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The World of the Married 부부의 세계 Episode 12 Recap

Li Taiwu was taken to the police station for investigation, but Taiwu did not get through to Duoding and his father-in-law President Lu, which made Taiwu very upset. At this time, Shan Yu came to the police station and told the police that when Park Renkui died, Li Taiwu was with himself. Xianrui came forward to refute that Li Taiwu should be with Park Renkui upstairs at the time, but Shanyu refuted Xianrui this was her guess. The police asked Shanyu to produce evidence to prove that Li Taiwu was with him. Shanyu took out the ring Xian Rui gave himself and told the police that this was the evidence that Taiwu was not at the scene of the murder.

Tai Wu, who had left the police station, wanted to talk to Shan Yu, but Shan Yu satirized Tai Wu’s position in the Lu family. That’s why it was worth abandoning himself and Jun Ying for that treatment. Tai Wu, who was back home, was also frustrated by multiple scenes, because he didn’t expect it was his ex-wife who helped out when he was in trouble. Although he knew that Shanyu came to rescue him because he was Junying’s father, but he was also Jenny’s father, Tai Wu asked why Duojiing’s family chose to abandon themselves. Tai Wu and Duojin have been centrifuged so far. Tai Wu is very frustrated with what he has done.

Shanyu made an appointment with Xianrui and complained that Xianrui had made a claim to go to the police. However, Min Xianrui was dissatisfied with Park Renkui ’s death and was convicted of suicide, because Xianrui found that just like he would protect Park Renkui, Shanyu still chose to shield him even though he had many resentments against Tai Wu.

Li Taiwu apologized to Chairman Lu for the investigation. Chairman Lu still asked Li Taiwu to sort out his relationship with Shanyu. Although Li Taiwu said that he would no longer be associated with Shanyu, Chairman Lu was still dissatisfied with Tai Wu. In fact, President Lu privately inspected the station surveillance video, which has completely ruled out Li Taiwu’s homicide. However, in the process of making an appointment with Taiwu, Chairman Lu was rejected by Taiwu. Taiwu was very dissatisfied with Taiwu, who was in a dilemma, so he was unwilling to cooperate with Chairman Lu ’s arrangements. .

Junying was very angry because her classmates talked about her mother’s good rain, and she almost got into a fight with her classmates. Shanyu also found Junying’s anomaly at home, but did not know the reason. The next day, when Shanyu encountered Joy and his daughter while shopping, Shanyu suggested to send Joey home. Shanyu took the opportunity to ask about Joey ’s son Junying ’s status in school and wanted to know more about Junying. But unexpectedly learned that Junying’s classmate is now discussing that the person who died at Takayama Station is Junying’s mother’s lover, and Shanyu is very angry and making rumors. The next day, Shanyu found the mother of a rumored classmate alone, and warned her to speak in the future. She knew that her husband was going to be in politics, and annoyed that she would ruin the couple with actions.

Yilin asked her to take away all her luggage when he went home, but when he went home, he found a mess in the original spotless house. He worried that Yilin had depression, and wanted her to see a psychologist. Yi Lin impatiently left in Hee’s nagging. Tai Wu was unwilling to bring the wedding ring because of his dissatisfaction with the scene. The two of them went home to sleep in separate beds, and ignored the offer from the scene.

Seeing her husband Taiwu’s concern for Junying, he contacted Junying in private. Duojiing expressed his sympathy for Shanyu’s rumor, and told Shanyu that he endured these for Junying. He persuaded Junying to live with his father and let Shanyu leave the mountain, so that he could be free from rumors and live a good life . Junying is very emotional and wants to live with her father.

Shanyu, who was chatting with Yilin outside, received a call from Taiwu, and Taiwu asked her to go home. Shanyu, who came home, found Junying to move to live with her father. Shanyu thought it was Taiwu who encouraged his son to leave, but Taiwu said that he did not do it. This is Junying’s choice, and he would have a good chat with him. In the face of his son’s indifference and departure, Shan Yu collapsed.

Junying didn’t feel very comfortable in Taiwu’s new home, because watching the scene of busy scenes and dad accompanying his sister always made him feel lost. Junying left in a hurry to go to school in the morning and chose to eat instant noodles at a convenience store on the road. On the way to dinner, I received a call from my mother Shanyu. My mother’s concern made Junying choked, but for her goodness, Junying did not tell her when she chose to go home.

Yan Xiaojing was dissatisfied because her daughter accepted Junying. She didn’t understand why her daughter helped Shanyu to raise her son. Duojiing persuaded her mother that it was her decision, and she had a reason for doing so. The classmates in politics asked Taiwu to help. Taiwu resigned with his busy work. Does the classmate need to agree with his father-in-law on this kind of trivial matter? The remarks hurt Junying, and the two broke up.

Shanyu saw Junying and Taiwu’s family in harmony in the shopping mall, and Duojing and Junying got along very well, which made Shanyu very hit. But Junying did not accept Duojing, and when Tai Wu persuaded him to get along well with Duojing, he also rejected Dad’s proposal. Shanyu had the idea of ​​leaving because her son and Duojiing were more like a family. She brought wine to chat with Yilin. The two former sisters cared about each other’s status quo.

When Tai Wu came home and found that Duo Jing was collating information about studying abroad, he realized that Duo Jing was taking Jun Ying to his home just to let Jun Ying study abroad. Taiwu did not want his son to leave, and quarreled with Duojing because of Junying. Tai Wu was bored and invited to come out to drink in Hee. Two men who were also divorced talked about each other. He said frankly that he regrets now, because he only knows his wife’s preciousness when he finds out. Zai He also told Tai Wu Shanyu’s move to leave, which surprised Tai Wu. Good Rain asked Taewoo to take home Junying ’s other things and told him that if Junying agreed to leave, he would leave Takayama.

Of course, when Junying wanted to return to himself, he would also pick up the child. For the first time, the two divorced couples calmly explained their understanding of love and marriage. Tai Wu even told Shanyu that when love turned into marriage, everything was still boring and tasteless. He regrets the divorce, and also wants Shanyu to admit his attachment to himself and regret the divorce. Tai Wu questioned aloud, but Shan Yu couldn’t refute her, because she still had nostalgia for Tai Wu. The couple who had divorced could no longer hide their nostalgia for each other and regain their passion.

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