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Rugal 루갈 Episode 5 Recap

Jiang Qifan was awakened by a nightmare. When he went to the examination, he asked Wu Kechang if he panicked for the sudden appearance of no one. Wu Kechang said that this happens occasionally when his body is weak. Jiang Qifan told Wu Kechang what happened in his dream. Wu Kechang explained that usually unpleasant memories will be resolved through dreams. When Jiang Qifan remembered the unpleasant picture, Han Taixiong came over and said to Jiang Qifan that the time for the meeting was coming. Li Guangzhe told Song Mina that he could see the image of the debris but could not connect. Song Mina said that the news was enough, and the rest of them went to solve it.

During the meeting, Cui Genzhe said that Mr. Park ’s incident should be a big show for Argos who lost his head. Recently, the case is not ordinary, the territory of the power is being reorganized, and the crime method is becoming more and more undisguised. It has become very worrying. Nine reasons. Cui Genzhe said that there was someone behind Cui Yiyuan. Cui Long was a bad guy. Although temporarily pushed down, Feng Manzhe was not a fool.

Han Taixiong asked Xue Minjun, Cui Genzhe said that Jiang Qifan went to investigate Xue Minjun. Cui Yiyuan called a meeting of Argos members to say that Xue Minjun was exposed as a police spy. Everyone did not believe that Xue Minjun was a spy. Cui Yiyuan said that Huang Dejiu said it himself, and there is evidence to prove that everyone does not believe that the evidence is true. At this time, Huang Dejiu came over. Cui Yiyuan said that she saw the police documents in person, and Xue Minjun surrendered herself. Huang Dejiu told everyone that Xue Minjun’s death had nothing to do with him.

Jiang Qifan, Han Taixiong, and Song Meina replaced Li Guangzhe at the scrap car factory. Li Guangzhe wanted to see the woman’s body with his own eyes. Jiang Qifan, Han Taixiong, and Song Meina were afraid that Li Guangzhe would be sad, and let Li Guangzhe rest well. When Huang Dejiu watched Jiang Qifan’s video at Gao Longde’s house, Cui Long told Huang Dejiu to leave Gao Longde’s house, when Min Dahao came in. Huang Dejiu asked Min Dahao to do security work before others came in. Cui Long was very angry after hearing this. Cui Long didn’t dare to shoot Huang Dejiu, so he hit Min Dahao. He didn’t want to hit Feng Manzhe. He was stabbed by Min Dahao. Cui Yiyuan was warned to be careful by a female member of Argos.

Jiang Qifan told Cui Genzhe that he wanted to arrange for information to be communicated at Argos. Cui Genzhe said that Xue Minjun did not gain Cui Yiyuan’s trust, and Jiang Qifan should be careful. Cui Genzhe sent Jiang Qifan’s mobile phone. In order to avoid tracking, he used his mobile phone to contact him later. Jiang Qifan saw Cui Yiyuan, and Cui Genzhe on the other side looked at Jiang Qifan in the monitor. Cui Yiyuan threatened Jiang Qifan and wanted Jiang Qifan to show its original shape, but Jiang Qifan did not eat this set. Cui Yiyuan asked Jiang Qifan for details, Jiang Qifan said he was a mercenary and did not want to be bound.

Jiang Qifan learned from Cui Yiyuan that she was the new owner of Argos, pretending to be interested in Cui Yiyuan’s identity. Cui Yiyuan asked Jiang Qifan to protect her, and gave Jiang Qifan a contract to prevent Jiang Qifan from leaving her mobile phone. She would contact Jiang Qifan at any time. Before leaving, Jiang Qifan deliberately said that Cui Yiyuan was hard to serve. Cui Genzhe saw that Jiang Qifan had gained Cui Yiyuan’s trust and said that Jiang Qifan had done a good job.

Song Mina was worried about Jiang Qifan meeting Cui Yiyuan alone. Han Taixiong asked Song Mina if she liked Jiang Qifan? Song Mina said that she did not like it. Jiang Qifan arrived at the scrap car factory. The program told Jiang Qifan that a slight stab wound was dangerous to him. Jiang Qifan remembered the previous picture. On the other side, Li Guangzhe followed Jiang Qifan’s sight and looked at the scrap car factory. Soon Han Thai bear Song Mina also came. Jiang Qifan saw Song Mina angry, so he asked Han Taixiong and Song Mina quarreled? Han Taixiong asked Jiang Qifan to ask Song Mina, Song Mina ignored Jiang Qifan, continued to investigate the situation of the scrap car factory, and finally found the limb that had been divided by Huang Dejiu’s men.

