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The World of the Married 부부의 세계 Episode 10 Recap

Junying ’s psychological problems were initially discovered because Junying ’s privately drawn President Lu ’s car was discovered by Jin Runqi, and then Jin Runqi and Chairman Lu slowly recognized each other. Jin Runqi told Chairman Lv that Li Taiwu now has an unbroken relationship with Shanyu, and Chairman Lü wants to intervene to confirm the relationship between the two, because he wants to ensure the happiness of his daughter.

Shanyu looked at the happiness video of the previous family of three taking wedding photos at home. At this time, Taiwu came to the house of Shanyu because of the thought that Park Renkui had broken it and loved Shanyu. Taiwu and Shanyu accused each other of their entanglement. Taiwu saw Shanyu watching the video of the wedding photos of the two, and thought that Shanyu still had no love for herself. Please ask Shanyu to stay away from him, because Taiwu believes that his life would be perfect without Shanyu.

When He and Yilin went to the hospital to consult about having a baby, both of them worried that it would be too late. Xue Mingshu asked the two to check the body first. Shan Yu delayed the treatment of some patients due to being late. The dean saw how dissatisfied the patient was when the patient was anxiously waiting, and persuaded him to apply for a transfer if there were too many things. He also broke the relationship between Jin Runqi and Chairman Lu, and expressed that Chairman Lu supported Jin Runqi as vice president of the hospital.

Shan Yu privately tested Jin Runqi, saying that if he gave up the post of vice president and took good care of Junying, then Jin Runqi would be more at ease if he was vice president. But Jin Runqi said that he was not interested in this position, and also said that Shan Yu did a good job. Yilin accidentally saw the photos in Hehe’s cell phone while she was checking up with Hee. It turned out that her lover sent some bed photos of the two, which made Yi Lin very angry. But after Hee checked her body, she discovered that Yilin had left the hospital.

Because of concerns about Xianrui’s safety, Shanyu personally went to Xianrui to confirm Xianrui’s safety. However, Xianrui refused to help Shanyu because she was afraid of getting involved. The meeting between Shanyu and Xianrui happened to be seen by many scenes that just came to the beauty salon. When looking for beauty services, Duojing found Xianrui alone. She thought that Xianrui arranged for him to track her. Xianrui Denied this speculation.

Jun Ying was found by Yin because she stole something at school. Yin wanted to make Jun Ying confess but Jun Ying refused. Classmate Yin accused the child of her parents ‘divorce because of Junying’s behavior. Does Junying have to be so obvious because of her parents’ divorce? This caused Junying to reflect, not knowing whether he was right or wrong.

Tai Wu is taking care of his daughter at home, but at this time Park Renkui came to the door to want Tai Wu to end his tracking task as soon as possible. Tai Wu asked him to find himself again tomorrow and let him leave quickly. And Duojing just happened to see Park Renkui leaving on the way home, which made Duojing have a layer of suspicion about Taiwu.

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