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The Art of Position (2020) 位!你在等我嗎?

The Art of Position (2020)
Other Title: 位!你在等我嗎? / Wei! Ni Zai Deng Wo Ma? / Bit! Are you waiting for me?

Genres: drama, Web Drama, Romance
Ceng Da Heng (曾大衡)
Lu Deng Gui (呂登貴)
Release Date: 
April, 2020
Related Show:
Wei Zi Zhe Xue (位子哲學) by Chen Gui Ying (陳瑰鶯)


  • Jiang Ke De (江可德) as Lu Yi Fei / Lou 路以飛
  • Genie Chen as Zhao Lu / Penny 趙璐
  • Chris Wu (吳承洋) as Ge Da Tong / Edwin 葛大同
  • Wang Xiao Yuan (王孝元) as Xin Ren Lei / Elliot 新人類
  • Kate Kinney (金凱德) as She Jiao Nv / Rebecca 社交女
  • Richard Rim (綠茶) as Lao Pi Gu / Tony 老屁股
  • Shen Yi (沈懿) as Fang Bian Nan / Mark 方便男
  • Wang Juan as Wang Jin Mei 王金梅
  • Ban Tie Hsiang (班鐵翔) as Uncle Kun 坤叔

“Bit! Are you waiting for me? “Is the second mini-series produced by Sanli Chinese TV series in 2020. Vidol, starring Jiang Kede, Chen Jingxuan, and Wu Chengyang, will premiere on April 10th, and Sanli Metropolis will air on April 18th and 19th at 6:30 in the evening.

The drama is run by the original team from Taiwan and Malaysia. Following the web drama “Hello, Happiness” last year, the drama has re-cooperated internationally and launched a realistic web drama “Bit! Are you waiting for me? “The story tells how Lu Yifei, the protagonist who encountered the bottom of his life, regained his goal and meaning in life after his mother suddenly died and was betrayed by a friend. Let the audience find their similarities and workplace situations through various roles in the workplace in the play. In this multinational cooperation and casting, the gentle and elegant actor Jiang Kede came to the fore and realized his dream of stepping into acting.

This time he played the role of a senior executive, which happened to coincide with his private work. He laughed and said that everyone felt his personality It should be temperamental, but if you really want to provoke him to scold someone, it will look good, and if his subordinates make the same mistake three times in a row, Jiang Kede may give up asking him to get out. This is also the limit.

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