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The World of the Married 부부의 세계 Episode 9 Recap

With the support of Duojing and the chairman’s wife, Shan Yu successfully joined the girlfriend’s club. Duojing asked Shanyu in private to ask questions and wanted to know the purpose of her joining the girlfriend association, and Shanyu admitted that because Taiwu secretly tracked herself, joining the girlfriend association just wanted to give Li Taiwu a warning and also let Duojing optimistic about her husband. Duo Jing was very puzzled about this, and she found that she became less and less aware of her husband.

On the way home, Yan Xiaojing was dissatisfied with his girlfriend because Du Jing supported Shanyu in his girlfriend’s meeting. The mother and daughter did not understand each other’s ideas because of the quarrel at this time. Jin Runqi and Shanyu had dinner together, persuading Shanyu not to doubt her ex-husband too much, and also proposed to temporarily live in Shanyu ’s house, which can protect Shanyu ’s mother and son at any time, and Tai Wu also came to dinner with many scenes. Yu and Duojin did not feel embarrassed, and readily agreed to eat at the same restaurant.

Li Taiwu was very dissatisfied because of the ambiguous relationship between Shanyu and Jin Runqi. He wanted to warn Jin Runqi in private, but Dr. Jin Runqi ridiculed that Li Taiwu Shanyu was not his wife anymore. Duojiing also found that Tai Wu was upset because of his ex-wife’s appointment. Junying finds that Jin Runqi sends Shanyu home, but Junying still doesn’t want her mother to be with other men. Tai Wu also called to ask about the exact relationship between Shan Yu and Jin Runqi. He believes that if Shanyu remarries, Junying should leave it to him to raise. Shanyu hates Li Taiwu’s language and attitude.

Tai Wu was upset and went out to drink and meet up. He was dating a new lover in the bar. Two old friends were drinking and chatting, complaining about each other ’s dissatisfaction, and satirizing Tai Wu ’s wife in He, Tai Wu was dissatisfied with his wife. People started fighting in the bar if they didn’t agree. After the fight, the two friends sat on the side of the road and talked. Taiwu let Jae Cher cherish his wife because the divorce was not so beautiful. Let Jae-hye have a child as soon as possible, because only children will be left after he gets old. When He went home, he saw his wife busy taking care of herself, and suddenly figured it out, telling Yilin that she wanted a child, and facing her husband, Yilin cried excitedly.

At the hospital meeting, Shan Yu points out that the obstetrics and gynecology department has recently had a high cure rate for infertility, but the subsequent complaint rate is also very high. Xue Mingshu is very dissatisfied with Shan Yu ’s criticism and asked Shan Yu ’s son to consult a psychologist during the meeting. Things that once friends did not give each other a face. Tai Wu went to the hospital to ask the dean why the cancellation of Vice-President Shan Yu’s notice had not come down. The dean said that he would meet with Chairman Lu in person to have an interview. The reason why the dean changed his attitude was because Shan Yu talked to the dean in private. He said that he would get a donation so that the dean should not expect Li Taiwu.

Li Taiwu warned Shanyu to leave the mountain as soon as possible. Shanyu took out the photos he found from the monitoring. He questioned this person, but Li Taiwu instructed him. Park Renkui, who was arranged by Li Taiwu in a panic, was discovered by Shanyu. He warned Park Renkui not to let Shanyu find any traces. Duojiing met with Yilin and hoped that the two would get along in harmony in the future, and asked Yilin to know why Shanyu joined the girlfriend association. Ye Lin just told Duo Jing that her husband Li Taiwu was more annoying than her. Ye Lin’s words made Duo Jing more ignorant of Tai Wu.

Shan Yu was going to see President Lu with the dean after work, but accidentally received a courier. Su Yu, who was suspicious, opened the courier and found that there were blood stains of dead birds in the courier, as well as the photo of his son Junying. At this time, Tai Wu also received a photo of his son Junying. Both Shan Yu and Tai Wu received his son’s photo at the same time, and they were very worried that Junying had an accident. Shan Yu went to school and did not find Junying.

He contacted Li Taiwu and planned to call the police. President Lu and the dean have been waiting for Li Taiwu and Shanyu for a long time, but President Yu and Taiwu are very dissatisfied because they are delayed in going to dinner because they are looking for their son. In the end, the police found Junying. Junying was very dissatisfied that she skipped class, and her mother encouraged the public to find herself. And it was at this time that Park Renkui appeared in front of Shanyu, which made Shanyu more flustered.

The president thanked President Lu for his donation to the hospital, but thought that Xue Mingshu was not suitable to be the vice president, but President Lu proposed to make Jin Runqi the vice president of the hospital at this time, which surprised the president. Shanyu takes Junying home and wants to have a good chat with Junying, but Junying is emotional and unwilling to communicate with her mother. Jin Runqi came to appease Junying’s emotions. Later, Jin Runqi persuaded Shanyu to reduce her work and accompany Junying more. But Shan Yu was not willing to give up giving his son a good life, so he didn’t want to give up his job.

Taiwu came to look for Shanyu. Shanyu told Taiwu that he saw Park Renkui, he threatened Junying’s safety, and warned Li Taiwu not to let Park Renkui threaten Junying, otherwise he would not let him go. Duojing arranged for the company to monitor Taiwu’s employees to give Duojing’s access control card and let Duojing go to Taiwu’s office to check another Taiwu mobile phone. Seeing the photos taken by Taiwu tracking Shanyu in the phone, Duoji finally believed Shanyu’s words.

Shanyu called Xianrui and told her that Park Renkui was released from prison. He also appeared in front of him and threatened himself, let Xianrui be careful of Park Renkui, but Xianrui rejected Shanyu’s good intentions. It turned out that Xianrui had seen Park Renkui long ago. Park Renkui expressed guilt to Xianrui and wanted to start again with Xianrui. Tai Wu found Park Renkui and threatened him not to approach Junying. He also said that the transaction between the two had ended, but Park Renkui threatened him with the reputation of Tai Wu and was unwilling to end the transaction because he wanted to get money from Tai Wu.

Duojiing went home and saw her late-coming husband, and asked that Taiwu was out because of Junying. Duojiing was angry that Taiwu was paying too much attention to another family, but Duojin apparently chose to believe her husband ’s reassuring words. . Shanyu apologizes to the dean for missing the appointment, but the dean takes care of his son because of divorce, and the son is still receiving psychological counseling, allowing Shanyu to spend as much time as possible to take care of the child.

Shan Yu knew that these private matters were all told by Xue Mingshu, and then he asked Xue Mingshu angrily, but Xue Mingshu was dissatisfied with Shan Yu’s attitude and thought that she was becoming more and more harsh on her friends. Also provoked the relationship between Shanyu and Jin Runqi. Park Renkui received Li Taiwu’s bounty, but was dissatisfied with the amount of the bounty. Park Renkui broke Li Taiwu’s thoughts about Shanyu. Although the two were divorced, Li Taiwu still wanted to have Shanyu’s dirty mind. President Lu met with Jin Runqi in private. Jin Runqi told President Lu that Shan Yu and Li Taiwu still had a relationship, and the relationship between Jin Runqi and President Lu was also curious.

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