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Chef Hua 人间烟火花小厨 Episode 32 Recap

Yu Huai tied the little beggar and asked him the source of his money, but he did not want to explain. Seeing that the little beggar was still a child, Mai Mai, fearing that Yu Huai would frighten him, soothed him as long as he told the truth and would not report to the official, the little beggar agreed. It turned out that he took the money of the bandit to help people out to buy things, and the bandit came from Washan Mountain. Yu Huai decided to go up the mountain in person. He didn’t want Mai to go with him, but the little beggar had to go with Mai. He really Fear of Yu Huai, for fear that Yu Huai will rectify the law on the spot.

As a result, Yu Huai had to agree to bring wheat, and the three of them went to Washan Mountain. The little beggar took the two to the place where he and the bandit were handed over. Yu Huai found that the bandit’s nest was dangerous, easy to defend and difficult to attack, and there were people on guard. If encirclement and suppression were not easy, he planned to go back and discuss it. prepare for. This little beggar is very clever, seeing that Yu Huai and Mai are good people, he intends to abandon the bright and cast the dark, and wholeheartedly help Yu Huai to encircle and suppress.

Regardless of his own safety, wheat rushes up the mountain with Yu Huai, but Mengmu is angry enough. Wheat is busy preparing to cook a table of good dishes to comfort Mengmu.

Mai Mai asked Yun’er to take the little beggar to clean up, change into clean clothes, and prepare to take him in. After eating the meal carefully prepared by wheat, Mengmu, who was originally angry, slowly put her heart back in her stomach. Mai Mai asked about Yu Huai’s plan to round up the bandits. Yu Huai said that he would have to wait until he knew the terrain before he could start. The little beggar suggested that he should take the pretext of sending food to check in, but Yu Huai refused. However, wheat has an idea to let them come out because of hunger, which is much more convenient.

The little beggar never went up to the mountain to deliver food. The bandits soon became hungry and had to send people down to buy them. Unexpectedly, the road down the mountain was picked up by the officers and soldiers. They inspected the packages of passers-by in turn, and the bandits came down the mountain with official silver. , It is a dead end. Within a few days, the bandits in the cottage were so hungry that they could only eat some wild fruits from the mountains to satisfy their hunger. Over time, they really couldn’t hold on, so they let one of the more sophisticated bandits pretend to be a scholar down the mountain to buy food.

In order to lead all the bandits out of the cottage, the wheat took the opportunity to barbecue in the mountains. The fragrance was full of flavor. He quickly hooked the bandit over. The bandit had eaten himself and brought a few bunches back to find his own. Brother, the bandits couldn’t help being tempted to run to the wheat barbecue. And Yu Huai and others were hiding in the surrounding grass. When the bandits realized that they were timing it, it was already too late.

They had been surrounded by Yu Huai and others, and they were also at a disadvantage in terms of numbers. After the battle, they were all captured, surrounded and suppressed, and all official banks were recovered. What is gratifying is that the great sage who was originally unconscious has finally regained consciousness and escaped the danger.

Luo Zhixian was determined to give a reward this time to the official silver recovery, and held a banquet in Huajianlou. Wheat asked Chef Wang to cook a few dishes and perform well. At the banquet, Uncle Ke officially announced that he would hand over the Escort to Yu Huai, and everyone was convinced.

But after this time catching the bandits with Yu Huai, Mai has become more aware of the hardships and dangers of Yu Huai’s work, and is determined to give Yu Huai a child, so that Yu Huai’s thoughts will be more so that he will not dare to take it lightly. problem occurs. For this reason, wheat often makes Yu Huai some oysters, oysters and other big tonic dishes, so Mengmu can’t help but look forward to seeing her big fat grandson coming soon.

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