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Rugal 루갈 Episode 4 Recap

When Han Taixiong, Li Guangzhe and Song Mina arrived, Huang Dejiu had already fled, and they rescued Jiang Qifan. When Jiang Qifan was training, he was very angry when he remembered that Huang Dejiu said he was also a failed work. Song Mina complained to Cui Genzhe that they should have killed Huang Dejiu at that time. Cui Genzhe thought that Song Mina was emotional. Song Mina said no, Cui Genzhe’s original intention to establish Rugal is to be faithful to his feelings.

Cui Genzhe said that Huang Dejiu is not the focus, and the focus is the ARGOS behind Huang Dejiu. Song Mina can’t bear Cui Genzhe to treat them like a machine. After Song Mina left, Han Tai-bong and Li Guangzhe saw Cui Genzhe. Cui Genzhe thought that Han Tai-bear Li Guangzhe also blamed him. Han Tai-bong said that they only acted according to their orders, but the light organs were also fully punished. Jiang Qifan pleaded, Cui Genzhe looked at Han Taixiong, and Li Guangzhe did not speak.

Huang Dejiu recycled the failed test subjects again. Cui Genzhe asked for permission to allow them to be forgiven for killing, and the superior said to try to intercede for Cui Genzhe. Jiang Qifan woke up to talk to his function, then fell down and could not move. After being seen by the doctor, he immediately took Jiang Qifan to do an examination. Cui Genzhe looked at Jiang Qifan under inspection. Although the forced shutdown was dangerous, Jiang Qifan had returned to its original state. Cui Genzhe learned from the doctor that Jiang Qifan’s own procedure for cutting off streaming does not exist, and decided to re-diagnose whether the algorithm has a loophole, to view or the evolution of artificial eyes pretending to be leaking.

Cui Genzhe told Jiang Qifan that Jiang Qifan had no shortcomings, had brave determination and a distinctive body, and was a double-edged sword that would threaten Rugal’s foundation. Jiang Qifan apologized to Cui Genzhe, but he didn’t think he had done anything wrong. Cui Genzhe knew that it was very difficult for Jiang Qifan to hide his angry heart, and said that all injustices started from imbalance, and Jiang Qifan said that he set Rugal’s privileges. Cui Genzhe lifted Jiang Qifan’s confinement. Jiang Qifan let Cui Genzhe continue to control him, but within the scope of the control, he was allowed to freely form a group. Jiang Qifan saw Li Guangzhe, Song Mina, and Han Taixiong. In order to express their apologies, the three of them were invited to dinner.

Jiang Qifan and others were playing table tennis. Han Thai bear was too strong and caused the table tennis to be hit. Han Thai bear was very angry and wanted to try again. Cui Yiyuan went to the concert hall to see Xue Minjun. Xue Minjun asked Cui Yiyuan why the wind is full of man. Cui Yiyuan said that she did not know. Xue Minjun asked Gu Yuanfeng again, then Huang Dejiu came. Seeing that Huang Dejiu and Cui Yiyuan were arguing, Xue Minjun asked Huang Dejiu to watch the performance a few days later. Huang Dejiu realized that this was Xue Minjun’s “care” for him and said he would go. At night, Jiang Qifan, Li Guangzhe, Han Taixiong, and Song Mina were drinking. Jiang Qifan was moved by them talking for him, so he proposed to unite four lonely wounds. Jiang Qifan asked them to express their wishes, but did not want to receive Cui Genzhe’s new task.

Li Guangzhe helped a strange girl while she was performing her task. When Jiang Qifan Song Mina came to the cabaret to perform the mission, the two talked about Xue Minjun, Xue Minjun was born in an entertainment company, ARGOS had little effect, and then Xue Minjun appeared. When Li Guangzhe supervised, he chatted with Han Taixiong, when Li Guangzhe saw a woman and immediately caught up. Xue Minjun asked the woman to entertain Huang Dejiu and took the opportunity to inquire about Huang Dejiu’s news. Huang Dejiu asked the woman to go to the first officer to get the bag. The woman opened the bag and was frightened, and then called Xue Minjun. The woman took the bag away and did not want to be surrounded by Dahao of Huang Dejiu’s men. Xue Minjun’s men came to make the siege. When the two parties were about to fight, Li Guangzhe was coming, and Li Guangzhe and Da Hao and others were fighting.

Cui Yiyuan was going to see Xue Minjun’s performance, and did not want to be stopped by Feng Manzhe. Cui Yiyuan ignored Feng Manzhe and drove away directly. Xue Minjun entered Huang Dejiu’s box and questioned Huang Dejiu, but Huang Dejiu asked Xue Minjun not to be bothersome. Then the two received the news at the same time. Huang Dejiu read the news and asked Xue Minjun to end. The second round of performances was about to begin, and the guests were attacked, and Song Mina evacuated the guests. Han Taixiong learned from Song Mina that ARGOS had been attacked by strange people and was unable to reach Li Guangzhe when he planned to support Jiang Qifan. On the other side, Li Guangzhe and the woman were captured by Huang Dejiu. Han Taixiong knew that Li Guangzhe was taken away and had no battery, so he quickly rescued Li Guangzhe.

Da Hao stunned Xue Minjun, and Cui Yiyuan came to the cabaret to know that something was wrong and was very surprised. Xue Minjun woke up and was beaten nine times by Huang. Huang Dejiu knew that Xue Minjun had been suspicious of him, constantly looking for opportunities to bring him down. He had been waiting for Xue Minjun’s attack, but he did not want Xue Minjun to make Cui Yiyuan stronger. At this time, Cui Yiyuan came in and slapped Xue Minjun, saying that Xue Minjun was the backboarder. Xue Minjun wanted to explain, but Cui Yiyuan didn’t listen. When Cui Yiyuan was about to kill Xue Minjun, he was stopped by Huang Dejiu. Huang Dejiu said that Xue Minjun would be useful in the future. Jiang Qifan used his powers to fight against the weirdo, and then removed the needle from the weirdo. Han Taixiong came to Jiang Qifan, and soon a group of weirdos came. The two of them jointly defeated the weirdos and then went to rescue Li Guangzhe together.

Li Guangzhe and the woman were trapped in the cold storage in the car. The woman thought she was going to die. Li Guangzhe persuaded the woman not to give up the chance to live. In order to warm the woman, Li Guangzhe took off her coat and put it on the woman. Li Guangzhe tried his best to send signals to Han Taixiong and others, who followed the drone to find Li Guangzhe. Li Guangzhe saw that the woman was dying in front of her, and she was very excited. Jiang Qifan and others came to rescue Li Guangzhe. Cui Yiyuan asked Huang Dejiu to help her sit firmly in the position of ARGOS boss. Huang Dejiu said whether Cui Yiyuan could sit in the position of boss and needs to be verified.

Jiang Qifan comforted Li Guangzhe. Li Guangzhe asked Jiang Qifan to stay with him until the end of the operation. Jiang Qifan agreed. Cui Genzhe told Jiang Qifan that this case he came out with an error, and then explained the error to Jiang Qifan. After listening, Jiang Qifan took the initiative to investigate the person that Cui Genzhe said. Jiang Qifan checked the monitor. According to the information on the needle, Jiang Qifan did not expect to be able to talk to his own program. Huang Dejiu experimented with Xue Minjun’s body and failed in the end. Huang Dejiu wanted to experiment with Jiang Qifan. Jiang Qifan looked for Huang Dejiu’s personal information from the program, and he decided to use his own method to catch Huang Dejiu.

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