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Guardians of the Ancient Oath 山海经之上古密约 Episode 44 Recap

Hou Zhengze and Xiaotong were trapped in an enchantment. Originally, Hou Zhengze believed that Hong Shuo would come to rescue them, so he waited in the enchantment with ease, but his body was slowly alienating. Xiaotong just saw Frightened at that moment, Hou Zhengzheng was also very scared, but Xiao Tong immediately hugged him to comfort him. No matter what Hou Zhengzheng became, she was willing to stay with Hou Zhengzheng, so they must leave here alive.

Xiao Tong’s words inspired Hou Zhengzhen’s desire to survive. He must take Xiao Tong away. Hou Zhengze desperately hammered the enchantment but couldn’t shake the enchantment for half a minute. Hou Zheng was very frustrated. He was already a demon. To protect Xiaotong, Xiaotong quickly hugged him to comfort him and imagine what the future holds for him. Hou Zhengzheng’s wish is to return to Tancheng in the future and open a tofu shop. Xiaotong claims that he will accompany Hou Zhengzheng to grind tofu together. You also have to take care of Hou Zheng’s account, so it will be wonderful to think of it in the future.

The five gods gathered at Xuanwutai in Lingshan. The ten witches had only four witches left, but they still refused to retreat halfway. Anting Feng said that to seal the nine babies, they must first obtain the power of the nine babies, so they must get them. Fang Tianju, but Shi Wu believes that surrendering Fang Tianju is equivalent to letting the nine babies reappear on earth, so they must fulfill their mission with their lives, but the four witches are not rivals of the five gods. After the four witches were killed, the stargazing tower turned into Ash, Xiao Tong and Hou Zhengze were finally released.

Hou Zhengze started to demonize his whole body, and his face was like rotten tree bark. Hou Zhengqi recalled the past life. He was Fang Tianju. He was originally a rotten piece of wood, without even the spirit. I am proud to let dead wood spring, but aquatic life, they bet to see if Xuanming can regenerate dead wood, they just find a dead nettle, Shui Zhengxuanming keeps the wood in his heart day and night, for thousands of years After ten thousand years, he had the essence and consciousness.

After the Battle of Locking the Nine Infants, the ten witches of Lingshan came to clean up the lock demon platform. The five gods were no longer there. Only the nettles were left here. After Fang Tianju, his spiritual strength gradually grew, and finally he became a human figure. At this time, a voice told him that he can now be separated from the body. As long as he keeps the nettle in the tower, the ten witches will not. When he found that he was leaving, he received the power of Xuanming and Jiuying, and the immortality of Lingshan increased his aura. This has become the current Hou Zheng, a demigod, a demon, and a half-man and a half-wood.

When Hongye heard that Hou Zhengze also had the power of nine infants, he did not hesitate to shoot at Hou Zhengzheng, and Hong Shuo rushed to block it. He only knew that the person in front of him was a friend Hou Zhengzheng, and he didn’t care what the power of nine infants was. Hong Yi wanted to come forward to help, but Mingye Feng persuaded her to let Hongshuo handle it herself. In fact, Mingye Maple Leaf didn’t care about the power of Jiuying. He only cared about Hong Yi. If he wanted to gain strength and kill his friend, he was Can’t do it.

Hongzhang did not expect that Hongshuo would be against him for a demon. He must know that they are the only relatives of each other. Since the death of his father, it is Hongzhang who has built a home for Hongshuo, and Hongshuo can be a prodigal son. Hong Shuo gave everything to Hong Shuo, including the sword he is holding now. These Hong Shuo are very clear, but the big brother in his memory had already died in Yuncheng. The big brother today is eager for quick success. As a matter of humanity, Hong Shuo stabbed himself with two swords, and returned that sword to Hong Ye, as a reward for the care and care of Hong Ye over the years, no matter what, today he will never allow anyone to hurt his friends.

Hongye and Hongshuo dropped the swords in their respective hands and fought with the power of water and fire. Antingfeng stopped them because they would have bigger enemies. It is not appropriate to consume them at this time. Hongye questioned Antingfeng Now I have to sit back and watch. At the beginning, he took everyone on this road, but now it looks like nothing to do with himself, Anting Feng said that it is just not the time, and Fang Tianju will naturally have someone to solve it.

Ling Jun scratched his hand, and the blood gathered from the mountain and floated on the Xuanwu platform, all of which merged into Hou Zhengzheng’s body. Hou Zhengzheng’s body was even more awkward. He couldn’t control himself and hurriedly shouted to keep everyone away from him. However, Xiaotong and Hongshuo refused to leave him. The power of Hou Zhengze erupted, directly controlling Hongshuo’s inability to move, and pinching Xiaotong’s neck to kill her. Xiaotong and Hongshuo always wanted to wake up Hou Zhengze Hou Zhengzheng struggled in the same way. Hou Zhengjuan knew that he would never be able to go back before, and while he was still awake, he took the initiative to hit Hongshuo’s dagger to commit suicide. After he hoped that Hongshuo would get his strength, , Able to completely kill Jiuying, Hou Zhengji changed back to a piece of wood after death, and Hong Shuo cried while holding the wood.

After getting the power of the last nine babies, the four gods remembered the events of the year. When the five gods joined forces, they were not the opponents of the nine babies. Houtu used his body as an artifact of the lock demon and sealed the nine babies in his body. After the demon, the five gods will die, but at the last moment, Jin Zhengshou was timid and afraid of death, leading to the failure of the lock demon. By the time he woke up, the four gods had disappeared, and the millennium has been remorse and guilt for thousands of years. My original fault.

Anting Feng and Ling Jun told the Four Gods about everything they had planned. The Four Gods were firm in their will, and the strong ones could never wake them up, so Anting Feng broke them one by one and broke their original beliefs in their hearts. Will follow the path of Antingfeng plan, now the seal inside the soil is about to be unsealed, so Hong Yi has a headache, and wants to completely eliminate the nine infants, the five gods must join forces again after the nine infants wake up.

Hong Yi’s head was getting more and more painful. At last, Jiuying was awake. Ling Jun immediately stepped forward to bow down and left Xuanwutai with Jiuying. It turned out that Ling Jun had been planning for Jiuying before, and Hong Yi’s childhood memory was also She intentionally sealed it so that the four gods would have to be entangled. Anting Feng said that after the failure of the lock demon, Jiuying Yuandan was sealed by the ten witches in Wucheng, but the seal has gradually loosen after many years, which is why he wants to wake up the four gods. Disappointed, lost for lust and emotion.

Jiuying came to Wucheng, killed the queen mother and He Yao, and mastered the palace of the Lao Kingdom. Ling Jun has found out that Yudan of Jiuying is sealed in the four-element array. A few days later, the blood month was the best time for Jiuying Yuanshen to recover. Jiuying asked Ling Jun when to return her spiritual power to her. Ling Jun said that she would only wait for the Jiuying Blood Sacrifice. Let the nine infants get their spiritual power, all for the great cause of the nine infants.

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