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Forward Forever 热血同行 Episode 49 Recap

Wagner quietly followed Yang Zhen to the nursing home in the backyard and saw him open a locked room door. Ruo Wan was tied to the bed with a towel clogged in his mouth. Yang Zhen told Ruo Wan that Kelyn had already After being abstained, she had to take this opportunity to completely quit, but seeing that Ruo Wan was very uncomfortable, Yang Zhen still fed her with a clorin capsule, which calmed her down. Wagner couldn’t bear it and rushed directly. Go to the house and ask Yang Zhenxing to confess.

Yang Zhen admitted that he had been rescued from the sea of ​​fire and had been staying in a nursery. He was worried that Ayi would steal Ruo Wan, and concealed her whereabouts. Wagner witnessed him giving Ruo Wan to Kelin. He gave him a hard lesson. Yang Zhen excuses that he does not know that clorin is a drug. He just wanted to treat Ruo Wan, but she did not expect her to become addicted. Yang Zhen vowed to help Ruowan detoxify, and only asked Wagner to conceal the incident. Wagner promised to help him conceal Ruowan’s addiction to Kolin, but he had to explain to A Yi Ruowan’s whereabouts and let their mother and child recognize each other. He told everyone the real story, Yang Zhen had to promise to tell Ayi himself.

The government of the Republic of China comprehensively banned drugs, and Kolin was seized. Everyone was very happy. Wagner brought Yang Zhen to meet everyone. Yang Zhen called Ayi to the nursery alone to see Ruo Wan. Ayi saw his mother alive. He was excited. Speechless, Ruo Wan suddenly woke up, and she saw Ai thinking day and night, and burst into tears with excitement. Ai Yi asked Yang Zhen bitterly. He had to admit that he had rescued Ruo Wan from the fire. Ruo Wan was desperate to reach the table with Keleline because of a drug addiction.

Ai Yi never expected Yang Zhen to let his mother take drugs. He Go with your mother. Yang Zhen was angry and angry, and pulled his gun at A Yi. He was not allowed to snatch his only loved ones. Ruo Wan begged Yang Zhen to let them go, but Yang Zhen resolutely pushed away Ruo Wan, and A Yi became angry and angry. Go up and fight with Yang Zhenzhen. If Wan comes over to discourage him, unexpectedly Yang Zhen’s pistol fire hits Ruo Wan’s chest. A Yi raises a gun to kill Yang Zhen. Ruo Wan desperately stops him. Wan said only one sentence and died in the arms of A Yi.

After hearing the news, Chong Liming and others rushed away, scared by Yang Zhen. Ai just wanted to stay with his mother alone, and drove Chong Liming out. Ai cried while holding his mother. Yang Zhen had no choice but to come to Mr. Jin, and also told the hiding place of Chong Liming’s party, and framed Chong Liming to kill Peter Hong. Mr. Jin sent Yuan Kai to take people to the church with Yang Zhen, trying to get the photos back, and then killed Chong Liming and others.

Qi Chong Liming and others helped place Ruo Wan’an on the firewood, and it was covered with flowers. At the beginning of the speech, lit the torch. Ai himself ignited the firewood and cremated Ruo Wan to heaven. Ai was heartbroken. Later, Ai came to the nursery, and the little girl Xier was still waiting for Ruo Wan to sing to sleep, and Yi Yi sang a lullaby to her. Hee gradually fell asleep in the song, and A Yi could not help thinking of his childhood in Ruo Wan Huaili was sleeping peacefully, and his heart was mixed. Tong Chong Liming was worried that Yang Zhen would take the opportunity to escape, so he sent the pest dog and Ke Yanxin to the dock to check every outbound vessel, and asked Si San and Wagner to go to the railway station to check out each outbound train.

Yuan Kai brought someone to the church to ambush. He sent Yang Zhen to the church to step on it. Yang Zhen went back to the church with his son, and met Ai Yihe at the beginning. Ayi let him let go of him and he was willing to take him hostage. Yuan Kai took the opportunity to rush into the church, and the Blast Dog started a fierce battle with them to cover Chong Liming. At the beginning of the salvation, Ayi was forced to exchange with his son. Chong Liming arrived in time and hit A Yi in the chaos. Yang I was really hurt and escaped.

After 270 years of 12 emperors in the Qing Dynasty, they finally gave up to the revolutionary party. Deqi fell to his knees and pleaded guilty to the emperor and queen queen far away in Beijing. Chong Liming witnessed this, and his government was officially established. Zhou Jue finally waited until this day.

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