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Forgetting You, Remembering Love (2020) 忘记你记得爱情

Forgetting You, Remembering Love (2020)
Other Title: 忘记你,记得爱情 / Wang Zi Bian Qing Wa / 王子变青蛙 / Frog Prince / WangJiNi, JiDeAiQing / Forget You Remember Love

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama
Tencent Video, Mango TV, Mango TV
Release Date:
Mar 23, 2020 (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)
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Prince Turns to Frog (Taiwanese)


  • Fair Xing as Ye Tian Yu
  • Garvey Jin as Shan Jun Hao
  • Jiang Xing Cheng as Fan Yun Yi
  • Joyce Zhao as Chen Jin Zhi
  • Yang Ming Na as Jiang Cai Yue
  • Alex Dong as Tang Shun Ming

Ye Tian Yu, a part-time expert on Hailian Island, and Shan Jun Hao, “digital domineering president”, both meet at each other because of misunderstanding. Shan Jun Hao lost his memory by accident and was rescued by Ye Tian Yu by accident.

Forget that you remember the introduction of the love story: Ye Lianyu, a part-time expert in Hailian Island, sang Junhao, the “digital domineering president,” and the two were tired of each other due to misunderstanding. Shan Junhao lost his memory due to an accident, was rescued by Ye Daiyu, and was named Shaohao, who has since lived in a convenience store as a wage earner. The wormwood wormwood helped Ye Dongyu resolve the demolition crisis on Hailian Island, and the two even sparked love sparks when they got along.

Unexpectedly, Artemisia annua was conspired to hijack, and accidentally regained its memory, but forgot its love experience with Ye Yanyu, changed back to the overbearing president Shan Junhao, and restarted the development of Hailian Island. Ye Yanyu defended Hailian Island, contended with Shan Junhao, and finally convinced him.

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