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Forgetting You, Remembering Love 忘记你记得爱情 Episode 22 Recap

Shan Junhao decided to experience the life of garland chrysanthemum. He put on the garland chrysanthemum and Ren Yeqianyu took him to take a walk in Guanmei fishing village and listen to her talk about chrysanthemum. In Ye Qianyu’s mouth, garland chrysanthemum is very kind and likes to help others. At first, he just helped Ye Qianyu deliver goods and contracted all the hard work. Later, he started to take care of Guanmei Inn and narrow down to the napkin. , The visit of the knife and fork, the cleaning of the floor, he is very careful about everything.

He is very enthusiastic to everyone, everyone likes him very much, he also said that this is his home, where he wants to protect. Ye Qianyu understood that this was Shan Junhao ’s first willingness to face chrysanthemum, and it was the last time. She asked him to be the chrysanthemum for the last time, just 10 seconds. Shan Junhao asked why, she hugged Shan Jun tightly Hao, said because she really missed chrysanthemum, because she didn’t have time to say goodbye to him. Fan Yunyi and Xu Ziqian drove to Guanmei and happened to meet the scene of fiancé Shan Junhao and Ye Qianyu hugging.

Fan Yunyi resisted the urge to get off, and stopped Xu Ziqian not to beat Shan Junhao, a scumbag man, but left silently with heartache. Shan Junhao pushed away Ye Qianyu, saying that he was not a chrysanthemum, and when he first saw them, he immediately asked Shan Junhao to leave to watch the beauty.

After returning home, Fan Yunyi questioned the fact that Shan Junhao lied. She said that Shan Junhao had fallen in love with Ye Qianyu. Xu Ziqian and Fan Yunyi witnessed what happened in Guanmei. He warned Shan Junhao that if he did not treasure Yun Yi, someone would cherish her, but Shan Junhao could not hurt Yun Yi. Shan Junhao still said righteously that Yun Yi was his fiancee, how could it hurt her. Xu Ziqian said sharply that Shan Junhao has never cared about others since he was a child.

In order to coax Fan Yunyi to follow Dawei’s suggestion, Shan Junhao prepared to prepare a romantic surprise for her, and happened to meet Tai Chu and Ye Qianyu in the restaurant. Seeing that the restaurant and seats could not be changed, he told Qianyu at the beginning that he did not mind Qianyu using himself to forget Shan Junhao because he liked her.

Shan Junhao prepared a necklace for Fan Yunyi, put it on for her, and apologized for what happened yesterday. Fan Yunyi forgave him. Ye Qianyu’s eyes always couldn’t help looking at Shan Junhao’s side, but after seeing it, she could only turn around and drink booze. Seeing that Qian Yu was unhappy, she tried hard to tell her a joke to make her happy. Shan Junhao was also attracted by Ye Qianyu’s laughter. At the beginning of the day, Qian Yu was sent home, and Jin Zhi’s mother persuaded Qian Yu to put down Chrysanthemum and Tai Chu together.

Xu Ziqian was not very happy to see Fan Yunyi forgiving Shan Junhao so easily. Sunwell and Zhiwen signed a contract, and the development of Guanmei Fishing Village is proceeding steadily, on the condition that the cultural environment of Guanmei Fishing Village is retained, and there is no need to worry about the removal of Guanmei Inn. Will, to ensure the smooth progress of the project.

In the early days, the Guanmei Inn took into consideration the inheritance of the Guanmei Inn. The old soup was old, Sheng Zhe was young, and Qianyu performed well in the meteor shower activity. Yu went to work with him in Sunwell, which was a great opportunity to exercise her. Qian Yu couldn’t believe that he could have such a day, refusing the good intentions of the beginning.

After Jinzhi ’s mother knew about Qianyu ’s concerns, she encouraged her to learn and try bravely, not to be confined in this small fishing village.

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