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The World of the Married 부부의 세계 Episode 8 Recap

Chi Shanyu asked the police to come to see it, but there was no result, only that Tian helped them change the glass, and then left. A woman happened to see a man wrapped in Yan Shi coming from Chi Shanyu’s house by the window of her house.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang. It was the son who called his dad to call him over. He helped them get the glass simple. He wanted his son to live in his house for a while, but was refused, and then let him leave. Li Taiwu returned home and told Duo Jing why he came home late. Duo Jing looked very upset, and Li Taiwu answered the phone. On the phone to discuss with others about pulling down Chi Shanyu.

The next day, Duo Jing went to the party with his mother, but Gao Yilin kept working against her, and the party was not happy, only Duo Jing and his mother remained. Duo Jing came home and said to Li Taiwu a few words and left, then came to the president. The chairman asked him about investing in the hospital, and then let him deal with it.

Chi Shanyu went shopping in the supermarket and met a woman who issued a warning to her. She was very irritable. When she returned home, she found a note on the door that read her to leave. Suddenly a call came and said that her information was forgotten in the hospital. She went to get it herself. When she saw her son on the road, she called her son but was hung up, so she followed her son to the hospital.

Chi Shanyu came to the psychiatric department, her son was seeing a doctor inside, she quarreled with her son, and Li Junying left angrily. Back home, the son ignored her. Li Junying told Chi Shanyu to go to Li Taiwu’s house for dinner. Because Chi Shanyu asked the doctor Li Junying about the situation, the doctor also told her all, so she agreed. Doctor Xu was looking for relationships in various places, just to pull Chi Shanyu down, but encountered obstacles without success, and all of these were heard by others.

After Li Junying had dinner at Li Taiwu’s house, Duo Jing persuaded him to stay for another night. He agreed, and only Chi Shanyu was at home. Chi Shanyu waited for him to come back after eating. Suddenly, someone broke the glass of her house with something and rushed in to beat her. At this time, Jin Runqi called her and heard her call for help. Chi Shanyu hit him with a wine bottle. At this time, the police came, and when the man fled, Gao Yilin stood at the door.

Jin Runqi came to comfort him, and then he was called by the police to ask about the situation. Although Chi Shanyu was injured, he did not show anything in the conversation with his son and agreed to his son’s request. Gao Yilin was afraid to call her husband at home, but his husband was dating other women outside.

Jin Runqi helped Chi Shanyu to wrap up his wounds, but Li Taiwu returned with Li Junying. Li Junying asked his mother about it, but Chi Shanyu said nothing and did n’t want to worry him. Then Li Taiwu also went out.

The next day, Chi Shanyu went out to meet others, that is, the man who heard Dr. Xu talking to them. She told Chi Shanyu that Li Taiwu wanted to drive her out of the hospital. Chi Shanyu asked Gao Yilin about the situation, and she told Chi Shanyu that Li Taiwu had been to her house when no one was home. Chi Shanyu drove to Li Taiwu and asked him what his purpose was. Li Taiwu wanted her to leave here, and wanted to raise her own son. Chi Shanyu resolutely said no. Li Taiwu said that she was not qualified to be a mother.

In the hospital, Duo Jing came to Chi Shanyu and asked her why she went to the company. Chi Shanyu did not directly say the reason, saying that she still did not understand Li Taiwu. Li Taiwu went to the person who hit Chi Shanyu. He turned out to be the tyrant. Because of the reason she caused Chi Shanyu to be injured, Li Taiwu was very angry, so he just threatened him and left. Soon, Duo Jing and they had a party again. To everyone’s surprise, Chi Shanyu also came and was also agreed to join the girlfriend’s club.

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