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Chef Hua 人间烟火花小厨 Episode 35 Recap

Wheat is determined to make a “crowd banquet” to drive Song Jingxi away. The dishes on this table are all carefully made, but they are completely cold before being served. Sure enough, when Song Jingxi saw this table of dishes, her expression changed, and after a few words, she left aggressively.

Seeing that she finally left, Mai was happy, and called everyone to have a barbecue. Yu Huai brought news that the “Eight Zhen Banquet” will soon be open for recruitment, but Mai said that after she became pregnant, her gains and losses have faded, so she will not participate this year. Unexpectedly, after the barbecue, Chef Wang personally came to the door and expressed that he wanted to participate in the “Eight Treasures Banquet” on behalf of Huajianlou.

Chef Wang wanted to enter the city to participate in the “Eight Treasures Banquet”, Mai also wanted to go to watch, so he asked Yu Huai to take her with her. Boss Zhao heard that Huajianlou was going to compete this year, so he discussed with Song Jingxi and prepared to give Chef Wang a trip.

Chef Wang passed the first trial of the “Eight Zhen Banquet” smoothly, but his face was very bad. When the chef was cooking, he broke the pot. Yun’er saw that the situation was wrong, and quickly found Mai and others. Chef Wang confessed that his hands have been shaking since the initial test, and they have become more serious recently.

Everyone hurriedly took him to the hospital for inspection. Unexpectedly, the doctor inferred that Chef Wang was afraid of being stung by the “five poisons”. After the prescription, he asked Chef Wang to rest more and drink more water. This hand will take as little as one month to recover. , Mostly for several years, depending on personal physique. This made Mai so angry that he even criticized the doctor as a quack.

Five days before the retest, Chef Wang’s hands have not yet recovered. Wheat found an ancient book, saying that the irritating taste can relieve the shaking of the opponent. As a result, Chef Wang ate a lot of condiments in a mess, his face was blue.

What’s more terrible is that Yu Huai said that the ancient prescription had to cooperate with the exercise, and supervised Chef Wang to jump several stairs, making Chef Wang out of breath. As a result, before this was over, Master Tan came to the door again, claiming that his father had had a remedy, sweating first when he spoke of poison, and tied Chef Wang into a “mummy.”

But after some tossing, Chef Wang’s hand shaking still did not ease. Mai Mai was determined to give up this Eight-Zhen Meeting and first went to find a famous doctor to heal Chef Wang’s hand, but Chef Wang refused. He recalled, saying that this time was a bit weird. During his initial test, he was scratched by a barb on the pot, and then he saw Song Jingxi probe his head at the door. This matter must have nothing to do with her. Therefore, Chef Wang believed that Hua Jianlou should not withdraw from the competition, and could not fulfill Song Jingxi’s wish.

Wheat was very upset because of Chef Wang, and felt that Chef Wang was ready to heal his hands for life. Chef Wang paid such a high price, Hua Jianlou’s withdrawal from the retest really made people unable to swallow this breath. Seeing that wheat was so entangled, Yu Huai finally decided to support wheat to participate in the competition, not disappointing Chef Wang’s sacrifice.

When Mengmu heard the conversation between Mai and Yu Huai, she was so angry that she threw the thing with a crackle. Seeing the resistance of Meng’s mother, Mai Mai didn’t know how to move Meng’s mother. Fortunately, Yu Huai was also on Mai’s side. The two sang and took Meng’s mother to the sky. Mengmu had to agree to Mai’s request. I have to follow along, so I can take care of the wheat spots.

Accompanied by Mengmu, Yu Huai and others, Mai once again came to the re-examination site of the “Eight Zhenhui”. The scene was very lively. The host announced that there were 16 restaurants entering the re-examination. The re-examination was divided into two rounds. In the end, only eight were able to enter the finals to jointly compete for the right to host the “Eight Treasure Banquet”.

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