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The World of the Married 부부의 세계 Episode 5 Recap

The contrast between memories and reality is always so cruel. The happiness vow that once faced marriage and the helplessness of choosing to derail in order to protect your own interests at the moment are all satires for the love between Shan Yu and Tai Wu.

Shan Yu went home directly from the hotel, but Yi Lin kept watching the scene of returning home from the balcony. Her heart was extremely complicated. Taiwu got up early in the morning and saw Shanyu lying on the sofa asleep, checking Shanyu ’s mobile phone and seeing the records of staying in multiple hotels. During breakfast, Tai Wu asked Shanyu’s itinerary last night, and Shanyu’s words were perfunctory. This made Taiwu very suspicious. After Shanyu left, he even called the hotel to check.

Shan Yu came to the hospital to work, and met a colleague who received a new psychiatrist colleague Jin Runqi. What surprises Shanyu is that this new colleague was the one who had a relationship in the hotel last night.

He took out Taiwu’s financial list and told Shanyu TO Entertainment that there was only one empty shell left, and even the rent had been in arrears for several months. Shan Yu was surprised. It turned out that Tai Wu’s career was a mess, and it was not as well developed as he said. Shanyu asked about the property of Taiwu’s private account, but Zaihe was unwilling to disclose it and wanted to continue trading with Shanyu, but Shanyu was unwilling to continue to struggle with Zaihe. When Shan Yu left, she happened to meet Yi Lin, the two women met silently, and her heart was complicated. Yilin came to find her husband and told her that she wanted a child and hoped that her husband would cooperate. After all, she had cooperated with her husband as a Dink couple for so many years.

Tai Wu took advantage of Sun Yu’s bathing time in the evening, stealing Sun Yu’s mobile phone to check it, but because he didn’t know the password and couldn’t open it, he was spotted by Sun Yu when he was in a panic. At this time, Zai told Shanyu that he was ready for what he wanted, and let Shanyu choose whether to trade again.

When Shanyu met her new colleague Jin Runqi at work, Yunqi saw that Shanyu had a bad sleep and told Shanyu that she and the dean would discuss the mental state of the doctors in the hospital. If Shanyu had troubles, she could relieve herself . Yilin meets with Shanyu and tells Shanyu that he wants a child, but he is unwilling. Shan Yu didn’t know how to help Yi Lin. Let Yi Lin go to the hospital’s newly opened psychiatric department to have a look. Maybe it helps. Shanyu took the initiative to frankly look for things in Heihe yesterday, so that if Yi Lin needs to know some things one day, she is willing to tell the truth.

Shan Yu went to see a divorce lawyer and met Yan Xiaojing at the party. Yan Xiaojing invited Shan Yu’s husband and wife to be guests. Shan Yu described her husband’s suspicious details, and the lawyer asked Shan Yu to prepare for 2-3 weeks so that the divorce could be assured. Before the good rain came to the hotel, he came to the guest house, which made Shanyu very scared. In He privately preparing for the divorce with Shan Yu, but Tai Wu did not know to threaten Shan Yu, the two words confronted each other, Shan Yu was unwilling to be entangled in Hedoga, but he became increasingly uncontrollable in Heyu. However, Zai He expressed that he was willing to help transfer the property in the hands of Tai Wu to Shan Yu, which made Shan Yu feel emotional again.

He Dongzhi, a patient of Shanyu, said during his medical treatment that he knew about the discord between Shanyu ’s husband and wife. He was willing to help her to retaliate against her husband, but Shanyu rejected the patient ’s good intentions, but Hedongzhi suddenly collapsed and nearly rushed to Shanyu. Hands on, Shan Yu was surprised to have difficulty breathing. Fortunately, colleagues in the hospital heard something coming to stop. The psychiatrist Jin Runqi found out that Shanyu was abnormal and guessed that the patient had Shanyu’s handle. At the same time, he guessed a lot about Shanyu’s symptoms and asked whether Shanyu had an accident before that caused her trauma.

Park Renkui came to find Shanyu, thinking that Shanyu was prescribing medicine to Xianrui to let Xianrui help, and threatened her by reporting Shanyu, letting her promise her condition as soon as possible.

Junying has n’t waited for Shanyu to pick her up, and she ca n’t get through her phone. She can only find Taiwu to pick him up. Taiwu receives her son and eats with her son. do not like. But after seeing the scene of angry departure, Tai Wu chased him out regardless of his son. At this time, Shan Yu was tangled in the road, and I didn’t know where to go. Walking alone on the road under heavy rain, Shanyu saw the oncoming headlights and remembered the tragic scene of a car accident that occurred to his family as a child. Shanyu was almost hit by a passing vehicle, but was saved by the doctor and colleague who was fired. Colleagues persuaded Shanyu to divorce, and then took the child away from Gaoshan, so as to start a new life, not to care about the eyes of others, and ultimately ruin his life.

Back at home, Shan Yu burst into tears, and Tai Wu heard Shan Yu’s cry, but did not choose to comfort. Xianrui, who went to work, encountered many scenes of packing up and going home, and many scenes persuaded Xianrui to sort out his feelings as soon as possible. Xianrui and Shanyu met each other, and Shanyu gave Xianrui Hospital a medical certificate and a good bounty. Xianrui told Shanyu that she found Duojing and Taiwu broke up, and Shanyu was surprised.

Shanyu took Taiwu to Yan Xiaojing’s invitation. Although Taiwu didn’t know who his wife was going to, he still followed his wife to the banquet. When he came to Chairman Lu’s house, Tai Wu was very panicked, trying to stop the good rain but it was too late. Shan Yu’s sudden appointment made President Lu and his wife very confused, but they finally chose to receive the couple who came to the appointment. Shan Yu used the excuse to visit the Lu family as a pretext for Tai Wu’s panic. At this time, many scenes of hearing Tai Wu’s voice also appeared. The atmosphere between the three was extremely embarrassing. During the dinner, Shanyu broke the point that Chairman Lu wanted to invest in Taiwu, and then broke the scene of her husband’s derailment in public, which led to multiple scenes of pregnancy.

Shanyu satirizes that Taiwu is a mean man, and Duojing seduce someone else ’s husband and destroys other people ’s homes as bad women. Duojing rushes and starts to run against Shanyu, blocked by President Lu. Then Shan Yu left the house, Tai Wu chased and accused Shan Yu, but Shan Yu expressed his stance of divorce, but Tai Wu was honest that he never wanted to abandon his family, but he was helpless when he was in love. Shan Yu directly tells Tai Wu that he is cheating, and this is just to retaliate his husband and let Tai Wu know the taste of being betrayed. At this time, Zaihe, who went to the hotel to make an appointment with Shanyu, saw his wife Yilin in the hotel room.

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