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Happiness knocked twice 幸福敲了两次门 Episode 3 Recap

Luo Nannan is struggling with work and life irregularities Luo Jianxin deliberately makes a good relationship with Aunt Cao for his ex-wife. The scumbag Yao Yuan in Mei Yating’s eyes, in order to avoid the forced marriage of his fiancee, relied on Mei Yating’s home. In fact, his mind was still on Maya Ting, but Maya Ting listened to how he devalued his fiancee and remembered How he belittled himself at first, his heart was full of anger, but there was nothing he could do in the face of Yao Yuan’s cheek.

Luo Jianxin got up early in the morning and practiced the tongue twister downstairs from Fang Xiuqiong. When he saw Fang Xiuqiong looking at himself from the window, he read more loudly. Because of this, Fang Xiuqiong went directly to Wu Yan to complain Wu Xun did not know the relationship between the two, so he had a muddy relationship. Fang Xiuqiong learned that Luo Jianxin was particularly liked by the old aunt in the health care center, and he couldn’t help but feel jealous.

Due to Qian Haoyu’s mischief, Luo Nannan had to transfer him to the class he was in charge of. On the first day of the transfer, Qian Haoyu performed very well. Luo Nannan and the director of teaching saw him take the class very seriously and felt that he really wanted to change. Then, both breathed a sigh of relief. Unfortunately, Luo Nannan still underestimated Qian Haoyu’s guts. Only ten minutes after class, he ran away on the pretext of going to the toilet.

In the end, Director Liu took Luo Nannan to check the monitoring and found out that Qian Haoyu sneaked out of the school long ago. Qian Haoyu came to the Shatou Farmers’ Market by mistake. He recognized the bullfrogs sold by the street vendors as frogs. He resolutely refused to let the street vendors sell and made others unable to do business. He had to complain to the market manager. After coming over to pick up someone, she could only apologize to others again, but still could n’t help her son.

Qian Cheng ’s apprentice Xiaoqun ’s initial comics were praised by President Li, but these things are worthless in Qian Cheng ’s eyes. In the face of President Li ’s endless praise, he only felt that he was just a satire, Qian Cheng couldn’t call it a comic book. He fantasised that Li, who was ignorant of art, would return to reality, but he could only quit the job for his own insistence. Qian Cheng, who was walking on the street, suddenly received a call from his old classmate Zhang Yang, inviting him to participate in today’s class meeting. Qian Cheng looked at his shabby clothes and felt that it was not so good, so he went to a clothing store and bought a decent suit, thinking about wearing it and then returning.

In the same society, after three rounds of drinking, the old classmates praised how good the money process was. He touted him as the boss of the comics company. The money process that just lost his job was for his face. After receiving a phone call from his mother at the dinner table, it turned out that He promised that he would give money into a house, and he took the initiative to pay for the meal. The money was full and I went home very late. As soon as I entered the door, I started the usual operation. I started to count my own badness and blamed myself for being useless. I could only let a woman toil the whole house. However, when Luo Nannan asked him to accompany Qian Haoyu to class, he rightly believed that this was the matter of women and husbands, and a man who could not hold up his family could only get back the man’s feeling in this way.

Early the next morning, Qian Cheng who woke up remembered what was promised when he was drunk yesterday, so he immediately acted, prepared breakfast specially for Luo Nannan, and took care of the housework. Qian Cheng understood the difficulty of his mother, but let Luo Nannan satisfy his filial piety for himself, totally disregarding his wife’s situation and psychological state. He felt that Luo Nannan’s parents had a good life and took their subsidies for his home as a matter of course.

In the nursing home, Aunt Cao always dedicated to Luo Jianxin, and Luo Jianxin would do whatever he wanted to do. She deliberately accepted Aunt Cao’s goodness in front of Fang Xiuqiong to stimulate her. Unexpectedly, Lao Mei ran over to speak with Fang Xiuqiong, and the two sang tacitly. In the drama, Luo Jianxin was so angry that he sang a series of Taiwanese operas, and everyone looked at the excitement. Mei Yating reported these situations to Wu Yan. She also heard Wu Yan’s dispute with his wife.

Wu Yan was a little angry. She knew Luo Luoxin’s relationship with Fang Xiuqiong but didn’t tell herself, Mei Yating rushed to explain. Wu Yan is very satisfied with the work at hand. He is unwilling to go abroad. From the perspective of bystanders, he sees that these cute old ladies and old ladies seem to be boys and girls, and he is jealous of emotional issues. We take pride in creating such an environment.

In the reception room, Mei Yating saw the woman who had been waiting for her, and she recognized at a glance that the other party was a fiancee abandoned by Yao Yuan. And the woman abandoned by Yao Yuan turned out to ask her how to keep the man who abandoned them, which made Mei Yating cry and laugh.

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