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I Will Find You a Better Home 卖房子的人 (安家) Episode 17 Recap

Fang Sijin told everyone about his experience, and everyone benefited a lot from it. Yu Hualong also stepped out of his depressed mood to renew his spirit and fight, and everyone sang a birthday song for Yu Hualong. Just then Miss Zhao called again to ask for a house show, and Yu Hualong went out happily. That night, Miss Zhao and his wife signed a house purchase contract. Yu Hualong finally completed his first order in life. The feelings of Yuhualong are mixed.

The next day Xie Tingfeng took the client to see Su Tianpei’s house. Ms. Zhao helped her say a lot of good things. The client was still suspicious of what the real estate agent said, but she was convinced by the neighbor’s evaluation of the house and the environment. Xie Tingfeng went into the store this day to put away the brand names of Fang Xijin and Xu Wenchang, and then persuaded them to go out for a walk. Xie Tingfeng said that Su Tianpei’s mother was going to sign a house sale contract with the client for a while. He couldn’t let Su Tianpei’s mother see Fang Sijin and Xu Wenchang, otherwise they would have to help out in the play they played together.

The mortuary Sijin and Xu Wenchang smiled helplessly and went out for a walk together. Xu Wenchang frowned along the way. Fang asked him puzzled. Xu Wenchang said that there was always a nagging in his heart. Su Tianpei transferred to the new school and didn’t know if it was okay. If it was good, then everyone would be happy. If it was not good, wouldn’t they hurt the child this time. Fang Sijin analyzed his past experience as a tutor and he really helped Su Tianpei this time. At this time in the Anjia Tianxia store, Mr. Su Tianpei’s mother and his client, Mr. and Mrs. Sun, signed a house sales contract smoothly.

On this day, a handsome man, Mr. Gong, suddenly came to the store in Anjia Tianxia, ​​and Zhu Huan saw Mr. Gong greeted with joy. Mr. Gong claims that he has old bungalows for sale. When Fang Sijin heard that he was busy, he recommended himself, but Mr. Gong said that he wanted to find a professional Xu Wenchang. Xu Wenchang and Mr. Gong talked about the sale of the old house Gong’s garden in the office. Xu Wenchang asked Zhu Huan to pour water for Mr. Gong. Fang Sijin took the initiative to walk in with a drinking glass. She took the opportunity to stand by and listen to Xu Wenchang’s conversation with Mr. Gong. Xu Wenchang was displeased with Fang Sijin, who knew Fang Sijin was taking the opportunity to eavesdrop.

Xu Wenchang went outside the office to get information, Fang Sijin followed. Xu Wenchang warned Fang Sijin dissatisfied that the business of this single old house was his own, and Fang Sijin could not grab it. Fang Sijin smiled and said that she would not grab business with him, she just wanted to follow Xu Wenchang to learn the sales of old houses. Xu Wenchang continued to talk with Mr. Gong about selling houses. He suggested that the old villas should be repaired appropriately. At the same time, he promoted to Mr. Gong the relevant policies and regulations on the repair of old houses. Xu Wenchang claims that he has a professional old house decoration team, but this repair takes a long time, and the sale of a house like an old house takes a long time.

Mr. Gong frowned and said that he didn’t have much time and needed money urgently. Mr. Xu Wenchang put forward his own feasibility proposal, and Mr. Gong thought for a moment and agreed. Fang Sijin listened to every word of Xu Wenchang. Xu Wenchang took the shop staff and several decoration workers to clean up Mr. Gong’s bungalow. Xu Wenchang went into the bungalow with a smile and told Mr. Gong that he had been here as a child. Mr. Gong stared at Xu Wenchang for a while and finally recognized Xu Wenchang’s childhood friend. It turned out that the two parents were friends. Mr. Gong gave up the house to Xu Wenchang.

This day in the store, Fang Xijin suddenly received a call from a man who asked to see the Gong family garden. Fang Sijin agreed quickly. Xu Wenchang snatched the phone unhappily to tell the other party that the relevant information was needed to view the house. The other side then told Xu Wenchang that his surname was Mao, and Xu Wenchang had always been his opponent.

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