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Chef Hua 人间烟火花小厨 Episode 36 End Recap

The host selected the ingredients that must be used today, namely “swimming crab, pine mushroom, orange, and venison”. These four ingredients must be used in the same dish. Everyone lamented that the exam questions were too difficult.

Wheat first understands the ingredients and meets Song Jingxi on the road, Yu Huai guards him to avoid another bad idea. Soon, everyone’s first dishes were prepared. Most chefs like to use the appearance of the ingredients themselves, but the dishes made of wheat abandon the appearance of the food and “lost its shape without losing its taste.” This alone outperforms many other chefs, not to mention the rich flavor and soft taste of wheat dishes, it is really a good dish with new craftsmanship.

Waiting for the results, Song Jingxi came to visit again, Yu Huai and Mengmu quickly became vigilant, but Song Jingxi just came to say hi, and the words between the lines hinted that Chef Wang’s hands were completely shameless. Fortunately, Wheat’s mentality was calm and did not. Because of such a villain.

The results of the final retest came out, and Wheat’s Huajianlou made it to the final without a doubt. This time, Song Jingxi was anxious. She hurried to discuss with Boss Zhao, but Boss Zhao said that the provincial capital is very lively, and there are many betting people in the final of the “Eight Treasure Banquet”. There are many rascals in it, and Mai is a pregnant woman. Just disturb his mind.

At night, Mai was living in the inn, but he heard that someone was making trouble. Yu Huai hurriedly came out to calm the panic, but unexpectedly Mai also woke up. He was a little nervous when she heard Yu Huai go out.

The next day is the final. The ingredients used in the final are “yellow lip glue and flying dragon”. This “yellow lip glue” Yun’er and others have never heard of it. Wheat explained that this is a very precious ingredient, and ordinary people cannot buy it. The referee nodded with satisfaction and said that this “yellow lip glue” is his own personal collection, and the chefs at home dare not cook, so this competition will use it for top chefs. Because the ingredients are precious, one person can only get one, which must be used properly.

“Yellow Lip Gum” and “Flying Dragon” are both strong-flavored ingredients. If they are forcibly cooked together, they will grab each other’s taste, and no one will fail. This is really a big problem. Wheat is very troublesome.

Finally, wheat came up with a way. She used hot oil to “greasy” the “yellow lip glue” to make the entrance more elastic, and then asked Yun’er to fetch the “Feilong” chicken breast, which took a long time. , Finally done. The dishes in other restaurants have been prepared long ago, and I have been waiting outside for a while. But still the judges made sense, and did not make the scene chaotic.

The wheat was finished last, so the dishes were put on the last. As a result, when it was the wheat’s turn, Mengmu yelled. It turned out that she obeyed Mai’s instructions and kept staring at the place where the vegetables were placed, so she grabbed a little maid and sneaked in. She wanted to lift Mai’s dish cover. The guards next to her also testified, and the judges came one after another. This maid is Song Jingxi’s personal maid. The judges plan to disqualify Song Jingxi from the competition, but Mai refused, because her dishes have not been damaged, and she wants Song Jingxi to be convinced.

The wheat dish was finally presented, and after one bite, the judges were ecstatic. This dish is really wonderful. The result of the final game was unsurprisingly, it was Huajianlou who won the championship again.

Upon hearing the good news, my sister, brother-in-law and others also came to celebrate. While in a daze, Mai seemed to see his grandfather, but after a while, Mai looked at the distance and no grandfather was visible. However, Wheat was about to give birth to her fetus. After a lot of hard work, a baby’s cry resounded across the sky. Since then, wheat ushered in a new life.

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