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Chef Hua 人间烟火花小厨 Episode 33 Recap

The business of Huajianlou is getting hotter day by day. One day, an old man who sells tea comes to his door, but the tea leaves for Huajianlou are set as early as the spring, and Shouxi sister-in-law has already sent it away. Unexpectedly, wheat found that the old man’s tea was fragrant and tender, which was very suitable for serving.

He also thought that Chef Wang liked to use tea as a dish, so he asked Chef Wang to come out to receive him. Unexpectedly, this old man was actually the father of Chef Wang, and Master Tan who heard the news in the back kitchen was immediately at a loss. After all, that was the “God of Cooking” Wang Tonghe he had always admired.

Mai Mai sent the old man to the private room, let Chef Wang entertain him, and went back to the back kitchen to cook himself. Master Tan excitedly asked Mai Kepwang as the old man. When Mai heard that he was the “God of Cooking” he had been admired for a long time, he quickly used his housekeeping skills to make some good dishes to entertain him.

Sure enough, Mr. Wang had a tough taste and made many suggestions for wheat dishes, but he was still very satisfied overall. Wheat is self-effacing and praises Chef Wang’s cooking skills. Unexpectedly, Mr. Wang is very indifferent to his son’s cooking skills. He claims that it is “Three-legged Cat Kung Fu”. Chef Wang leaves with anger. awkward.

Chef Wang was in a bad mood. He chopped vegetables in the back kitchen. Wheat arranged for Mr. Wang to stay. By the way, he asked Chef Wang about the disparity between his father and his son. Chef Wang said that Mr. Wang always wanted to let himself go his way and become a celebrity chef who is proficient in all major cuisines, but he was obsessed with making “tea meals” and failed his expectations. Therefore, the two often quarreled, and Chef Wang ran away from home for more than ten years.

In the evening, Mai told Yu Huai about this, and Yu Huai gave Mai an idea. On the second day, Wheat hosted a banquet for many brothers in Yu Huai’s Escort, and asked Chef Wang to cook a few more “tea meals” for the escorts to try. At the same time, he invited Mr. Wang to also come to the table to see his new development. Dishes.

Unexpectedly, at a glance, Mr. Wang realized that this dish was his son’s handwriting, and immediately left the table angrily. Wheat immediately chased him up and asked him what his criteria were for evaluating a good chef. Mr. Wang answered without hesitation that it was the taste of the guests. Mr. Wang was busy letting Mr. Wang see how the guests were eating. Elder Wang also regretted a bit. He has really neglected his son over the years, and Mai hastily gave him an idea.

In the Chunfeng Building, Boss Zhao heard the guests talking about the “God of Cooking” Wang Tonghe is sitting in the Huajian Building, and his son is still in charge of the Huajian Building. This flower wheat is said to be a disciple of the “God of Cooking”. He actually left the Chunfeng Building and went straight to the Huajian Building, making Boss Zhao angry enough, and thinking again.

Wheat asked Chef Wang to prepare a table of good dishes for the distinguished guest of Huajianlou. When he arrived at the table, Chef Wang was shocked to realize that the distinguished guest was his father, and for a while, it was difficult to move forward. Elder Wang urged the dishes to be served, and for the first time seriously tasted the “tea meal” made by Chef Wang, and exaggerated a few words, but Chef Wang blushed with flattery.

There are rumors outside that Mai is the apprentice of the “God of Cooking”, and even when Chunfeng Lou invited Mr. Wang and his son to entertain him, Mai was also invited. Seeing that the misunderstanding was serious, Mai hurried to ask Mr. Wang to clarify. Unexpectedly, Mr. Wang was about to pack his luggage and leave. Mr. Mai was not allowed.

Grandpa Wang took her to the kitchen and taught her a dish, so that wheat would be able to become an apprentice of “God of Cooking” in the future. Seeing that Mr. Wang was really willing to accept himself as a disciple, Mai Mai immediately agreed, and the price was to help Mr. Wang deal with the errand of Chunfeng Tower.

Chef Wang taught the wheat “Mapo Tofu” method. Although this dish is simple, it tests skill the most. Mr. Wang also left the most critical seasoning “scallop” to wheat. Then, the unrestrained and wandering old man Wang left on his own, and Chef Wang gave him a ride, and the estranged father-son relationship between the two lives was eased.

Soon after arriving at the banquet in Chunfeng Building, Mai and Chef Wang went together. At the dinner table, a group of people gathered around the wheat to persuade the wine. Chef Wang couldn’t see it, so he helped the wheat block the wine. Unexpectedly, Chef Wang quickly got drunk and was helped to rest. When the wheat was filled with a few more glasses, it started. Dizzy, was helped down.

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