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The Monster Killer Season 3 无心法师 3 Episode 21 Recap

It turned out that this monster catcher was the legendary Young Master of Changming. He claimed that the Changming Sect had a defense method, so he could resist the terrible black energy. Having said that, the Young Master Changming took out a talisman, saying that this amulet could cover up the breath of people and make Heiqi unable to perceive the existence of people.

Bai Liuli brought Changming Shaozu and Wuxin to the tent, and showed Shaozu Wu Xin’s immortality function, which surprised Shaozu with a greedy light in his eyes. Shaozu told Wuxin that although Mingshan’s magic circle was similar to the secret path in the Liu family, it was a hundred times more powerful, but with Wuxin’s immortality, it shouldn’t be a problem to break the magic circle.

Bai Liuli smiled sinisterly. He told Wuxin that the reason why he had used the power of Jidushi to send so many soldiers was to fill all these people into the magic circle of Mingshan. As long as the power of the circle changed To be saturated, it will be much easier to attack. Unintentionally, I didn’t expect that Bai Liuli would take such a treacherous trick.

It was obvious that the life and death talisman that Young Master took out was not a good thing. Shaozu and Bai Liuli talked about Xuanhu’s fate in private, and both believed that Xuanhu could not escape. They didn’t know that Xuanhu heard this conversation. He was afraid of death and hurriedly prepared to escape. Xuanhu came to his sister’s door, but he heard Wuxin persuade Qingluan to leave again. He felt that her sister was about to be snatched away by Wuxin, and he couldn’t help being very angry.

Xuanhu didn’t want to surrender his life, he simply went directly to the young ancestor of Changming, wanting to understand. Shaozu explained the way of life and death, feeling that although Xuanhu had a high understanding, he did not have a good body, like a cup full of cracks, that could not hold water. Xuanhu didn’t think so. If a steady flow of energy was injected into his body, he believed he could live forever.

Soon, everyone followed the young ancestor to Mingshan and unintentionally decided to break the magic circle. He flew inside, but he was caught in a tornado, cut all over his body by sharp wind blades. Qingluan knew that unintentional would not die, but he It will also hurt, crying and crying, not wanting Wuxin to continue to take risks. However, Wuxin still desperately used his strength to fight the magic circle. After a long time, the wind suddenly stopped and the dark clouds disappeared.

Wuxin successfully broke the magic circle. Changming Shaozu was overjoyed and quickly went to prepare for the follow-up work. Qingluan flew over to hug Wuxin and looked at Lihua’s sweetheart. He once again expressed his love, regretting that he should not have rejected Qingluan’s confession. Unintentionally can be sure that he loves Qingluan and hopes that he will never be separated. Qingluan’s eyes were red, and she no longer wanted to conceal her mind, she just wanted to stay with Wuxin. The two kissed passionately, but did not notice the furious Xuanhu face next to her.

Xuanhu believed that her sister had not kept her promise and deceived herself. Qing Luan feels very sorry, but she doesn’t know where the love arises, and she always feels deep, so how can she control her? Xuanhu was very excited. He warned his sister that Qingluan’s life was only a moment in Wuxin’s eyes. In this world, only oneself can truly accompany Qingluan. It is conceivable that the two sisters and brothers finally broke up in a quarrel, Qing Luan had a vague premonition for some unknown reason. Xuanhu mysteriously found the Young Master Changming and said that he wanted to make a deal with him. Shaozu initially dismissed it, but Xuanhu took out a bell that could control the black energy, which surprised Shaozu.

After seeing Young Master, Xuanhu went to her sister to apologize for the first time, saying that it was not so easy to accept Wuxin, but he was willing to make changes. This night, Liu’s sister and brother and Wuxin gathered for a drink and dinner, but suddenly they noticed that there was someone outside, who turned out to be Shang Qingtian. Shang Qingtian tells everyone about his escape experience, and even gossiping about the unintentional love history. Among them are the Luoyang oiran, the princess of Jiao Didi, and the charming fox demon. Qing Luan was very unhappy after hearing this. Unintentional hurried to make Qingluan happy. Although Qingluan was smiling, her heart was always empty.

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