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Hospital Playlist 슬기로운 의사생활 Episode 7 Recap

An Zhuanyuan hoped to wait for the liver to be transplanted to the child, but unexpectedly, he waited for bad news. The liver donated by the patient was too thick, even if it was cut in half, it was a little thick, which made An Zhuanyuan very helpless, but there is no A more suitable source of liver, in order to save the child, he can only try, so he told the nurse that the operation was carried out as usual. Li Yixong took the intern to see the liver transplant, and gave an intern Yin Fu an explanation of the liver transplant in the past. He also mentioned that this liver transplant may be very serious because of the large liver donation, but it is a last resort for the baby. Last resort. The patient’s parents waited anxiously outside.

The operation was carried out intensively. Zhang Dongdong delivered the donor’s liver panting, and Anzheng started the transplant operation. During the operation, the patient had a lot of bleeding. He made everyone don’t carelessly. After the rescue, the baby finally survived. , An Zhuanyuan wanted to tell the patient’s parents about the surgical procedure and the situation that the patient might appear, but the patient’s parents were more concerned about the child’s condition, so the trainee quickly explained the situation to the patient, and the patient’s parents were very grateful to the patient. Zhuan Yuan said that the young person who was injured in a traffic accident should be the most grateful.

Yang Shuoheng asked Qiu Minxia to check the patient’s condition. At this time, the patient’s family came out and told Qiu Minxia that the patient’s abdominal pain was unbearable, but she said that there was no problem before going to the examination five minutes ago. She said that she would check again later. The patient’s family asked her to go in and check it out. Qiu Minxia had to obey the request of the patient’s family. Nurse Ming Enyuan has been chatting with the patient to try to relieve her psychological pressure. At this time, a pregnant woman came out and asked to have an examination. Qiu Minxia looked at this situation and told Ming Enyuan that everyone is busy now. She hurry up to work and stop talking. Ming Enyuan immediately stood up to work and the patient had an opinion on Qiu Minxia.

At noon, Zhang Dongdong and the interns finally waited for Li Yixun’s lunch. Zhang Dongdong wanted to eat more. Unexpectedly, Jin Junwei pushed the door and walked in, letting Zhang Dongdong’s idea of ​​a full meal fail. In the restaurant, An Zhihong and several doctors are talking about the past of the five-member doctor group. Zhang Dongdong cares about An Zhuan, An Zhihong cares about Cai Songhe, and Qiu Minxia cares about Yang Shuoheng. An Zhihong was busy with the main surgery until early in the morning before he slept. Jin Junwei explained the situation to the patient’s family and entered the operating room. In another department, An Zhihong was very nervous about the operation. Cai Songhe was on the side of the guidance, but because of An Zhihong She didn’t make a good mistake and she started it herself. Anzhi was very frustrated because he didn’t do the operation well, and his colleagues came in to comfort him.

In the course of Jin Jun’s surgery, because the valve was too small, it was very difficult to complete Jin Jun’s surgery, and the operation time was prolonged. Jin Jun came out to explain the situation to the patient’s family. Xia thinks that Jin Jun’s talk is not the focus and is in a hurry He explained to the family of the patient for him, saying that the operation was very successful, and the family of the patient was very grateful. For the first time, Jin Jun felt that Xia Xie’s interjection was very good, but he still insisted that the relevant information about the operation should be reported to the patient’s family. Family instructions. During the break, An Zhuoyuan came in and mentioned Professor Jin Mingtai with Jin Jun, saying that he was reported to take a rebate, focusing on whether Jin Jun was also involved, especially whether he was related to Qian Mingtai when playing golf. But at this time, Jin Jun was chatting with Li Yishun. He didn’t have time to take care of An Zhuan, making him even more worried. An Zhuan asked about Jin Jun’s golfing. He stated that it was his own money, converted into a cash account, and did not use Qian Mingtai’s membership card. It would not be a problem. An Zhuan was afraid that he would be golfed. Unconscious, Jin Jun comforted him that he was fine.

When Li Yishun was on holiday with Jin Jun, she took Jin Jun to eat miso noodles. The two began a sweet date. Jin Jun helped Li Yishun with miso noodles and told her that this was the first time she gave Li Yishun felt very sweet when others were mixing noodles. An Zhihong explained to Cai Songhe the situation of the patient. Cai Songhe said that the progress of the craniotomy should tell the patient and his family. The patient said that everything was subject to the doctor’s arrangement. The family said that they would work when they said it well. Cai Songhe said I will try my best to recover him and return to my favorite job. Li Yilong’s patients are getting worse and worse because they did not take the medicine on time. In this way, the newly transplanted liver will lose its effectiveness. Li Yilong wanted her to be hospitalized for observation, but the patient said that she did not want to be hospitalized. To comfort her, she can’t think like this, don’t do it, and live for herself.

