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My Lonely Planet 地球脸红了 Episode 16 Recap

Li only went to buy diamond rings, and heard a few shop assistants discuss the new brand that Miao Yu and Wang Chen jointly opened, and came to their store to see. Aken was only surprised to see Li, and did not expect that she would come over. Wang Chen entertained Li Zhi only, Li Zhi only said that Miao Yu was a good person, and chose a few clothes that were not suitable for her, and the others let her hug. Aken were stunned, which was worth their performance for a week.

Aken and Luo Li discussed them and wanted to let Wang Chen and Miao Yu travel and create opportunities for them. Aken told them that there will be an international fabric exhibition next week. If they can directly contact foreign fabric manufacturers, it will be much more convenient to purchase in the future. Miao Yu thought it made sense, and several other people shied away that something could not go, and finally decided that he would go with Wang Chen.

Today happens to be New Year’s Eve. Bi Guan told them that they observed that Comet 666 changed its trajectory, and after four months it would collide with Jupiter, and then the influence of Comet would disappear. Everyone now thinks that the comet also brings a lot of good effects. Miao Yu and Wang Chen are even reluctant to leave. Wu Wangchen made a new home for coffee and meow sauce, and weaved a scarf for Miao Yu, but she felt too ambiguous to send a scarf, and hesitated. Miao Yu also bought a necklace for Wang Chen.

Wang Chen gave coffee and meow sauce to San San, and asked her to take care of it. San San felt that there would be adventures outside of the lonely man and the widow, but Wang Chen felt impossible. Miao Yu bought a wash kit and returned it to Wang Chen, but said it was sent by the mall. At first glance, Wang Chen knew that it was fake. Wang Chen gave Miao Yu a scarf, saying it was for San San, but San San had too many scarves and gave it to him.

The bus on which the two people sat broke down the next day. Miao Yu was very anxious. Things could not go according to the original plan, and a mistake would often trigger a chain reaction. Wang Chen didn’t think that when a group of people got out of the car and waited for a new car, Wang Chen saw the distant scenery and suddenly got inspired to design a skirt, but this skirt has high requirements on the fabric and should be looked for tomorrow. The landlord called Wang Chen because they didn’t arrive and the room was rented out. There are still two sets left. Miao Yu thought it was okay, let Wang Chen settle down. The two arrived late at the bed and breakfast and found out that this room was a couple’s room with only one bed. Two people can’t help it, they can only make up one night at the end of the bed.

San San ordered a Beidou Qixing array, but was accidentally eaten by Meow sauce, San San quickly took it to the hospital. Wang Chen saw a piece of fabric at the show, which was just right for that skirt. The staff told them that this piece of fabric was an exhibit and the others had been sold to walnuts. Miao Yu was very unhappy when she heard the name of the walnut, and she became meow sauce again.

Wang Chen really wanted this piece of cloth, and the boss was willing to give them five minutes to convince themselves. In fact, the organizer organized a climbing competition, and a piece of fabric was used as a prize. The owner of this competition will also participate, and they can try it. Miao Yu asked the boss to bid directly. If there is no talk, there will not be these five minutes. The boss hadn’t spoken yet, Miao Yu suddenly turned back and frightened Wang Chen.

San San called Wang Chen and said that Miao sauce had surgery. It turned out that Miao Yu’s abnormality was due to Miao sauce. Now Miao Yu can’t go any further, he can only let Wang Chen go out to participate in the climbing competition. Wang Chen sent a circle of friends to want fabric, and after seeing it, Rui asked a friend to help him.

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