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Hospital Playlist 슬기로운 의사생활 Episode 1 Recap

In the stormy night, Cai Songhe brought coffee to see Shuoheng. Shuoheng looked for a long time before turning on the light. The lamp of Shuoheng’s house was broken again. He asked his mother to contact the worker for repair. Cai Songhe was reminding the worker to wear gloves before handling. A worker had rolled off the ladder due to electric shock. Cai Songhe immediately gave first aid to the workers, and Shuoheng on the side also made an emergency call. The workers were in an unstable state after being rescued. When the ambulance came, they asked someone to go to the hospital with them. At this time, Cai Songhe received the first aid from the hospital and asked Shuoheng to accompany him to the hospital. On the way, the companions of the workers kept saying that the coworkers were lucky, but fortunately they met a doctor today. Shuoheng has been grasping the worker’s hand, and the co-worker finds that his hand is a little shaking.

Jin Junyuan and Yi Jun went to work. He and his girlfriend made an appointment to go to the wedding together today, but a phone call said that the patient he was in charge of was not in good condition, so he flew to the hospital. Jin Junyuan found out that the intern doctor had prescribed the medicine before seeing the patients, and scolded them fiercely. The patient responsible for Jin Junyuan’s condition deteriorated and needed immediate surgery, but his family couldn’t afford so much money. Jin Junyuan had to ask interns to contact the hospital’s public welfare project to apply for financial support. Zhengyuan is a pediatrician. He seems to be serious about his children. The small patient named Enzhu who he is in charge of is already in danger, but her mother is still reluctant to give up, which makes Zhengyuan very helpless. Cai Songhe received a middle-aged woman suffering from cancer, but she just thought the woman was familiar.

In the evening, Yi Jun was called back from get off work and stayed in the VIP ward of Ludi Hospital. Everyone was wondering who would be the president’s successor. Cai Songhe was very uncomfortable to see the news, so it seemed that someone could not go home again tonight. The chairman’s children are very strange, either a priest or a nun, and only three sons are doctors, so the outside world is speculating that the chairman will let his three sons succeed. At this time, the chairman’s third son was still busy. The brother and the lawyer made many phone calls, but they were never connected. This made the lady feel that she really failed in educating her children. At this time, there were doctors with enough years to resign in the VIP Ward of Ludi. They urgently needed qualified doctors to join. When Cai Songhe saw the entrance of the intensive care unit, Huang Yang remembered that the patient suffering from cancer today was the mother of the critically ill patient. Cai Song and the patient came downstairs together. The patient talked about their own sorrow. Cai Song and he could only accompany her gently.

The next day, Yi Jun’s helmet was coated with glue by his son, and now he can’t take it off on his head, but there was a car accident near the hospital, and no one had time to manage him. The patient told Cai Songhe that someone donated a liver to her son, and his son was saved. Cai Songhe heartily felt happy for her. But when he arrived at the rescue room, Cai Song and the doctor who had performed the operation on the patient’s son actually had a car accident, and the hope of the patient was completely lost. At a critical time, Cai Songhe thought of Yi Jun, persuaded the patient and the dean, and let him wear the helmet to complete the operation.

When the chairman died, Shuoheng, Cai Song, and Jin Junyuan went to pay their condolences. Then Jin Junyuan realized that Zhengyuan was actually the chairman’s son. The leader of the college asked about his relationship with Zhengyuan. He said that they were good friends for many years. The patient’s results came out, still in the first stage, only need to receive chemotherapy. Yi Jun’s operation was perfectly finished. He was afraid that his going out would scare away his family, so he commissioned Cai Songhe to report with his family. Zheng Yuan had no intention of becoming the chairman, and his wife could not force him to do so, so he had to obey his wishes, and promised to help him was to persuade other directors to vote for the week. The only condition is that Zhengyuan wants to form an excellent VIP team of doctors. Zhengyuan agreed, but asked to take part of the VIP revenue.

Zhengyuan found good friends and invited them to join the VIP department. Everyone agreed on the considerable salary, and only Shuoheng said he would play again. Zheng Yuan proposed more favorable conditions for Shuoheng, but Shuoheng asked to form a band. Jin Junyuan and Cai Songhe disagreed first, and the two got up and left. Zheng Yuan knew their weaknesses, so the conditions of going to a beautiful place for vacation and letting Cai Songhe lead vocals quickly convinced them. In the evening, they started rehearsing, and Cai Songhe still had incomplete pentatonic sounds, making others unbearable. At that time, they got together because they couldn’t bear other people, and achieved this friendship for more than ten years.

En Zhu still left everyone, which made Zheng Yuan sad. Enzhu’s mother did not have any troubles, but thanked him. It was because of their dedicated treatment that Enzhu had a good time with everyone for three years. Zheng Yuan’s emotions are nowhere to vent, and he knows to go to the elder brother who is a priest. The elder brother’s comfort, as always, allows him to persist for another year. You should know that Zhengyuan encounters happy or sad things every year. Every time he vows to say that he is not a doctor, every time he tells him to insist for another year.

The wife went to see Zhou Duan. Huang Changwu said that Zhou Duan gave him the impression that he was completely a man with no mind, and only his seriously ill wife was in his heart. When the lady entered the ward, she saw that Special Manager Zhou was asleep sitting by his wife’s bed.

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