Dr. Pei Junxi asked Anan Zhuan to go to the movie, and An Zhuanyuan agreed. Zhang Dongdong lost his face after seeing it, and felt that An Zhuanyuan seemed to be in contact with Pei Junxi, but in fact, the nurse on the side opened the answer because An Zhuanyuan is better at speaking. No matter who asked him to invite him to eat or do something within his power, he will readily agree. This does not mean how close the relationship is. He has also eaten alone with An Zhuanyuan. After watching the movie, Zhang Dongdong was relieved.

In the office, Jin Junwei chatted with Li Yishun with information. At this time, An Zhuo walked in. After the two ridiculed a few words, Jin Junwei picked up the car to pick up Cai Song and Li Yihan. In the car, everyone is guessing that Jin Junwei must be in love, but Jin Junwei is arguing that he does not have it. At this time, Li Yishun called and Li Yixun picked it up. Jin Junwei immediately grabbed the mobile phone and avoided the advance. Expose love information. At dinner, Yang Shuoheng was considering whether to tell his mother that the woman the father was looking for was pregnant. He worried that it would make his mother’s condition worse. Others said they should tell her about it. In the end, Yang Shuoheng decided to tell his mother. Fortunately, the mother was only surprised and did not aggravate her condition. Jin Junwei came in and told Yang Shuoheng that his father pretended to be sick and lived in the VIP ward. This made Yang Shuoheng speechless. Before leaving, he Let Jin Juan not be his father’s doctor.

Li Yixun took the patient around the room. At this time, the patient wanted to introduce him to his girlfriend, making him cry and laugh. At this time, the patient’s family also took out a golden turtle as a gift to give to Li Yixun. After Li Yixong refused, he quickly left. Shen Yizhen, a patient with Li Yipeng, refused to cooperate with her because her husband derailed her husband and donated a liver to her after she became ill. She was very contradictory and refused to take medicine. Li Yixong patiently persuaded her nurse to persuade her to eat more food. Husband, but for herself, for everyone who cares and loves her, Shen Yizhen thought thoughtfully.

Chairman Liang ate and drank in the VIP room. In order to make the illness look more like something, he asked his assistant to find a nurse to give him an infusion, and Xiao San coaxed with him. At this time, Yang Shuoheng’s mother came to the hospital. The bucket of water poured Xiao San into a chicken soup, and then quarreled with Chairman Liang. Yang Shuoheng hurried over to persuade her. Mother Liang said that she would not divorce if she died. Cai Songhe performed surgery on the patient, let An Zhihong chat with the patient to ease the tension. During the operation, An Zhihong talked to the patient about his past, and comforted the patient, but unexpectedly waited for the patient’s comfort.

Before Li Yiming left, she once again came to see Shen Yizhen to persuade her to take medicine, so that she should not give up her life because of her husband, he also told about his wife’s derailment at that time, so that the patient felt empathy, and persuaded her to live a good life, at this time the patient Li Yixun was very pleased to take the initiative to take medicine. An Zhihong found Cai Songhe. Cai Songhe said that he had checked him. He knew that he had suffered from physical problems due to some things before. An Zhihong said that he was afraid of hurting his self-esteem.

Cai Songhe comforted that it was not a big deal to make him feel uncomfortable. . Colleagues told An Zhihong to let him not worry about someone on duty tonight to let him go out and relax. An Zhuanyuan received an emergency, and Zhang Dongdong was waiting outside at this time, telling him that he did not have an emergency, but asked An Zhuanyuan to ask him to have a meal on the weekend. The two were very formal in their clothes. An Zhuanyuan agreed. Down, but he didn’t understand Zhang Dongdong’s intentions.

Yang Shuoheng was listening to the song to relax himself. At this time, several other members of the quintet also came to this place, and the quintet began to play a concert only for them. Du Zaixia has been immersed in the joy of paying the full rent in the house these days. Unexpectedly, he suddenly received a call from the owner, saying that his monthly rent has not been paid in time, which makes Du Zaxia some of the six gods have no owners and realize themselves May have been cheated.

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