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Chef Hua 人间烟火花小厨 Episode 34 Recap

Seeing that the wheat has not returned home, Yu Huai was worried and went to guard outside the Chunfeng Building, but the doors and windows of the Chunfeng Building were closed. Yu Huai felt strange and broke in through the back door.

Boss Zhao asked the maid to put Mai and Chef Wang on the same bed, but Yu Huai caught him upright. Yu Huai was extremely angry. First, pour a glass of water to wake Chef Wang, and then let him speak to Boss Zhao: If wheat has three lengths and two shortcomings, absolutely Not lightly forgiving.

Yu Huai carried the wheat back home and found that the wheat had a high fever, and hurriedly drove the horse to ask the doctor. After the doctor came to check his pulse, he said that Mai was pregnant at this time and that he must not drink alcohol in the future.

Both Mengmu and Yu Huai were surprised when they heard this news. When Mai wakes up, he even regards her as the treasure of the whole family. The most important thing to pay attention to during the first three months of pregnancy is that Mengmu will not allow wheat to go to the restaurant or contact with oil fume. All food and drink are delivered to her mouth. Yu Huai is also taking care of her when she sleeps at night, knowing that wheat is asleep. I just slept.

Fearing that wheat would be bored at home, Yu Huai brought back pineapples, so that wheat could make desserts to pass the time without touching oily smoke. Mengmu saw that she didn’t allow it, but she did it with wheat if she saw the oil fume, and the pineapple made from wheat was sweet and delicious.

After the first three months, Yu Huai took Mai to get her pulse. The doctor said that Mai’s fetal safety was good, but in the next period of time, we should pay more attention to intercourse. Mai was shy and embarrassed, so he came out first. I saw a little baby crying because of the bitterness of the medicine, and quickly gave the candied fruit he carried to the child. Since pregnancy, wheat has become more and more fond of children.

Yu Huai took Mai to go home. On the way, she saw Yun’er rushing to find someone. She stopped and asked, only to realize that Song Jingxi, the boss of the provincial capital, had come and asked to see Mai by name.

Mai Mai had to go. Originally, Boss Song had brought some sweet persimmons, but he didn’t know how to cook, so he wanted to ask for advice. Seeing that his fetal image was stable, and that these few dishes weren’t heavy, he personally cooked them for Boss Song. Boss Song is still very amazed by the cooking skills of Wheat, and he is also very curious about the cooking skills of Chef Wang, saying that he wants to stay and taste the skills of Chef Wang.

Mengmu found that wheat had gone to the kitchen again, and jumped off her feet with anger, but she didn’t want to talk too much. She turned around and went to make soup to supplement wheat. Mai felt that the purpose of Boss Song’s trip was weird. As expected, Shouxi’s wife told Mai the next day that Boss Song was very enthusiastic about Chef Wang.

Shouxi’s sister-in-law guessed that Boss Song came to dig into the wall. Mai Mai asked Shouxi sister-in-law to listen to the corner, and be sure to convey everything to himself.

Shouxi’s sister-in-law naturally completed the task with all his strength. It turned out that Song Jingxi and Chef Wang had known each other a long time ago. She used Chef Wang’s dream of “surpassing Mr. Wang” as an excuse to stimulate Chef Wang and wanted to dig a wall.

After Mai Mai knew this, she didn’t rush to talk to Chef Wang. She wanted Chef Wang to follow her own heart. Chef Wang was also deeply disturbed by it himself, and finally took the initiative to tell Mai Mai about his relationship with Song Jingxi: the two are family friends.

After he ran away from home, Song Jingxi once threatened to help her realize her dream, but she was found to be wrong. , While he was drunk, stole the recipes that he had worked hard for half of his life, and ran away angrily, no longer willing to help in other homes, until he came to Huajianlou. Now, Mai Mai is sure, and Chef Wang doesn’t want to leave Huajianlou, so she can deal with Song Jingxi.

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