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The Moon Bright For You (2020) 明月曾照江东寒

The Moon Bright For You
Other Title: 明月曾照江东寒 / Ming Yue Zeng Zhao Jiang Dong Han / จันทราแห่งฤดูหนาว

Genres: Drama, Wuxia, romance
China Mainland
Lan Hai Han (蓝海瀚), Liu Kai
Release Date:
Oct 6, 2020
Related Show:
Ming Yue Zeng Zhao Jiang Dong Han (明月曾照江东寒) by Ding Mo


  • Yu Meng Long as Lin Fang
  • Xing Fei as Zhan Qinghong
  • Merxat as Wen Yu
  • Zhang Kai Tai as Huo Yang
  • Zheng Fan Xing as Qiu An
  • Tang Zhen Ye
  • Ma Xi Er as Xiao Lan
  • Su Jian Quan as Xia Houying
  • Lan Man Yu as Wen Rou
  • Huang Hai Bing as Sect Leader Tang
  • Zhang Yan Yan as Madame Tang
  • Chunyu Shan Shan
  • Yan Xiao as Feng Bufei
  • Zhang Xue Han as Yan Zhi
  • Liu Bo Xiao
  • Li Xin Ze as Gu Yan
  • Mu Kai Kai as Ji Xiaoran
  • Qi Hang
  • Xin Yu Xi
  • Chen Xuan Ming
  • Sun Zhen Chen

Lin Fang is known as the most beautiful young sir in the city, and presents himself as a sickly and frail playboy. Unbeknownst to most, he is actually out to exact vengeance for his clan, and is willing to sacrifice himself to bring the perpetrator to justice. This changes when he meets Zhan Qinghong, a quirky and earnest young girl who eventually becomes Master of the pugilistic world after undergoing various trials.

Quirky and unconventional, Zhan Qinghong grew up well enough, but she never shared the dreams most treasured by her peers. While other girls dreamed of marrying well, Qinghong dreams of only one thing: to become a great martial arts master. Ready to turn her dreams into reality, Qinghong entered the martial arts world with wide-eyed innocence and insatiable curiosity.

Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for her to realize that the world which she had so long believed to be a world of righteousness and honor, was actually controlled by wicked traitors. Determined to reform the fighting world, Qinghong relies on her intelligence and tenacity to bring about change; but the work proves to be both difficult and dangerous. Realizing the path she has chosen may be too treacherous to travel alone, Qinghong never suspected that Junan City’s notorious playboy would be the one to come alongside her on her quest. Yet, when fate brings them together, that is exactly what Lin Fang does.

Using his reputation as a sickly aristocrat with a penchant for wooing women to hide much darker motives, Lin Fang has but one goal in life: to exact revenge for his clan. After meeting Qinghong, Lin Fang’s hardened heart begins to soften and he finds himself drawn to her unexpected charms. Unwilling to let Qinghong fight her battles alone, Lin Fang takes up her cause and together, they take on the daunting task of reforming and rebuilding the world of martial arts from the ground up. Source: Viki



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