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Skate Into Love 冰糖炖雪梨 Episode 28 Recap

Bian Cheng looked at his review form and said indignantly that he had no goals he couldn’t reach. Thinking of Li Yubing would not last long.

Tangxue asked Zhou Ran to ask how she offended her. Zhou Ran was jealous that Tangxue had received more attention since she was a child.

Tangxue had a group of friends together, Tangxue said that he and Zhou Ran could not deal with it because of this. Jiang Shijia boasted about Old Deng Ligong. Old Deng only said that he was directed by his soul mate.

Tangxue came to Zhou Ran. Tangxue told Zhou Ran that she was a good student in the eyes of her parents. In the future, she should not take away her own praise. Tang Xue called her sister to reconcile with Zhou Ran.

Coach Xu conveyed the tactics of the game to the team members. After training, Li Yubing remembered the words of Tang Xue’s father because of some injuries. When sleeping at night, Li Yubing dreamed that he was injured on the ice rink, and Tang Xue could not cry outside.

After waking up, Li Yubing came to the ice rink. Coach Xu saw Li Yubing thinking alone, learned what he wanted, and said he grew up. Coach Xu said coach Chu’s words were worried and useless emotions, let her communicate with Tang Xue.

Coach Jin has prepared a new training plan for Yu Yan, hoping that Yu Yan can train well and get up. Coach Chu persuaded not to put too much pressure on Yu Yan, which is not good. Yu Yan received his mother’s message and was full of pressure from the tournament.

Coach Chu drew up a plan for Tang Xue, and worked out with Zhang Yuewei. Zhang Yuewei asked Coach Chu for training with Tang Xue. Coach Chu told Zhang Yuewei that he was doing this to stimulate Zhang Yuewei to let her out of the comfort zone and challenge the limit.

The next time Tang Xue and Zhang Yuewei were training together. At the end of the training, Tang Xue looked at Zhang Yuewei with a red string and asked who had been brought with him.

Tangxue went back to the dormitory to get things, and met Huanhuan. Huanhuan said that he was worried about Liao Zhenyu. He always spends time on himself. He hopes he can do what he wants to do. Tang Xue suggested to Huan Huan to deal with him as long as he scared him. Huan Huan took Tang Xue’s advice and scared Liao Zhenyu. He didn’t try hard anymore and he really felt that he was too much to delay him.

Liao Zhenyu thought that Huanhuan wanted to break up with herself, and begged Huanhuan to correct herself. Huanhuan told Liao Zhenyu that he likes to be a boyfriend who can realize his dream together, not a small follower.

Huanhuan returned to the dormitory, worrying if he was too harsh on Liao Zhenyu. Lao Ye Kuan Huan Huan Huan is all for Liao Zhenyu, he can figure it out.

Li Yubing came to the school hospital to get the medical examination report, which happened to meet Yu Yan. Dr. Li told Yu Yan to take a good rest. Li Yubing’s consolation of Yu Yan’s victory or defeat is a matter of military strategists, and he hopes Yu Yan will work hard. Seeing the situation of Yu Yan, Dr. Li decided to add another examination for him.

Tangxue gave Yu Yan two boxes of strawberries. After meeting Yu Yan, he had time to go to the Aquarium with everyone. Liao Zhenyu and Xia Menghuan are in the love of the wandering baby together. Liao Zhenyu announced for Xia Menghuan that he would strive to become a qualified doctor and become Huan Huan’s life partner. Huanhuan looked at the plan made by Liao Zhenyu and listened to his oath. They were very happy.

Tang Xue and Zhang Yuewei were very hard. After training, Jiang Shijia sent muscle tape. Tang Xue looked at Jiang Shijia and clearly saw that Jiang Shijia liked Zhang Yuewei.

Tang Xue said to Zhang Yuewei that this might be the romance of athletes. Zhang Yuewei believed that the romance of athletes was to take a gold medal, but Tang Xue said that the most romantic thing should be holding a gold medal and saying to the loved one, look, this is me The mountains and rivers laid for you.

When Li Yubing was cleaning the ice rink, his father’s head was full of Tang’s words about the risks of the game. Tang Xue came to Li Yubing after training and saw that he had no energy and called him

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