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Hi Bye, Mama! 하이바이, 마마! Episode 11 Recap

Yuli came out to buy salt, but accidentally rescued the granny who was nearly hit. The young man riding a motorcycle fell to the ground with blood on his head. Both of them were taken to the hospital. The doctors were in a hurry to rescue the young man, but Yu Li found that the grandmother ’s soul seemed to be leaving soon. She called out to save people but no one paid attention. She had to call and call Kang Hua.

Kang Hua ran like crazy, and felt relieved when he saw that Yuli was safe. Yuli asked him to rescue her grandmother quickly. After the inspection, Kanghua hurriedly asked the nurse to rescue her. The grandmother finally escaped. Afterwards, Kang Hua wondered how Yuli knew about internal injuries that even doctors could not judge. Yuli could infer that it was his sixth sense.

The exorcist sent by God to the outstanding performance came to the Ashes, and the ghosts were frightened and fled after learning his true identity, fearing that he would be taken to heaven. Xian Qing has been thinking about how to help Yuli. At this time, Yuli ’s mother passed by and she invited Yuli ’s mother to come and drink coffee, but she did n’t know how to face Yuli ’s mother. Fortunately, Yuli came to help her in time. Close up. Xian Qing remembered what Yu Li said she wanted to live, and she looked at the business card left by Mei Dongsao secretly and made up her mind.

Yuli went home with her mother and saw a dress in a clothing store that she liked very much, and Yuli’s sister also passed this clothing store when she was off duty. At night, the two sisters realized that they saw the same bag in their hands, and they realized that they had bought the same skirt for each other. They remembered that they had quarreled with each other’s clothes when they were young, and they also started to work. In their view, the big things are now trivial.

Yuli met the parents of the children who loved nothing, and they told Yuli about the indifference and harshness of Minzhen. She also mentioned Shuyu’s intellectual problems. This angered Yuli, and she immediately fought back. After a child named Meisu overhears his parents’ back talk, he spread the rumors of Minzhen not asking for book rain in the kindergarten, and Meisu’s mother sent her evaluation of Minzhen to the parents, which angered Yu. Li, Xianqing and Minzhen, the frenzied behavior of the three women frightened these women.

After Kang Hua got the news from Genshang, he was not surprised about the behavior of Xian Qing and Yu Li, but he did not believe that Ming Zhen would be so crazy, because the Ming Zhen he knew had never been like this, maybe it was really Yuli and Xianqing brought out the realm. The three women drank together to celebrate their glorious record. Kang Hua and Gen Shang began to have some headaches, worrying that one day they would make mistakes and be destroyed by the three-person alliance.

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