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The World of the Married 부부의 세계 Episode 11 Recap

Renkui believes that Xianrui’s understanding of Shanyu only led to a change in their lives. He wanted to take money to take Xianrui away, but Xianrui refused. Looking at the body where Xian Rui refused to leave, Ren Kui was very frustrated. When Xianrui’s figure was not found and he saw a blood-stained scarf, Shanyu ran even further. He mistakenly thought that Xianrui had encountered an unexpected event. At this time, Doctor Jin Runqi appeared to persuade Shanyu to leave. Many scenes at home alone saw blood stains on Tai Wu who returned home, and he was even more puzzled about Tai Wu’s whereabouts.

Shan Yu sought Dr. Jin Runqi to understand the situation because of the death of someone at the station. Jin Runqi bluntly said that he had just happened to pass by and then encountered Shan Yu by accident. And Jin Runqi knew that the person who died was Park Renkui, and if Shanyu was present, there would be trouble behind him, so he came forward and took away Shanyu. And multiple scenes inquired about Taiwu’s whereabouts yesterday, and found that Taiwu concealed the time of the real entry and exit of the company. Duo Jing told the dead person that Park Renkui, and his last call record was with Li Taiwu, the police had already started an investigation. Xianrui secretly called Shanyu to tell Li Yu that the person who suddenly appeared at the station last night was Li Taiwu.

The police began to investigate the truth about Park Renkui ’s death, and even asked Yilin Shanyu and Park Renkui ’s grievances because Park Renkui infiltrated the house. Yilin finally made up her mind to divorce Zaihe. Although Zaihe said she was unwilling, Yilin still chose to divorce. The police came to the hospital to ask why Shanyu scarf was in Renkui’s hands. Shanyu cooperated with the investigation to tell the story of sending Xianrui away. Xue Mingshu expressed his determination as a deputy dean to the dean, but he was ridiculed by the dean for his too much power and desire, and ridiculed that the hospital woman was trouble. Xue Mingshu was very angry and argued with the dean that everything before the hospital was handled by the good rain, and now the dean even dislikes these divorced and single women.

Duo Jing found blood stains and parking tickets at Takayama Station in Tai Wu’s clothes. Duo Jing was very frustrated and believed that Tai Wu and Park Renkui’s death were related. Junying was told by his classmates at school that his mother was being investigated by the police, and said that the person who died may be a lover of Shanyu. Joey stood up to defend Junying, so that students should not talk nonsense, this dead person may also be a patient of good rain.

The members of the Girlfriend Association have been discussing because of the relationship between Shanyu and the deceased Park Renkui, and Yilin also disclosed her determination to leave, although she is not afraid of being discussed. Jin Runqi found out that Shan Yu was being followed, and blocked the followers, and suspected that Park Renkui ’s death had something to do with President Lu.

Shanyu meets with Xianrui alone and learns that Park Renkui threatened Taiwu to ask for money. Then Taiwu angrily wanted to kill Park Renkui. Xianrui thought that Taiwu should be the murderer. Xianrui was worried about being investigated and handed over the wedding ring left by Li Taiwu to Shanyu. Li Taiwu came to see Shanyu, and both of them appeared at Takayama Station, and both suspected that the other party had killed Park Renkui. Both of them defended themselves, and Taewoo wanted Xianrui to bear the blame for the murder, and let Shanyu think carefully. Shanyu couldn’t bear to frame Xianrui.

Yilin and Mingshu return from drunkenness and invite Shanyu to continue the winery together. Yilin mourns the lost marriage, but at the same time her heart is empty. Shan Yu feels something, and sympathizes with Yilin. The three sisters all express their inner depression. Shan Yu, who returned home, asked her son if he was a murderer, and why his parents were troubled by the divorce, and Shan Yu was helpless and hurt his son.

Yilin woke up early in the morning to see Zai He sleeping on the sofa in the living room, woke Zai He wanted to drive him away, and said he would see Shanyu before He left. It turned out that at the police station in Heji’s winery, he learned that all monitoring at Takayama Station was temporarily repaired, so the police did not dare to simply locate Park Renkui’s death as a simple suicide. And this matter is indeed that President Lu took all the surveillance video from him, but everyone did not know what President Lu intended to do.

Tai Wu has been troubled by the murderer, and after asking Jing Wu in multiple scenes, he frankly wanted to take Junying over. Duo Jing was very angry. Tai Wu had to explain to Duo Jing that he appeared at Takayama Station, but he was not the murderer, but he also saw Good Rain at the station. Because Good Rain was Junying ’s mother, she wanted to protect Good Rain. . Jin Runqi had an appointment with President Lu and said that he had met Li Taiwu at the station. He hoped that President Lu would not frame Shanyu for protecting his son-in-law, otherwise he would tell the police what he saw. At this time, Shan Yu also appeared. She negotiated with Chairman Lu and said that neither she nor Li Taiwu could be murderers, because Park Renkui could be defined as suicide. However, Xianrui learned that Shanyu had an appointment with Chairman Lu after she tracked Shanyu, thinking that Shanyu no longer protected herself, so she called the police for police help, so Li Taiwu was taken away by the police.

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