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If Time Flows Back 如果岁月可回头 Episode 13 Recap

Yu Liping chases and blocks the blue sky and siege Huang Jiuheng considers going abroad to avoid the family. Lan Tianyu discussed with Bai Zhiyong about moving to live for a few days, Bai Zhiyong had no opinion. Lan Tianyu explained that his son often called home and never answered. The old lady suspected that he had conflicted with Shangguan Hui. In order to keep the old lady out of doubt, she moved back temporarily.

Lin Xiang asked Huang Jiuheng how he would travel to Jiangcheng some time ago. Huang Jiuheng explained that instead of traveling, he was acting as a blind date consultant for Lan Yu, but it didn’t work. Lin Xiang asked Huang Jiuheng that they were divorced, and whether he would soon find a girlfriend. Huang Jiuheng hesitated for a long time, and frankly thought about it, but he would not think carefully because he didn’t have that courage.

Jing Ya came to visit Bai Zhiyong, and he was still sitting and eating Shankong, not looking for a job. Bai Zhiyong is very satisfied with his current life. Jing Ya reminded Bai Zhiyong that whether he spends more or less every day, he will spend it someday. Jing Ya scolded Bai Zhiyong every day, like a second-rate boy, but he couldn’t help the wall, even Jiang Xiaomei liked him.

Jingya wondered if Jiang Xiaomei was Bai Zhiyong’s girlfriend. Bai Zhiyong intentionally said that she liked this female friend very much, and then watched Jingya’s response. Jing Ya wanted to know if Bai Zhiyong and Jiang Xiaomei might develop into lovers. Bai Zhiyong found that Jing Ya cared so much about his relationship with Jiang Xiaomei. Jing Ya was not a gossip, not a jealous person, she flickered and dodged. She doubted Jing Ya Have other ideas.

Bai Zhiyong hurriedly asked Jiang Xiaomei to meet, and Jing Ya had to listen to Jiang Xiaomei’s opinions. Recently, Jing Ya’s attitude towards him seemed to be more mild. Jiang Xiaomei analyzes that Jing Ya has not forgotten Bai Zhiyong and still loves him. Bai Zhiyong is incredible, Jing Ya regrets this divorce.

The group will open several Chinese restaurants in eight countries, with Huang Jiuheng’s qualifications as a priority, and go abroad to work, wages will increase by 50%, and four assistants can be brought. Huang Jiuheng was a little swayed. This is the only way out. At least he will not be so depressed. Lan Tianyu bluntly said that Huang Jiuheng was avoiding family conflicts. He hid abroad for two years. This problem could not only be solved. Lin Xiang also felt that Huang Jiuheng had made a decision not to live or not.

Huang Jiuheng discussed with Lin Xiang about going abroad. He wanted to go abroad mainly because he looked at a daughter who was not related by blood. Life was too difficult. Lin Xiang believes that Huang Jiuheng has no feelings for her and this family. Huang Jiuheng feels that people are at home and his heart is away from home. Jiang Xiaomei objected to Huang Jiuheng’s going abroad, unless he really didn’t want the family, and said that none of the three of them worry about it.

The bar took a tour group, Jiang Xiaomei was too busy to start business, and Bai Zhiyong’s idea of ​​finding someone to talk to could not be realized. In desperation, Bai Zhiyong had to call Lan Yu, but Lan Yu had a summary of his teaching and could not leave. Bai Zhiyong found that everyone was very busy lately, so he had no choice but to take the initiative to meet Jingya and ask her to find a job for her. Jing Ya satirized Bai Zhiyong. Bai Zhiyong explained that Huang Jiuheng might want to work abroad, so without a friend, there would be less excitement, and my heart would be empty. Lan Yuyu also divorced to develop a new relationship, so find a job.

Suddenly, Yu Liping came to find Blue Sky Yu, and the door opened by Shangguan Hui was very surprised to each other. Yu Liping brought four people in black, and everyone was carrying gifts. Lantianyu introduced Yu Liping to Shang Guanhui as his ex-wife, and Shang Guanhui introduced Yu Liping to his university classmate. Yu Liping is going to invite Lan Tianyu to dinner and invite Shang Guanhui to go with her. Shang Guanhui refused, and Lan Tianyu just made a dish and invited Yu Liping to eat at home, but thinking that there were bodyguards, it seemed inappropriate, and finally she ate out with Yu Liping.

Yu Liping must be sure that Lantian Yu went to Jiangcheng to go on a blind date. His ex-wife didn’t know that, thinking about Lantian Yu’s divorce and living with his ex-wife, he would buy a house or rent a house for Lantian Yu. Lan Tianyu explained that it was not a house issue that they lived together. Yu Liping reminded Lan Tianyu that feelings and marriage are just like doing business, and sometimes opportunities are fleeting.

Jing Ya recommended a job to Bai Zhiyong. President Chen reminded Bai Zhiyong not to mention the previous things here, but to think about dedicating everything to the company. Bai Zhiyong wanted to know what position Chen had arranged for him. Before that, he was the marketing manager. Mr. Chen reprimanded Bai Zhiyong, who just said that he should not mention the previous things and let him be his secretary first. President Chen also gave some training words to Bai Zhiyong, and Bai Zhiyong actually obediently listened to the training words.

Lin Xiang was worried that Huang Jiuheng would go abroad. His daughter, who had no blood relationship, lost his feelings over time. But Huang Jiuheng has already made a decision. Lan Tianyu was distributing a gift from Yu Liping. Shang Guanhui guessed that Yu Liping was not only a classmate of Lan Tianyu. They went to Jiangcheng to see this Yu Liping the other day, and she saw the jealousy in Yu Liping’s eyes. Lan Tianyu went to Jiangcheng honestly to go to his blind date, and talked about marriage with a straight eyebrow. The statement was Yu Liping’s meaning, not him. Shang Guanhui reminded Lan Tianyu that he is a man, and dare to be brave.

Blue Sky Yu asked Bai Zhiyong how to get rid of Yu Liping’s pursuit. Bai Zhiyong was not in the mood to help Blue Sky think about countermeasures, he went to find a job and fell to be a secretary. When he went to work the next day, President Chen asked Bai Zhiyong why he didn’t go to the company one hour in advance to do some preparations. Bai Zhiyong promised that Mr. Chen’s request would be fulfilled tomorrow and he would give his opinions to Mr. Chen before work. Yu Liping asked Lan Xiaoyu to have a meal, and specifically emphasized that Jiang Xiaomei and Ou Xiaoou would also participate. Ou Xiaoou understood that Yu Liping was trying to draw friends to help her. Before leaving work, Bai Zhiyong did a good job, but President Chen asked him to pick up his girlfriend.

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