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Hi Bye, Mama! 하이바이, 마마! Episode 16 End Recap

After listening to Youli’s words, Jiang Hua recalled that when he was with Shuyu before, the child’s uncle who saw him at home understood Youli’s words. Youli feels that her daughter’s future should be naturally full of sunshine and happiness, rather than seeing ghosts like this now. Although Jiang Hua tried to persuade Youli to change her mind. But Yuli’s attitude is very determined, just as she insisted on keeping her child and giving up her life when a car accident happened five years ago. Now she will not hesitate to give up her chance to live for Shuyu.

Youli planned to leave quietly after staying forty-nine days. But Jiang Hua’s sudden knowledge disrupted her plan. Even so, Yuli still maintains her view. In order for her daughter to have her own tomorrow, she is willing to give up her own tomorrow. Youli ’s mother clearly wrote on the wishing card provided in the main hall of the temple: She wanted to see her daughter, even if it was only once. Her wish was known to God because she received her pious Pray all day long. God gave Youli a chance to return to life on earth for 49 days. At this point, Meidongsao finally understood the real reason for the resurrection of Youli.

Youli was hit by her mother while she was packing up her room. When I heard my mother say that she kept the room as it was to remember her. Youli pretends to say easily, as long as she has herself in her mother’s mind. Youli’s mother looked at her daughter seriously, and suddenly there was a strange feeling in her mind, but she was not so sure, and she could only let her do what she wanted. Youli’s father saw the abnormality of his wife’s expression and stepped forward to ask why. It turned out that the couple had the same dream last night. The dream they lost. Jiang Hua had been waiting at the door of Youli’s house early in the morning to try to persuade Youli to change her mind, but Youli’s attitude was very determined.

Meidongsao told her the real reason for the resurrection of Youli. Youli’s heart was surging. It turned out that her mother’s persistent prayer moved God, and she had her forty-nine days of resurrection experience. But she only thought about her daughter and ignored her mother’s feelings. Youli felt very guilty for this. God’s trial of Yuli was to let her exchange the chance of life with Shuyu’s future. But Youli understands that this is indeed God’s test for herself, but she has decided that she will not exchange.

In the forty-nine days of the resurrection, I spent time with my daughter Shuyu, spending time with my parents. Youli’s heart was also satisfied. Youli’s understanding and tolerance of her friend’s virtue also moved Youli. When she heard that Meidong’s wife had boasted that she had become a truly strong mother, Youli was very satisfied.

Min Jing stood in front of his wedding photo with Jiang Hua, and had not left for a long time. She loves Jianghua deeply and does not want to give up this relationship. But now she has to make this choice. Youli felt very strange when she sent the friendship bracelet that Min Jing gave them to Youli in front of her. After the virtue stated Min Jing’s plan to divorce, Youli immediately wanted to ask a question, but was stopped by the virtue. The matter between Jiang Hua and Min Jing already existed before Youli came back, and the virtue felt that Youli should not intervene.

The last time Min Jing sent a book to rain on the way to kindergarten. Shu Yu noticed that Min Jing’s mood was low and posted her favorite post on Min Jing’s hand. Min Jing just broke out in her desperately depressed mood just now. She couldn’t bear to look at the big book rain from an early age. Even if there is no blood relationship, the call of her mother and the mother and daughter in the past five years will not be separated. Min Jing shed tears and carried Shuyu into his arms.

I saw Shuyu coming in kindergarten, and when Yuli wanted to catch up with Minjing and have a good talk, Shuyu suddenly had vomiting. When I heard the doctor saying that only acute gastroenteritis was not serious, everyone felt relieved. . At this time, Min Jing also received a call and hurried to the hospital. Min Jing was very embarrassed after seeing You Li. After seeing that Shuyu was okay, she turned and left. She didn’t pay any attention to Youli. Youli chased her out and told the truth to Min Jing seriously.

Youli’s mother encountered a sad Jianghua in the temple who was unwilling to leave for a long time outside the door of the Ashes Hall. Jiang Hua did not tell Youli’s mother, but simply said that he was worried that Youli would leave again. Youli’s mother dreams the same every night, and you come to say goodbye to herself. She thought that if the dream was true, she would smile and send Youli away. Jiang Hua recalled that Yuli’s attitude towards herself and her words in these days understood the true meaning of Yuli’s mother’s words.

Youli told Minjing that she was not resurrected from death but returned forty-nine days after death.

Under Yuli’s persuasion, Min Jing and Jiang Hua finally saw the other party’s position in their minds. It was precisely Yuli’s match that the two finally opened their hearts to each other. Jiang Hua looked at the sleeping Shu Yu with emotion, and he understood the reason why Youli did it. In other words, he will make the same choices as Yuli for his children. The two men said their goodbyes seriously. We wish each other happiness and peace.

Youli and her good friend Xianqing went out to camp together. This was something they had been longing for, and now it has finally come true. Youli’s last choice is to say goodbye to her sister-in-law. Although Yuli’s name was saved as a nuisance on her mobile phone, Meidong’s wife couldn’t help crying when she really faced the farewell. Finally, Meidongsao handed Youli a mirror. Although it is not a complete physical body, at least it should be individual. Youli looked at herself in the mirror and said solemnly, Che Youli goodbye. In this way, she left this nostalgic world without concern.

On the way out, Youli remembered that God would ask everyone two questions. One is that you are happy? The other is that the people around you are happy because of you? Youli confidently believes that she can answer these two questions without thinking, if there are some regrets about her leaving five years ago, the forty-nine days of resurrection made her completely regret the regrets in her heart. Shu Yu grew up happily under the care of Jiang Hua and Min Jing. She would sandwich the photos of the family of three in the book and take them out from time to time. She understood that the beautiful aunt in the photos gave her life and happiness. Mom, but Shu Yu cherishes the days with her current parents Jiang Hua and Min Jing. Jiang Hua also walked out of the shadow of her heart and was contracted by the operating room for a whole day in the hospital. The family lived happily Li looked forward to their lives.

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