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Onna Tomodachi (2020) 女ともだち

Onna Tomodachi (2020)
Other Title: 女ともだち / Woman Friend , Female Friend

Genres: Psychological, Romance, Drama
Network: :
TV Tokyo, Osaka Channel
Release Date:
Apr 11, 2020
Related Show:


  • Hara Sachie as Setu
  • Isoyama Sayaka as Chisato
  • Hakamada Yoshihiko
  • Takezai Terunosuke
  • Suga Kenta

Fumi Shibamon’s “Female Friend” depicting the psychology and conflicts of a woman shaking due to romance, marriage, affair, etc., is made live-action in the lead of Sachie Hara. Hara plays Setu, a divorced by DV who is a shoe designer who can’t stand affairs but has an affair. In addition, Sayaka Isoyama plays a housewife, Chisato, who is a close friend from Seth’s high school days and can’t abandon her husband who has many affairs.

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