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Hi Bye, Mama! 하이바이, 마마! Episode 13 Recap

The happy days after marriage came to an abrupt end with Youli’s departure. Still living in Jianghua, who is familiar with the environment, will sometimes remember the happy times in the past, but only the ugly ghosts he has never known can accompany him. Youli looked at Jiang Hua’s frustration and despair all day long but couldn’t help it.

Min Jing, who was alone at home, has been on Jianghua, and she can only find the Xianqing store with a try. When she saw Shuyu there, Gen Shang lied to Jiang Hua and said that he went to the hospital in an emergency. Min Jing He doubtfully took Shuyu away. At this time, Yuli and Jianghua are frankly talking about all the things that have happened in the past five years. When she heard that Jiangli talked about the difficult life of Jianghua alone with her young daughter, she was more distressed than When you are yourself, Youli loves Jianghua more. Although she was jealous of staying quietly in her own position, when thinking of the happiness of Jianghua for the rest of her life, Youli’s heart softened. When he heard Youli say very firmly that he was no longer a person of Jiang Hua, he should let go. Although Jiang Hua was a little shocked, he was more moved.

In the chat with Jianghua, Youli was very scared when she learned that the exorcist Guo Feng had looked for Shuyu, but for the safety of Shuyu, Yuli told Jianghua all the secrets and secrets she had always buried in her heart. Looking at Yuli’s painful appearance, Jiang Hua couldn’t bear to say anything more about her, but just kept comforting her.

From the moment when Jiang Hua knew the truth, he always followed Shuyu at all times, afraid that the child would be taken away by Guo Feng, Min Jing looked at Jiang Hua’s weird look and couldn’t understand the reason. Youli cried all night after crying for one night, and found her sister-in-law in the early morning of the next day to find Guo Fengxing. Meidongsao was afraid that the straight-hearted anger would annoy Guofeng and quickly pulled her into the house. Even so, their conversation was still heard by the rising ghost family hiding in the dark. They told each other that they must leave Guofeng. Stay a little further so as not to be forced into heaven. But often it was contrary to their wishes. They accidentally saw Guo Feng wandering on the street and the book rain that he was walking in step by step with his grandfather, and he could not care about his own safety. But Bi Sheng ’s father kept him in front of Guo Feng deliberately not let him go Taking advantage of this opportunity, Bi Sheng ’s mother and sister led Shu Yu to a hidden corner, which made Shu Yu escape from a disaster, but when they thought about telling the news to Youli, they found Bi Father Sheng has been firmly controlled by Guo Feng.

After getting the promise from Meidong’s wife, one day after she ascended to heaven, the other party would take care of Shuyu to prevent her from seeing the ghost, and Yuli would leave with confidence, but she met the mother who prayed in the temple and recalled that Meidong’s wife She cherishes the rest of the day and earnestly fulfills her wish that she didn’t have time to realize. Youli asked her mother if she wanted to do something with herself. After hearing her mother’s answer, she finally let go of her heart.

After getting Yuli’s forgiveness, Jiang Hua finally let go of the big burden that had been pressing on him for the past five years. He offered to replace Yuli’s take-away rain and go home from school. Jiang Hua personally sent books and rain to school when they were seen by those troublesome parents, and they happened to see Jiang Hua and Youli crying and running while chatting in the park last night. These women who were afraid that the world would not be chaotic This matter told Min Jing that although he was relentless in being with them, Min Jing clearly felt from Jiang Hua’s performance these days that Jiang Hua had an unusual relationship with this aunt.

When you were alone with Youli, the virtue could not help telling her again that she could not let Youli leave her again. Seeing the painful situation of virtue, Youli couldn’t help but tell her heart, if she knew her return early Will bring such great pain to virtue and Jianghua, she will wrap herself up strictly and not be discovered by everyone, but now it is too late to say, for her thing, the people she cares most about are Encountered different levels of pain, but she was helpless.

Jiang Hua finally made up his mind to confess her identity with Min Jing, but when he rushed to the appointment, he saw Min Jing who was panicking and preparing to run out. The three adults found Shuyu for a long time at night There was no result. After hearing Min Jing shouting at Youli, Jiang Hua was very sad, but he couldn’t say anything. Under the guidance of a little ghost, Youli finally found the book rain that had never been hidden in the corner of the playground.

Although Shuyu was recovered, Yuli still blamed herself for this kind of scene. She believed that it was her own reason that Shuyu had to face these things that she was not supposed to face. Yuli was very regretful, but she was powerless. , She was not in the mood to go home, and did not go to find virtue, but went to the temple to find Midongsao, but Yuli, who wanted to seek comfort, accidentally learned the fact that Bi Sheng ’s family was forced to ascend to the sky because of the protection of the book rain. Thinking of the ghost that this family had been doing for more than 20 years, he waited to watch Bi Sheng become a family member and could ascend to heaven with peace of mind, but was forced to ascend to heaven early because of protecting his daughter. Thinking about the way to repay this family now, I can only cook for Bi Sheng again. After hearing this, Meidong’s wife is also very speechless. She clearly has no time to enjoy in the world for a few days, but she is worried. Things from others.

After setting up a good book to sleep, Jiang Hua came to Min Jing, who was still crying and running, comforting her. He heard Min Jing complaining that he had always closed his atrium. After Min Jing could not walk in, Jiang Hua decided to say something. The truth is, when she heard that Shuyu ’s woman was Shuyu ’s mother, Minjing looked at Jiang Hua with suspicion. All this is like a lie in good faith, and as a modern man studying medicine, she would never believe that such a thing would happen.

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