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The World of the Married 부부의 세계 Episode 6 Recap

Shanyu accuses Taiwu of destroying his family and Junying ’s original fatherly love, but Taiwu accuses him that it is because of Yuyu that Junying loses his father, but Shanyu tells Taiwu ’s son Junying that he and Luduo knew King’s relationship. In the hotel, Yi Lin accused her husband of being derailed many times in He, but in He said frankly that they were both unwilling to take care of themselves, just a moment of freshness. Yi Lin was very angry at her husband’s apology and turned away.

Tai Wu was smoking in the street annoyed, and asked King Wu whether he accepted his father’s investment? Tai Wu naturally refused to admit that many scenes let Tai Wu quit smoking. It turned out that her children had not been shed. She was still willing to give up all choices of Tai Wu.

Yi Lin came back to meet Yu Yu, and the two accused each other of cheating and hurting each other, and their words did not give way to each other. Good rain asks Taiwu’s mother and daughter to persuade Junying, but Junying doesn’t appreciate it. Shanyu went home and told Junying that his father would not come back.

Taiwu and Duojiing return to good, Dujing said that he would be a good helper for Taiwu, and Taiwu’s movies can be shot well. However, Tai Wu said that the movie may not be made, because Chairman Lu knew his identity, and the investment might not be realized. Many scenes are very uncomfortable. At this time, Shanyu sends Taiwu ’s things and divorce agreement to Taiwu, but Taiwu is dissatisfied with the distribution of his son and property, but Shanyu says that his son and money are his own. Agree, Shanyu sued Taiwu for bribery.

Park Renkui couldn’t find Xianrui and called Shanyu. Shanyu didn’t want to be entangled and warned him that if he didn’t want to be accused of violence, threats and other crimes, it’s best not to anger her. Shanyu came to the hospital and found that everyone saw her pointing. Mingshu told Shanyu that someone posted a post on the hospital official to vilify Shanyu. Mingshu was grieved and displeased. Shanyu’s lawyer told Shanyu that this matter might be Tai Wu’s counterattack, so that Shanyu was ready. Duo Jing and Tai Wu had another dispute, and Tai Wu was unwilling to give up his son’s divorce, which made Duo Jing very dissatisfied, and at this time Ren Kui passed by, just telling them that Xian Rui was close to them for the purpose of good rain.

When He went home to ask Ye Lin what she wanted, Ye Lin said that she would not divorce without a job or a child. For money and future life, although she would not divorce, she did not forgive her. Ye Lin still gave in He cooperated with him to have children, but was rejected by He.

Patient He Dongzhi expressed his gratitude to Shanyu because Shanyu did not need his compensation and accepted her advice to see a psychiatrist. Shan Yu came to the Dean’s office, but found that Park Renkui and Li Taiwu were both at the same time. The two of them worked together to deal with Shan Yu. The Dean accused Shanyu of using her patients to track her husband because of her private life, and Taewoo accused Shanyu of having a mental problem, and pointed out that Shanyu’s parents died of a car accident because of the breakdown of their husband and wife relationship.

After that, her spirit was abnormal. Shan Yu scolded Tai Wu for being despicable, and then left from the hospital. Tai Wu drove to chase after Shan Yu. Shan Yu went directly to Gaoshan Elementary School and took away the handsome Ying Ying who was in class. Tai Wu took a step late and found his son Junying was taken away, and then turned on the phone to locate him. In the middle of Shanyu, Junying’s mobile phone was thrown away, and Junying scrambled for Shanyu’s mobile phone, which led to the accident of Shanyu’s vehicle.

Good rain brought his son to the river and apologized to his son, but his son Junying was unwilling to divorce his parents. Even if he knew that his father had betrayed his family, he even had children with other women, but Junying did n’t understand her mother. Only work without him, he just wanted to find dad. Shan Yu is very frustrated because of his son’s choice.

Good rain asked Taiwu’s family to meet. Taiwu worried about the child and hurried to the house to ask where Junying was, but good rain stimulated Taiwu, because he reminded himself of his mother’s miserable foreign country, and he also made him lose his son’s grief all his life. . Taiwu was irritated, thinking that his son had an accident and started to hit Shanyu. Shanyu’s beaten head broke the blood. At this time, Junying returned home to see his father’s viciousness, and was afraid of his father. Son. At this time, Yilin came to Shanyu’s house, saw the injured Shanyu, and hurriedly called an ambulance to send Shanyu to the hospital.

After this, Shanyu finally obtained the custody of his son. Chairman Lu came to apologize to Shanyu, because his wife Yan Xiaojing was slandering Shanyu on the hospital message board because she was irritated by her daughter. Chairman Lu hoped Shanyu would give up suing Lv Duojing for adultery. Daughter compensates Shan Yu. Too pregnant to go shopping in the mall, embarrassed to talk to the surrounding people, and also found that his shopping card was stopped by his father. Duo Jing went home and begged his father to agree with him, but President Lu was unwilling, and finally Duo Jing left the house with a broken relationship.

Shanyu meets with Xianrui. Xianrui tells Shanyu that he has accused Park Renkui of violence, because Park Renkui’s previous conviction should not be easily released. Shan Yu affirmed Xian Rui’s approach. Shanyu came to the hospital and chatted with Jin Runqi. Jin Runqi expressed to her friends that she could treat Shanyu, but Shanyu refused the other party’s kindness.

Mingshu apologized to Shanyu and did too many wrong things before. He also told Shanyu Taiwu to leave the mountain, and then Shanyu could live a good life. And it was the divorced Shan Yu who started a new life, taking his son and enjoying the new life every day. Two years later, Shan Yu’s career went smoothly, and a new process was started in the emotional aspect. The hospital psychiatrist Jin Runqi was very concerned about Shanyu and expressed his love for Shanyu. At this time, the invitations of Tai Wu and Duo Jing’s wedding were sent to his former friends, and even Junying received it. Seeing the invitation sent to Junying at home, Shanyu finally knew that his ex-husband Tai Wu had returned to Takayama and had a wedding with Lu Duojing.

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