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My Lonely Planet 地球脸红了 Episode 17 Recap

Wang Chen Sports has always failed, and even assault training has no way. Wang Chen thought that coffee climbing was great, but she couldn’t turn it into coffee in a short while. Miao Yu criticized Wang Chen’s design for nothing, and Wang Chen’s anger turned into coffee.

The next day, Wang Chen and the cloth owner participated in the competition. After Wang Chen turned into a coffee, he was very powerful and suddenly climbed to a high place. Miao Yu looked very happy below, and praised Wang Chen aloud. I did not expect that Wang Chen had changed back and couldn’t climb up. Wang Chen was unwilling to give up, and clenched his teeth. The cloth owner saw her like this and decided to draw with her. Biao Rui finally found the fabric, went to shoot suppliers for dinner, and even ate kale and caused allergies. Miao Yu met with Bi Guan. Bi Guan talked about his process of going to San Miao. Miao Yu felt that there was no reference value. Bi Guan felt that Wang Chen was a young female artist, and he could try to write a love letter.

Wang Chen and Jorui met and wanted to make it clear to him. Rui went to pick up the fabric, and Miao Yu suddenly came over. He understood his heart and wanted to give a love letter to Wang Chen. Unexpectedly, Rui suddenly came with a gift, Miao Yu looked at them and said nothing, and left first. Rui gave the cloth to Wang Chen, who said they had found it. Wang Chen felt that they were inappropriate. She was really excited when she first met Rui, but she was always nervous in front of him. It was different in front of Miao Yu. What she could say and what she wanted . Rui respects her choice and would rather be a stranger with her.

Xi Rui returned home and drank sadly. Mother Rui came home and saw him like this and scolded him. Rui couldn’t stand the resistance, and didn’t want to live her life all the time. Miao Yu went back and pressed the love letter under the plate, pretending to be calm when Wang Chen returned. Wang Chen said that she had rejected Rui, and asked him if he wanted to give himself something. Miao Yu used the excuse to run to the toilet. Wang Chen saw the love letter under the plate, which was a hexadecimal that she said she liked a person Color code.

San San called Wang Chen and Miao Yu to ask them to comment. She and Bi Guan quarreled because of the tuna sandwiches they took out of the refrigerator. Both of them held their own opinions, and no one could convince anyone. Miao Yu felt that they could eat their own, but Bi Guan said that three or three people with stomach problems could not eat cold. San San knew that Bi Guan was because she cared about her, and the two of them immediately stopped arguing. Wang Chen went to the bathroom. San San saw Miao Yu’s scarf. Miao Yu said that Wang Chen was going to give it to San San, but San San said that she didn’t need a scarf at all, which was specially woven by Wang Chen. When the two returned, Wang Chen took out a love letter and kissed Miao Yu, and the two were finally together.

Chen Wang Chen wanted to tell San San that she was with Miao Yu, but San San was too busy to take care of her at all. Fluffy’s new dress sold well, Aken called Miao Yu, and Luo Li and Zhou Qianxi quarreled. Luo Li felt that she had to take the opportunity to market, but Zhou Qianxi felt that there was not much inventory left to the old customers. Miao Yu asked them to take the skirts off the shelves and issue a notice. If anyone likes it, they can come to the store to try it on, and let Zhou Qianqian send the link to the old customers.

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