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The Sleepless Princess (2021) 晚晚夜未眠

The Sleepless Princess (2021)
Other Title: 晚晚夜未眠 / Wan Wan Ye Wei Mian / 离人心上 / Li ren xin shang

Genres: Historical, Romance
Mango TV
Release Date:
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  • Zheng Ye Cheng as Xue Yao
  • Hu Yi Xuan
  • Lin Xin Yi

The drama revolves around a cold and loyal general, and a princess who suffers from insomnia and spends her time reading romance novels to rid herself of boredom.

“The Night and Sleeplessness” was originally called “From the Heart”. It was Zheng Yecheng’s cooperation with Mango TV after “Three Thousand Crows Killed”. The general, who was married to a frail princess with forced amnesia, began a love-hate relationship. The heroine is played by Hu Xuan who became popular with “I am a pet in Dali Temple”. The cooperation between the handsome man and the beautiful woman, a power-cut drama is mixed with the tangled and chaotic emotional entanglement, and seeing the fragile princess Jiao, who is holding the flower and snowy moon, and the general Wang, who shows a gentle inner heart, what kind of spark?

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