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365: Repeat the Year (2020) 365: 운명을 거스르는 1년

365: Repeat the Year
Other Title: 365: 운명을 거스르는 1년 / 365: Unmyeong-eul Geoseureuneun 1nyeon / 365: A Year Against Destiny / 365: One Year Against Destiny / 365: A Year of Defying Fate

Genres: Drama, thriller, fantasy, mystery, crime, time-travel
South Korea
Kim Kyung Hee
Lee Seo Yoon (이서윤), Lee Soo Kyung (이수경)
Release Date:
March 23, 2020
Related Show:
Based on the 2004 novel Repeat by Japanese writer Kurumi Inui,


  • ee Joon Hyuk as Ji Hyung Jo
  • Nam Ji Hyun as Shin Ka Yun
  • Yang Dong Geun as Bae Jung Tae
  • Kim Ji Soo as Lee Shin
  • Kim Ha Kyung (김하경) as So Hye In
  • Lee Shi Ah as Seo Yun Soo
  • Ryu Tae Ho as Ho Jang Il
  • Lee Sung Wook (이성욱) as Park Sun Ho
  • Yoon Hye Ri (윤혜리) as Jin Sa Kyung
  • Ryeoun (려운) as Nam Sun Woo
  • Ahn Seung Kyoon as Ko Jae Young
  • Min Do Hee as Kang Da Mi
  • Yoon Joo Sang as Hwang No Sup
  • Im Ha Ryong as Choi Kyung Man
  • Jung Min Sung as Cha Jung Suk
  • Jun Suk Ho as Park Young Gil
  • Lee Yoo Mi as Kim Se Rin
  • Ahn Min Young (안민영) as Song Ji Hyun

A story of ten people who get the chance to go back to one year ago and change their destiny, But they are involved in mysterious events and face a destiny they never expected. Ji Hyung Jo (Lee Joon Hyuk) used to be part of the traffic police but was promoted when he arrested a wanted criminal. Shin Ka Yun (Nam Ji Hyun) is a webtoon writer called “Hidden Killer”. She experiences a sudden incident. Ka Yun along with Hyung Jo and eight others get the chance to “reset” their lives.

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