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The World of the Married 부부의 세계 Episode 4 Recap

Chi Shanyu wanted to recapture the property seized by Li Taiwu before the divorce, and in order to recapture the property she must lied that she had misunderstood Li Taiwu. Chi Shanyu and Li Taiwu were intimately received a call from Min Xianrui, informing her that she had gained the trust of Lu Duojing. It rained heavily outdoors late at night, and Chi Shanyu was dripping with rain and opened the trunk of Li Taiwu’s car, but finally found nothing. At this time, Sun Jihe came to hold an umbrella for her.

Lv Binggui ’s partner is the largest investor in the hospital. The partner ’s wife got infected, and she recommended it to the trustworthy Chi Shanyu to help the partner. But the partner ’s wife came out angry because she knew her husband Having an affair. Lu Binggui said that Chi Shanyu had lost his trust. Xue Mingshu saw the two in serious conversation, so he called to inform Li Taiwu. Chi Shanyu told Lu Binggui that there should be no secrets between the couple. Chi Shanyu told Lu Binggui that Lu Duojing had a boyfriend and was pregnant, but Lu Binggui did not take it seriously.

Chi Shanyu sent Lu Binggui away, but when he saw Li Taiwu hurriedly, Li Taiwu asked Chi Shanyu and Lu Binggui what they said. After Lu Binggui returned home, he asked his wife to kill the child. Chi Shanyu invited Li Taiwu ’s secretary mother and daughter to ride with Li Junying after school. Chi Shanyu finally asked privately whether Li Taiwu ’s secretary knew why she appeared in her company. When Min Xianrui went to the residence, he found Li Taiwu in Lu Duojing’s room. Finally, Li Taiwu left in angrily. Chi Shanyu later learned about it.

Chi Shanyu ’s leadership accused her of not angering the hospital ’s largest investor, but Chi Shanyu insisted that she was right. The investor’s wife found Chi Shanyu, and Chi Shanyu said she might have to close her eyes. Li Taiwu was very upset, so he left home late at night to find Lu Duojing. Chi Shanyu subsequently asked Min Xianrui to follow, but Min Xianrui did not know he was being followed by his ex-boyfriend.

The former boyfriend followed and harassed Min Xianrui, and he also knew who Min Xianrui was following. The ex boyfriend rang the bell of Lu Duojing, and then Min Xianrui saw Li Taiwu who opened the door. Chi Shanyu anxiously waited for Min Xianrui’s news, but after a long time there was still no news, so he called Li Taiwu’s phone and finally knew that Li Taiwu was with Lu Duojing. Chi Shanyu drank a lot of wine, then went out for a run late at night.

The former boyfriend took Min Xianrui’s monitoring equipment to find Chi Shanyu, threatening her to take out 20 million, otherwise she would be exposed to the fact that she bought someone to follow Li Taiwu. Chi Shanyu shattered the tea cup angrily, but then received a bouquet from Sun Jihe. Gao Yilin discovered that Lu Duojing was pregnant during her yoga class. In the bathroom, Gao Yilin told Lu Duojing that she was just Li Taiwu’s plaything.

Lu Duojing ’s mother picked her up from work, and then bought clothes for newborns in the mall, saying that her friend ’s son in his twenties was in trouble. it is good. Lv Duojing accompanied his mother to buy things, but happened to meet Chi Shanyu’s family of three. Lu Duojing looked at the intimate Chi Shanyu and Li Taiwu very much.

Chi Shanyu asked Lu Duojing’s mother to join the party together, and Lu Duojing couldn’t help but coldly follow. Chi Shanyu said during the meeting that Li Taiwu was a loyal family member, even if he was derailed, he would think that it was just like excretion. Chi Shanyu’s words were very harsh in Lu Duojing, and Li Taiwu and Lu Duojing left and left alone. After returning home, Lu Duojing called and accused Chi Shanyu of letting her take good care of her mouth, and knew whether to protect the privacy of her patients. Parents.

Min Xianrui found Lu Duojing with a wound, and said that he wanted to kill his child, because he had no way to turn to his parents, the father of the child always beat him, and his age should not be caught by the child. Lu Duojing could n’t help crying after hearing some words from Min Xianrui. She did n’t know if Li Taiwu was cheating herself.

Sun Jihe invited Chi Shanyu to dinner, Chi Shanyu dressed up, and smeared some over-applied lipstick. Li Taiwu and Li Junying both thought that the lipstick was too red. Chi Shanyu asked Sun Jihe why men and women were derailed, and she did not expect to have dinner with Sun Jihe. Sun Jihe gave Chi Shanyu a room card, saying that such revenge is also good. Holding the house card, Chi Shanyu hesitated to open the door, and then stayed intimately with Sun Jihe.

Gao Yilin installed positioning on Sun Jihe’s car. She knew that Sun Jihe was derailed and leaned on the wall sadly. At this time, Li Taiwu was watching TV with his son Li Junying, but the door was knocked open by Lu Duojing. Lu Duojing said that he wanted to break up, and the child had already knocked himself out. Chi Shanyu asked Sun Jihe to tell Li Taiwu all his personal accounts. Sun Jihe realized that Chi Shanyu was threatening himself.

Chi Shanyu’s patient gave her a memory card, which contained Li Taiwu and Lu Duojing’s intimate video together.

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