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Hi Bye, Mama! 하이바이, 마마! Episode 15 Recap

Meidong’s sister-in-law is very surprised by Yuli’s change, but Yuli’s attitude is very determined. She wants more time to grow up with Shu Yu and spend time with her parents. At this time, Jiang Hua also overheard the dialogue between Gen Shang and virtue. When he heard that Youli would soon die in the world, he was very surprised. After Jiang Hua’s questioning, he finally revealed the secrets that Youli had been hiding. Recall some of the previous conversations. Jiang Hua also finally understood the inner pain that was conducive to suppressing and keeping these secrets. Despite this, Jiang Hua was still reluctant to believe this fact. He roared loudly at the virtue, watching Jiang Hua feel uncomfortable, and the virtue was also very painful. She could only be sad together.

Jiang Hua walked down the street in disappointment, and encountered the same unwilling interest on the bus station platform. Youli felt very depressed when she left Meidong’s wife, and she didn’t want to bother about Guofeng opposite her. Unwilling to speak, Jiang Hua dragged her to a secluded corner. Over the past five years, depressed emotions finally broke out at this moment. Jiang Hua asked why Youli treated herself like this? Youli had her own reasons and excuses.

After listening to Jiang Hua’s words, Youli spoke out her true thoughts. She had intended to watch Jiang Hua leave after remarrying, but Jiang Hua lived a life of mischief all day long. Although remarrying, Jiang Hua’s heart was always locked and not opened to Minjing. It is precisely because of this that Yu Li has been unable to leave in peace. The book rain that happened later also kept Yuli at ease. Looking at Youli in front of him, Jiang Hua finally made up his mind that he wanted to let Youli survive. She couldn’t bear to let Youli die again in front of herself. Youli cried and asked Min Jing what to do? Jiang Hua bowed his head and said nothing. In his heart. Relative to Yuli’s life and death, his happiness and Minjing’s happiness seem less important.

At this time, Min Jing was alone in the empty house, crying sadly, until Shu Yu walked in front of him and touched her with her small hand, she gently took Shu Yu into her arms until then. Only a little comfort in my heart. Bi Sheng came to Columbarium to visit his family. Youli unintentionally saw the picture of Youli when he was leaving, he explained this strange phenomenon as a magical face hit. Just as Bi Sheng was about to leave, Guo Feng came in. He looked at the ghosts hiding around and was very angry, and could not help but scold them. Just when Guo Feng used his magic power to grab all the ghosts into heaven, Bi Sheng returned after hearing his words. He was very disgusted that Guo Feng was so rude in this sacred place, and pushed him out directly. With the help of Bi Sheng, the ghosts in the ashes hall are about to be brought to heaven by the national wind. Fortunately, he escaped again.

Min Jing always cares about You Li’s identity, washing her face with tears all day long. In the past few days, when Jiang Hua held her and wanted to have a good talk, she was refused by Min Jing on the grounds that she did not organize her mood. Youli and Minjing met on the street, and the two chatted. Youli is very sorry for concealing her true identity. But Min Jing didn’t appreciate it. Everyone around knew her identity, only she was like a fool, and she walked around Yuli and virtuously every day. He felt that everyone was sorry for him, actually an insult to her.

After careful deliberation, Min Jing decided to return Jiang Hua and Shu Yu to Yu Li, who were hers, so Min Jing decided to leave. Although Jiang Hua felt very guilty for Min Jing, but for a powerful life and death. He also hearted down. Accepted Min Jing’s proposal. Jianghua specifically took leave at the unit. Take Youli and Shuyu together for a ride, wanting to use them to communicate the feelings of the two of them. Although I said I had a great time with Youli, but. Youli could feel from Shu Yu’s expression that she missed her mother very quietly. These actions of Shu Yu made Jiang Hua feel very embarrassed, but he could not control the children’s ideas.

Although Gen Shang is very afraid of being haunted by ghosts every day. But he still asked Jiang Bin’s mother to his clinic. Tell Jiang Bin about his please. original. Jiang Bin’s mother always thought that her son’s suicide was her prejudice against her son, and she was very guilty. But Jiang Bin was not killed by suicide, but was killed by others. The day he was killed was the day when he made up his mind to buy gifts and prepare to go home and reconcile with his parents. He didn’t wait for his wish to be completed before he died, so this is Jiang Bin’s regret.

Just after returning from the playground, Youli heard Jiang Hua persuade her to quit her kindergarten job. In this way, the two of them could concentrate on taking Shuyu every day for a period of time, but Yuli refused to hesitate without hesitation, which made Jiang Hua very surprised by Yuli ’s decision. Mother’s location is found. After that, you can find other positions, so that you can survive naturally. But Yuli had her own ideas.

Youli learned from Meidong’s wife that she no longer has a physical body in the sun, and there is no place for her here, even if she stays here forcibly to survive. She also exists as a ghost. If it continues like this. Shuyu already has the ability to see ghosts. Will be there forever with her company. When pregnant with Shuyu, Youli counted on Shuyuyu’s future countless times. But now, when facing his own life and death and Su Yu’s future, Yuli, as a mother, chose the latter without hesitation. Jiang Hua very much hopes that you can survive, but if it is at the expense of Shuyu’s future, Jiang Hua’s firm heart at the beginning will also hesitate. Even so, he pretended to calmly comfort Youli, and there must be a way to solve it, but Youli rejected him very firmly.

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