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If Time Flows Back 如果岁月可回头 Episode 14 Recap

Yu Liping invited everyone to dinner, and she wanted to marry Lan Yu, and gave him three days to consider. Jingya was walking on the road and was actually spoiled by a little girl. She couldn’t help but touch the little girl’s hand and face. The soft touch made her heart melt, so she found a psychologist. Understand Jing Ya’s entanglement with her failed marriage and remind her to do something else to distract her. Jing Ya confessed that she wanted a child to solve her loneliness and told her doctor about her thoughts.

The same doctor does not object to Jingya’s idea, so that she can get rid of the depression in front of her, but she is curious whether Jingya quickly fell in love and got pregnant right away, or she would wait to get pregnant after marriage. After seeing the same doctor, Jing Ya sat alone outside, flashing in her mind like a movie, the love and hatred between Bai Zhiyong. Soon, Jing Yayue Bai Zhiyong met, confirming that he was a follower of the future. Bai Zhiyong wondered that Jing Ya had never paid attention to these problems before. Jing Ya’s embarrassing explanation was that some friends of the Dink family wanted to have children in anxiety after middle age.

Blue sky was distressed. Yu Liping had to marry him. It was too fierce. He could not touch such a person, so he wanted to seek Shangguanhui’s opinion. Shang Guanhui analyzed two possibilities. One is that Yu Liping really likes the blue sky and loves him, and the other is a second product. In fact, Lan Tianyu knew that Shangguanhui said support in his mouth, and he still had jealous feelings.

Ou Xiaoou and Jiang Xiaomei gossip, Yu Liping invited dinner to such a lively scene that Bai Zhiyong didn’t even participate, I don’t know what happened to Bai Zhiyong recently. The two were talking, and Bai Zhiyong appeared, indicating that he has recently started work, which Jing Ya introduced to him. Ou Xiaoou was a bit depressed, and now she is left alone, and it seems that she is even less professional.

Bai Zhiyong confided that he was uncomfortable and depressed after working, and this was not due to work pressure, but the boss was stressful. Jiang Xiaomei heard Bai Zhiyong’s shameful behavior and asked Bai Zhiyong if he wanted to persist or give up. Bai Zhiyong admits that with his character, he used to resign without saying a word, but this time it is different. It is mainly the job that Jingya gave him. If he pats his ass and walks away, he will not come down from Taiwan, so he insists.

The three-day period given by Yu Liping had passed, and Blue Sky asked Jiang Xiaomei and Qu Xiaoou for their opinions. Ou Xiaoou liked Yu Liping bluntly, but Lan Tianyu felt that Yu Liping’s strong attitude and tone of speech made him awkward. Lin Xiang hoped that Huang Jiuheng would not go abroad. Huang Jiuheng frankly stated that he wanted to go and confessed to his daughter that he would go abroad to work. Huang Xiaolei heard the depression, and Lin Xiang comforted his daughter. This is the task of the leadership. Huang Jiuheng didn’t want to go.

Huang Jiuheng thinks that he made this decision, and Lin Xiang must hate him. Lin Xiang frankly did not hate Huang Jiuheng, but just felt hopeless. If they were still together in the second half of their lives, they vowed to be twice as good to Huang Jiuheng. Lin Xiang thinks that Huang Jiuheng made the decision to go abroad. This is to tell her clearly that she can’t persist, can’t work hard, and wants to avoid, so she feels very desperate.

Jingya went to the company to find Bai Zhiyong, only to know that Chen Jiangbo did not arrange Bai Zhiyong to work in the marketing department. Bai Zhiyong did the job of a secretary and had no office. Jingya saw Bai Zhiyong making coffee in the tea room, knowing that Bai Zhiyong’s character still insisted on being aggrieved here, because of her own reasons, she was particularly uncomfortable. At this time, Bai Zhiyong was urged for coffee, and Bai Zhiyong vowed that the total Chen was not only bullish. Jing Ya became even more uncomfortable, and persuaded Bai Zhiyong not to persevere if she felt wronged, and to vote in favor of her resignation.

Bai Zhiyong made good coffee and sent it to President Chen, who also reprimanded Bai Zhiyong for not entering the door. Bai Zhiyong talked with Mr. Chen. He hoped that he could contribute in a capable position. In the past few days, he had basically explored the situation of the company and wanted to know when he could enter the marketing department. President Chen reprimanded Bai Zhiyong, and his speech was particularly unpleasant.

Shaming Bai Zhiyong was relying on a woman’s face to find a job. Where can he have any ability, he also asked Bai Zhiyong to buy his girlfriend a sanitary napkin and send it to yesterday. Bai Zhiyong couldn’t stand the humiliation of President Chen. He fired President Chen on the spot, and also started working with President Chen, warning him to learn to speak and open his mouth.

Blue Sky’s ignorance really rejected Yu Liping, and she felt empty. Jiang Xiaomei stated that they had not explicitly opposed them together, mainly because the matter had to be decided by Blue Sky, but it was felt that Yu Liping was not suitable for Blue Sky. Huang Xiaolei asked Lin Xiang to ask for New Year’s money, bought an English dictionary for Huang Jiuheng, so that Huang Jiuheng must learn English well, so that he can still play on the street during a break, and explain it in detail. Huang Jiuheng heard tears in his heart and couldn’t help crying. Huang Xiaolei and Lin Xiang said, Huang Jiuheng didn’t cry when she went abroad, but she couldn’t help but want to cry. Huang Jiuheng comforted Huang Xiaolei, and later he cried secretly with Lin Xiang on his back.

Jing Ya felt sorry for Bai Zhiyong. In order to take care of her face, Bai Zhiyong suffered such a great grievance. Bai Zhiyong didn’t feel anything, but was unhappy by being called by Chen Jiangbo for two weeks. Bai Zhiyong received a phone call from Chen Jiangbo saying that it was a private matter and that it was Jingya who came forward. He couldn’t help feeling that Chen Jiangbo was right. He still relied on a woman’s face. Jing Ya comforted Bai Zhiyong. If the incident was big, the reputation of the other company would also be damaged. He did not rely on the face of the woman because Chen Jiangbo’s fault was the matter.

Huang Jiuheng went to see Huang Xiaolei training, just want to see Huang Xiaolei more before going abroad. The time to go abroad has been determined, and he will leave in three days. He really has to leave. Huang Jiuheng began to struggle again, and he was reluctant to be Huang Xiaolei and this family. Immediately going abroad, Huang Jiuheng frowned, because he still couldn’t figure out whether it was right or wrong to leave.

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