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The World of the Married 부부의 세계 Episode 7 Recap

When Junying came home from school, he saw Li Taiwu standing at the door of the school and stopped. All the students around him had to discuss who he was. He took Junying to dinner and asked Junying about his current situation. Junying thought he was so Ironically, because he had not contacted Junying once in the past two years, Li Taiwu said that he was trying to become better, and that he would not let Junying feel ashamed because of him. After he finished, he took out the gift for Junying, and said that he would take him to meet Jiang Jingxun. He also mentioned that he was coming to the family party. When he arrived at Junying, he said he didn’t know.

After returning home from work, Shan Yu received a call from her teacher and learned that Junying did not go to the training class. She thought of the invitation letter sent by Li Taiwu and hurriedly picked up the key to go out to find Junying, but when she was about to leave When I saw Li Taiwu who sent Junying home, Junying got out of the car and ignored Shanyu Diao and walked into the house. Li Taiwu got off and said hello to Shanyu, but Shanyu did not care about him. Yu did not want to talk to him more, and said that she could not see Junying without her permission. And this scene happened to be seen by Yi Lin who was cleaning at home. The news of Li Taiwu’s future also spread in the community and the hospital where Shanyu worked.

Shanyu, when looking for Jin Runqi, saw Jihe waiting in his office. Then Yilin came out of the office. The three did not say hello, but looked at each other, and Jihe and Yilin left. Shan Yu came to Jin Runqi ’s office and talked about Li Taiwu ’s return. Shan Yu felt that Li Taiwu ’s return was not just for Junying, but Jin Runqi advised her not to think too much.

After Shan Yu got off work, he asked Junying’s whereabouts. Junying said that he was going to his classmate’s house and would return home later. Looking at the snow, Shan Yu walked into a restaurant and saw Ji He eating inside. The two did not say anything, and each ate their own. After a few departures, Jin Runqi saw Shanyu outside, walked in, and sat opposite Shanyu. When the two were chatting, Shanyu received a message from Li Taiwu, a photo of him and Junying, and said he was Having fun with Junying. When Shanyu saw it, he immediately packed up and prepared to pick Junying, but Jin Runqi felt no need to do so. When Shanyu said that Li Taiwu was fouled, he took away Junying himself and left.

After getting the signature of Jiang Jingxun, Junying took Junying to an empty room on the second floor, and told Junying that this was his room. At this time, Duojing came up and called Li Taiwu, and asked Li Taiwu why he was not with her. Kindness, he gave that room to Junying and told Li Taiwu that he would not want to have something to discuss with him in the future. While Shan Yu was waiting for the car on the side of the road, Jin Runqi drove over and planned to send Shan Yu over. Duo Jing ’s mother brought her to the girlfriends ’meeting, introduced Duo Jing to them, and mentioned Duo Jing and Li Taiwu, but Duo Jing said that she had adhered to her ideas from the beginning and was not afraid of gossip, And she also became a member of the girlfriend’s club.

After Duo Jing left, they discussed Duo Jing’s business. At this time, Yi Lin saw the good rain standing at the door, and the guests also saw it. They were very shocked by the arrival of good rain. Li Taiwu went downstairs to see good rain. When he walked in front of Shanyu, he thought that Shanyu was here to destroy his good deeds, so he borrowed the excuse to pick Junying. Li Taiwu said that he would send Junying home later so as not to let Shanyu ruin his good deeds. . But Shanyu said that she would not leave with Junying, she would not leave. Just when Li Taiwu was going to say anything, Duo Jing came over and stood beside Li Taiwu, saying that only the person with the invitation letter could come, let Shanyu leave, good Yu took out the invitation letter from the bag. After seeing the invitation letter, Duo Jing’s expression on his face was suddenly not good. He looked at Li Taiwu in a questioning face. Shan Yu ignored them and threw the invitation letter to Du Jing’s hand. Afterwards, he went in to find Junying.

Shan Yu came to the second floor to find Junying, but she never found it. She accidentally walked into the rooms of Li Taiwu and Duo Jing. While she was about to go out, she heard the voice of someone outside the room. She didn’t dare to let others find her figure. When those people left, Shan Yu was about to leave. At this time, she saw Duo Jing’s cloakroom and remembered the days when she was derailed. She felt very angry.

Li Taiwu came to the second floor to find Shanyu. He saw Shanyu in his room. Shanyu didn’t understand why he came back. Li Taiwu said that his family wanted him to come back, so he came back. But Shan Yu didn’t believe what he said, thinking that Li Taiwu could not forget her. When Li Yu said this, Li Taiwu smiled, saying that he was very happy with Duo Jing now, so happy that he couldn’t remember the time that accompanied her, and said he There is only one woman in Duojiing now. Shanyu laughed after hearing this, and felt that what Li Taiwu said did all this, including taking photos with her and Junying to stimulate her, but Li Taiwu said no, and let Shanyu leave his house, and Shanyu was just boarded when he went out. Duo Jing on the second floor saw it. She felt very ridiculous, but she didn’t say anything.

Shan Yu came to the first floor and continued to search for Junying. He heard Li Taiwu ’s speech. The picture of Li Taiwu and Duo Jing kissing him. He could n’t help thinking of what Li Tai Wu said before. When she was about to leave, Duo Jing stopped her and Let her bless them, Shan Yu said nothing left. Junying and his classmates stayed in the courtyard and asked Junying if they wanted to live here. He also said that Junying had a beautiful stepmother. Junying was very angry after hearing this. When he was going to fight against Che Haiqiang, Shanyu appeared Junying was called away, and Junying walked straight away without saying anything to Shanyu. After coming out, Junying saw Jin Runqi coming out of the car and looked at Shanyu disappointedly.

After returning home, Junying felt very embarrassed by the behavior of Shanyu today. Shanyu was very angry when she heard Junying said that he wanted to find Junying, but Junying said that Shanyu would definitely not let him go. Li Taiwu knows what he likes better than Shanyu, and he goes upstairs after he finishes speaking. Shanyu cried when she heard what Junying said.

After the banquet, Li Taiwu sat on the sofa and drank alone. Duo Jing came to see them and smiled at each other. When Du Jing came to Li Taiwu, he asked Shanyu to come out of their room. Li Taiwu said that he didn’t know that Shanyu would have such a big reaction. Shanyu was the past he didn’t want to face directly. Duo Jing. After listening, Duo Jing was very happy and kissed Li Taiwu. Shan Yu was drinking alone in the room, and angrily threw away similar things he saw in his closet and Duoding’s closet. The next day, after returning home from the hospital, Shan Yu discovered something was wrong at her door, thinking that Junying had an accident. While shouting, she went to Junying ’s room and saw Junying in the room. Shanyu made dinner, just when she was about to say something to Junying, the house window was thrown in by a big stone from outside, terrifying them both, and Shanyu quickly went to see Junying’s situation.

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