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Rugal 루갈 Episode 3 Recap

Jiang Qifan transported the gold value back to the K hospital. Jiang Qifan was very surprised to learn that Jin Da value was related to Dean Gu’s kidnapping case. Huang Dejiu asked Dean Gu what he needed to help, and Dean Ji said he wanted funds and experimental vehicles. Cui Genzhe and others discussed the case of Dean Gu’s kidnapping. Cui Genzhe said that Jin Dazheng was a potential marathon runner during school. Jiang Qifan also felt that if he found the real Jin Da value, he could solve all doubts. Cui Genzhe said he did n’t know when to issue the order. Rugal is a state organ with a clear command system.

They need to wait. Argos will start to fight internally to replace Cui Yiyuan, who is sitting in the position of Gao Longde, to challenge the middle leaders of the throne. , These four will become their unique opportunities, temporarily watching them rob each other, Jiang Qifan thinks it is all because of him, Cui Genzhe said no. Han Taixiong Song Mina and Li Guangzhe reported the trip of the leaders in the middle, and Jiang Qifan supported them.

When Han Thai bear Song Mina Li Guangzhe sorted out equipment, Jiang Qifan asked Han Thai bear why he came out of Argos, but Han Thai bear did not answer. When Li Guangzhe and Han Thai Bear supervised the middle leaders, Li Guangzhe asked Han Tai Bear and Jiang Qifan had an intersection? Han Taixiong said that Jiang Qifan was the police who arrested him. Li Guangzhe was surprised by Han Thai bear Jiang Qifan’s relationship. Han Tai bear said that Li Guangzhe, like him, had thought that the crime was arrested by the police.

Afterwards, Han Thai Bear reported the investigation results, and Cui Yiyuan worked in Argos as a construction enterprise. He was one of the founding members of Red Ants, and he joined Gao Longde to win over politicians. Li Guangzhe went on to say that Feng Manzhe, who was in a strategic alliance with Cui Yiyuan, was a loan shark from Myeongdong. When Argos transformed into a gangster business, he assumed the role of money laundering and was called a money ghost. Song Mina said that there are many loan companies above the third floor, and the cash flow in the building is carried by their own employees.

Han Taixiong Li Guangzhe sneaked into the interior with a pack of money and took the opportunity to install a small camera. Jiang Qifan saw that Feng Manzhe loved money as destiny and delivered the goods to the destination. Then he saw that Cui Yiyuan was attacked by Feng Manzhe’s men and he shot away Feng Manzhe’s men. Cui Yiyuan wanted to thank Jiang Qifan, and gave Jiang Qifan a business card. Jiang Qifan got the business card and left. Huang Dejiu knew about Feng Manzhe’s black money, and immediately asked Feng Manzhe to settle his accounts. He asked Feng Manzhe why he touched his site. Feng Manzhe knelt down and asked Huang Dejiu for mercy, saying that he would clean up all the buildings. Finally, blame Cui Yiyuan. Jiang Qifan and others went through surveillance on the other side to watch videos of Huang Dejiu and Feng Manzhe biting.

When Jiang Qifan exercised, he remembered what the doctor said. Jiang Qifan competed with Song Mina. When Song Mina couldn’t beat Jiang Qifan, she slapped Jiang Qifan’s nose while Jiang Qifan was not paying attention. Song Mina asked Jiang Qifan it was intentional! Before he was beaten, he kept laughing. Jiang Qifan said that Song Mina’s routine was clear. Then he persuaded Song Mina to stand on his side. He is now stronger. Song Mina let Jiang Qifan be narcissistic. This scene was seen by Han Thai Bear. Huang Dejiu showed the money to Cui Yiyuan. Cui Yiyuan said that this was not her style. Huang Dejiu asked Cui Yiyuan, who rescued her, Cui Yiyuan said it had nothing to do with Huang Dejiu. Later, Cui Yiyuan called a man, and the man let Cui Yiyuan use Huang Dejiu directly.

The news of the death of Park Mou was crazy on the Internet. Li Guangzhe told everyone that the victim is Quan Qitai, who is forty-four years old and is a lawyer of a medium-sized law firm. Recently, he came to an anchor program with Zhang Zhengyi Lawyers and angered them and his wife Luo Yiyuan when investigating Argos. Just when Argos killed Luo Yiyuan and others, Jiang Qifan and others came to rescue them. After the police arrived, Jiang Qifan and others hurriedly left. Huang Dejiu went to the laboratory to check and found that another subject died in the experiment. He asked the experimenter to transplant the subject’s internal body with a needle. He wanted to see the successful results of the experiment. At this time, Huang Dejiu took a pass. He was very angry when he learned that the task failed.

When Li Guangzhe took a bath, he did not expect that Han Thai bear was also taking a bath. He knew that Han Thai bear had nowhere to go before taking a bath here. Li Guangzhe asked Han Taixiong how he came out of the organization? Han Taixiong said that his sister was killed by someone he knew, and he escaped with his sister’s life. He wanted to live like a policeman. Jiang Qifan remembered the picture of him taking a needle from Jin Da’s brain, when the doctor appeared and the doctor studied the needle. The doctor intends to report the research results to Cui Genzhe. Jiang Qifan said that this is a secret operation and there is no need to report to Cui Genzhe. Huang Dejiu knew that Jiang Qifan had hurt Min Dahao, so he let Min Dahao go to finish Jiang Qifan. Jiang Qifan saw that the needle responded, so he asked the doctor to send him a signal, and he went to find the location of the signal.

Jiang Qifan wanted to find big value, but he didn’t want to see Min Dahao. Jiang Qifan pinched Min Dahao’s neck and asked Min Dahao where the latter was. Jiang Qifan found that someone was following him, so he went after him. Cui Genzhe learned that Jin Dafan’s root had undergone a resuscitation operation, and Jiang Qifan went to chase Jin Dazhen, and immediately investigated and monitored Jiang Qifan’s whereabouts. Jiang Qifan chased Huang Dejiu, who followed him, and Song Mina looked at Huang Dejiu, remembering that it was Huang Dejiu who killed her.

Jiang Qifan received an order to arrest Huang Dejiu and quickly cut off contact with Cui Genzhe. Cui Genzhe gave orders, and Rugal dispatched all to arrest Huang Dejiu and stop Jiang Qifan from killing. Song Meina and others received the order and hurried to Jiang Qifan. Jiang Qifan fought with Huang Dejiu, the device suddenly shut down, and Cui Genzhe let his men shut down. When Jiang Qifan was going to kill Huang Dejiu, he was affected by the shutdown. Jiang Qifan fell down. Huang Dejiu kicked Jiang Qifan and left.

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