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Hi Bye, Mama! 하이바이, 마마! Episode 14 Recap

Although Jianghua expressed sincerely the fact that Youli was still alive. But Min Jing refused to believe his words. Jiang Hua always felt that he was ashamed of Minjing and wanted to serve the other side, but Minjing refused to give him a chance. Gen Shang has been worried all day long since he knew from Yuli that he was possessed by a ghost. Walking around the road from time to time looking around. Hope to see anything. One day, he sat down in the shop with seriousness, speaking decisively to the empty seat opposite. The opposite Jiang Bin started to think that Gen Shang was able to see himself, and was very worried. Later, he found that Gen Shang only reassured himself after deceiving himself. The virtue is also lost all day long, and I have no intention of working. He remembered something that everyone said, tears and tears in his eyes when he saw him. He was very worried about his virtue and thought of it here. Today I finally made up my mind to let Youli spend every day happily in the remaining days. Even if only a few days, he was happy to spend with her good friends. Without virtue, Gen Shang was even more afraid in the store alone. No way, he finally chose to ask Meidong’s wife to come to drive him out.

The car was driven with virtue, and the two people talked and laughed along the way, and the car was full of laughter and joy. Youli hasn’t laughed like this for a long time. After she became a human again, all she saw was tears and sighs every day, and now she was accompanied by her friends. She could finally laugh out loud. Youli’s mother was very happy to see her daughter’s changes.

Although he didn’t believe Jiang Hua’s so-called Yuli resurrection, Min Jing went unconsciously to the virtuous shop. Before I reached the door of the shop, I saw the two of Yinxian and Youli chatting and laughing, and walked into a family. They didn’t believe it until Minjing approached and found the name of Cheyouli. Jianghua’s words. Recalling all the strange things that happened during this time, Min Jing also understood the fact that Shuyu ’s biological mother came back, but she stayed like a fool in the midst of the biological mother and daughter Make the role clear. Thinking of this, Min Jing felt like he was poked with a knife. She used to be so obsessed with Youli, as if it was a baby she had picked up in her life, but the true identity of this friend is something that everyone but herself knows, except that she is in the dark, I followed everyone cheerfully every day. Play together and drink together.

Min Jing, who came back from Youli’s house, walked back in despair. At this time, Jiang Hua also just got off work, and both of them were in a state of unrestrained spirit. See Jianghua tomorrow. Without saying anything, he stepped forward and fought against Jiang Hua. Suddenly telling about his pain. Jiang Hua didn’t say much, but let Min Jing beat his chest with his hand. Why did Jiang Hua know the anger expressed by Min Jing at this time? Jiang Hua loves Minjing, but he has been suppressing this love. He fears that he is too happy and forgets Yuli completely. He feels that he owes it to Yuli, but now Yuli not only comes back alive. And I forgave myself. The stone pressed against Jianghua’s heart gradually became less heavy.

Meidongsao found a place where she had agreed with Gen Shang, and she saw sneaky Jiang Bin at the door of the shop. Meidong’s wife forcibly took Jiang Bin into the house. Genshang could see from the actions of the other party that the ghost next to him had been arrested and then let go of the dangling heart. When he learned that Jiang Bin’s real purpose was to let himself tell Jiang Bin’s mother that he did not die by suicide, Gen Shang was a bit embarrassed.

After being forgiven by Youli, Jiang Hua felt a little relieved, but when he entered the operating room to observe the teacher’s operation, the fear in his heart still happened as usual. He gasped for breath and ran out flushed. To the corner where he used to stay often, where no one could find him, he could be alone and quietly suffering until he slowly recovered. Youli has witnessed Jiang Hua suffer such pain more than once in the past five years. At that time she was very uncomfortable but powerless, and it happened to accompany her mother to see a doctor today. I overheard the nurses talking about Jianghua. Youli immediately ran to the corner of the staircase where Jiang Hua had stayed for a long time. Sure enough, she found Jiang Hua who was lying on the stairs and was desperate. Unlike five years ago, Youli has now become a human, he can gently stroke Jiang Hua’s back to comfort her. At the same time, tell him that it’s okay, and encourage Jianghua to try the correct breathing method, and Jianghua’s emotions stabilize step by step. Youli told Jiang Hua that was not his fault. Is your choice.

Five years ago, Jiang Hua and his teacher disagreed because of the hospital’s surgical system. Jiang Hua, who was full of brilliance, not only locked the door of the operating room and turned off the internal phone in the operating room. This time happened to be when Yuli had a traffic accident. Jianghua’s teacher couldn’t reach Jianghua at all. There is no way to just follow Youli’s suggestion, save the child, and give up your life. After hearing the news from the operating room, he ran desperately to where Yuli was, but saw Yuli’s cold body. That is, from that moment onwards, Jianghua suffered from surgical syndrome and became one of the few surgeons in the hospital who can only receive outpatients and refuse to go to the operating table.

When Yu Li was alone, he looked at the pictures taken with his family on his phone, and suddenly changed his previous thoughts. He wanted to continue to live and grow up with Shu Yu. Continue to do filial piety next to your parents. To make up for the regrets she has had over the past five years. With the idea of ​​wanting to live, Youli did not hesitate and immediately found Meidong’s wife. After hearing Yuli’s words, Meidong’s wife was very puzzled. Youli’s changes were too unexpected, but out of relationship with Yuli, Meidong’s wife still wanted to do everything she could to help Youli.

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