to kill Huang Dejiu, but was stopped by Xue Minjun.

Jiang Qifan knew that Gao Longde’s body was in the reservoir and planned to go to the reservoir to check it. Jiang Qifan told Cui Genzhe that Xue Minjun was controlled by Huang Dejiu. Cui Genzhe learned that Jiang Qifan had moved his secret document and warned Jiang Qifan not to move his secret document. Cui Genzhe told Jiang Qifan that the artificial eye can guess the AI ​​product of the idea. Jiang Qifan was curious after listening to it, whether to install him with the artificial eye or with the artificial eye. Cui Genzhe told Jiang Qifan not to be controlled by artificial eyes, Jiang Qifan said he knew. Jiang Qifan visited Han Thai Bear and scanned Han Thai Bear’s personal information with artificial eyes. Jiang Qifan learned that Han Taiyan was Han Taixiong’s sister, remembering that Han Taiyan asked him to catch Han Taixiong before, he caught Han Taixiong under Han Taiyan’s request. Han Thai Xiong wakes up to say that the player’s personal data is prohibited from being received, and Jiang Qifan explains the reason.

After Jiang Qifan left, Han Taixiong remembered the picture of his sister’s death. Jiang Qifan asked Susan to investigate the reservoir where Gao Longde died, and then Han Taixiong and others came over. Han Taixiong knew this and asked Jiang Qifan what he planned to do. Jiang Qifan said that the way to weaken the enemy’s power was to use their mutual distrust. Han Taixiong said that he could not defeat ARGOS in this way, but still use their methods to catch it. Jiang Qifan said that he wanted to seduce the group of people and completely destroy the organization, so that their mission was successful. Jiang Qifan said that they all joined RUGAL at various costs. Real revenge is more important than uprooting and completely destroying regardless of the attack. Han Taixiong said that there are no people here who want to completely destroy. At this time, Cui Genzhe appeared, and Cui Genzhe convinced them to believe in the intelligence ability of the artificial eye and the self-pushing ability.

Jiang Qifan and the doctor went to the reservoir to investigate and did not want to find that Gao Longde was still alive in the fishing supplies store. He was very surprised. Huang Dejiu let his men improve Xue Minjun’s combat effectiveness. Li Guangzhe accompanied Han Thai Bear in training and did not want to be beaten down by Han Thai bear. Jiang Qifan found Gao Longde’s cell phone, but he couldn’t turn it on. The doctor fixed the cell phone. Jiang Qifan smiled involuntarily when he saw the material in the phone. Huang Dejiu was happy that he had found a new skin pouch, and then received a message from Gao Longde about meeting him.

At night, Huang Dejiu came to the fishing shop next to the reservoir, and the other party asked Huang Dejiu to go to the execution ground. Huang Dejiu walked out of the fishing supplies store and was followed by Jiang Qifan. Jiang Qifan called Huang Dejiu and then pushed Gao Longde out. Huang Dejiu regretted not killing Gao Longde. Jiang Qifan used Gao Longde to attack Huang Dejiu, then remembered that he and the doctor made a picture of the hidden weapon together. After Huang Dejiu got up, he shot Gao Longde again. When Huang Dejiu was in pain, he kept calling Jiang Qifan.

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