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Hi Bye, Mama! 하이바이, 마마! Episode 12 Recap

Kang Hua played stickers with Shuyu, but she put a beautiful princess on the family portrait. Kang Hua asked her who the sticker represented. Shuyu said the name of Che Yuli without hesitation. Kang Hua was surprised. Stayed because he and Minzhen never mentioned the name in front of the child.

At this time, Yuli sent the drunk Mingzhen back. After setting up Minzhen, Kang Hua took Yuli outside and described the matter in detail. Yuli was very self-blamed. She thought that she became a ghost. She has been entangled in the book rain, and she has become like this. Kang Hua couldn’t bear to make Yuli so painful, he proposed to let her recognize Shuyu, he explained to Minzhen, but Yuli refused to say anything.

Yuli left Kanghua ’s house in tears, but met the exorcist who came to collect ghosts. The exorcist cast a spell to restrain Yuli, and said that he would take Shuyu away. Fortunately, Meidong ’s wife arrived in time to save her Yuli. Yu Li asked Meidong’s sister-in-law what the exorcist meant, and what to do to Shuyu. Meidong’s sister-in-law told her that because Shuyu could see ghosts, she would not be taken away until she became a witch or an exorcist. . Meidong’s wife asked Yuli’s thoughts. Yuli said that she didn’t want to go back to her original position, because Shuyu’s favorite person was her mother. She didn’t want to take that position. Meidong’s sister understood Yuli and told her to protect her. Beside Shuyu.

Yuli came back, and her parents and sister were both happy and worried. The family was finally able to be together. The worry was how Yuli faced Shuyu. Minzhen was happy because she met two sisters. She remembered the scene when the three were drunk together. She felt happy and warm, but Kang Hua proposed to find another pick-up nanny to make Minzhen feel strange. She thought Yuli was the best. s Choice.

Both Kang Hua and Gen Shang felt that Yuli had something to hide, and Xianqing suddenly became strange, so they found Xianqing and asked, but Xianqing thought for a long time, and still didn’t tell Yuli’s secret. Crying constantly. Yuli prepared the stick dumpling and chilli water, and also specially prepared a set for Minzhen, telling her to use this to deal with him if someone came to grab the book rain, making Minzhen a little puzzled.

Yuli’s father and sister wanted to take Shuyu back, but Yuli’s mother taught him a meal, and Yuli also opposed doing so. Kang Hua came to his father-in-law’s house involuntarily and happened to meet Yuli’s father. He expressed his gratitude to Kang Hua and Minzhen for taking good care of Shuyu. Kang Hua knew that his father-in-law’s family missed Shuyu very much, so he deliberately made excuses for them. Help yourself bring a day of book rain, the family was excited after seeing book rain.

Minzhen met Xian Qing, and only then knew that Kanghua had taken Shuyu out to tell a lie, and Kanghua had nothing to do, but just wanted Shuyu to stay with Yuli’s family for a while. Yuli sent Shuyu back, and specifically told Kanghua to pay close attention to the book rain, but just waiting for the red light, Kanghua returned the message to Minzhen, and Shuyu was called away by the exorcist. At a critical moment, Kanghua Stopped the exorcist, but he knew everything that happened to Yuli from him.

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