Huang Dejiu brought Cui Long to the laboratory. Huang Dejiu pretended to treat Cui Long’s wounds and actually used Cui Long as an experiment. Cui Long knew that the killer who removed Gao Longde was Huang Dejiu. He said that Cui Yiyuan would not let Huang Dejiu go. Things would not be what Huang Dejiu wanted. Huang Dejiu asked Cui Long to bribe the list of politicians. Under the threat of Huang Dejiu, Cui Long wrote the list. After Cui Long wrote the list, Huang Dejiu killed Cui Long. Jiang Qifan and others met at the meeting. There were four victims in the scrap car factory, and all four were police officers who traced Argos. They were intercepted with important organs. Cui Genzhe believes that the four policemen either cooperated with Argos or were used by Argos. He decided to chase the movement of the cold car and let Susan organize the list and information of the police.

Jiang Qifan told Cui Genzhe that he finally knew why Cui Genzhe didn’t help him get rid of his crimes because the truth was not important. Jiang Qifan wanted to help Cui Genzhe get rid of his struggle and let Cui Gengenzhe suppress the twisted character and work for Cui Genzhe. Cui Genzhe said he also wanted to use Jiang Qifan’s distorted character. Cui Genzhe investigates the head event of Jazz bar singer Li Zaihan. Cui Genzhe knows that the head is fake. Li Zaihan is still alive, but is kidnapped, so he asks Susan to find a clue to Li Zaihan. After finding the abandoned factory, Cui Genzhe asked Jiang Qifan and others to rescue Li Zaihan. Jiang Qifan asked if Cui Genzhe could kill? Cui Genzhe said that the factory is in a remote place, and he only listens to the report.

The cry of the victim caused agitation on the Internet, and Cui Genzhe could expose the existence of RUGAL. Jiang Qifan and others arrived at the factory and saw many bodies. Jiang Qifan and others went to another cold storage and saw Li Zaihan, who was covered with injuries, in another cold storage. They were planning to save Li in Han when they were trapped in the cold storage. The cold storage was in operation. Jiang Qifan saw that Han Taixiong Li Guangzhe could not open the cold storage door. He said that Li Guangzhe observed the whole process during the recovery operation. Their body transplantation site can be changed to an explosive device according to how to connect and start. Today, only Jiang Qifan’s eyes and Han Taixiong’s arms can activate explosive devices. Han Taixiong took the initiative to let Jiang Qifan activate the explosive devices, but Jiang Qifan did not go. Han Thai Bear wanted everyone to go out and let Jiang Qifan pull out his arm and activate the explosive device. Jiang Qifan pulled Han Thai bear’s arm and activated the explosive device.

When Jiang Qifan and others left, they met an enemy. Jiang Qifan asked Song Mina to take away Han Taixiong. He came to the end and Song Mina agreed. Song Meina supported Han Taixiong, and Li Guangzhe ran away in Korea carrying Li. After Jiang Qifan defeated the enemy, he guessed that Xue Minjun’s body was here, so he searched for Xue Minjun’s material through his eyes and finally found the gallery information. Song Mina quickly brought Han Thai bear back for treatment. Cui Genzhe learned that Jiang Qifan did not come back, so Susan immediately contacted Jiang Qifan, and Susan could not reach Jiang Qifan. Cui Genzhe thought that someone had done it on purpose. Jiang Qifan arrived at the gallery and quickly hid when he heard the news. Huang Dejiu sensed that Jiang Qifan was in the gallery, so Jiang Qifan came out.

Song Mena and Li Guangzhe learned from Cui Genzhe that they could not contact Jiang Qifan, and were very anxious. Li Guangzhe complained that he should not leave Jiang Qifan alone in the factory. Song Mina said that there was only one reason for Jiang Qifan to run away-Huang Dejiu. Huang Dejiu did not say anything to Jiang Qifan, so he had to give Jiang Qifan a gift. At this time Xue Minjun came in, and then Jiang Qifan saw a video of Huang Dejiu kidnapping two hostages. Jiang Qifan wanted to save the hostages, but didn’t want to fight Xue Minjun. When Xue Minjun was controlled by Huang Dejiu, he fought with Xue Minjun.

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