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Chef Hua 人间烟火花小厨 Episode 31 Recap

Mai Mai returned to her sister’s house to see her nephew. Her sister complained that Zhou Yun’er was spreading rumors in the village that Xiao Mike was deducting his wages, but Mai did not want to take care of the inhuman alcoholic.

Zhou Yun’er takes over the food delivery business by herself, and has more opportunities to take the lead. Some customers praise him specially, but the scholar thinks that the person’s eyes are weird, but Yun’er doesn’t take it seriously. She is jealous only as a show. But in the next few days, Zhou Yuner discovered that the strange-looking person had been hiding in the corner to watch her. She was very panicked. She quickly told the scholar that she would let him go home first, and then report to the official in a few days.

Unexpectedly, on the way home, Yun’er heard that her father had negotiated with the trafficker to sell her for 20 taels. She was shocked and frightened, and hurried back to Huajianlou to tell Mai Mai about this. Mai let Yun’er stay in the store these days, and she would not sit idly by. Wen Xiucai also heard about this, he came forward to comfort Yun’er, gave her delicious snacks, and promised that he would not sit idly by.

Unexpectedly, the next day, Yun’er’s father came to the door, but the other guys in the store happened to go out. Only a talented person was left. The talented person was weak. Yun’er’s father pushed him down. Yun’er hurried out but was caught Dad dragged him away, but fortunately, the Great Sage arrived in time and blocked Dad Yun’er from going.

After a while, Wheat came back. A group of people heard that Yun’er’s father prepared to sell Yun’er for 20 taels, and told him from the perspective of money that it was not cost-effective. Yun’er has a good cooking talent. If he learns a few years, his salary will increase. The higher you came, the greedy father heard this and stopped.

In the evening, Yu Huai and Mai Mai talked about the daytime affairs, and both found that the Great Sage had something to do with Yun’er, but Yun’er liked Xiucai more. Yu Huai told Mai not to interfere with the matter and let them solve it by themselves.

In the evening, Zhou Yun’er made a supper for Wen Xiucai as a thank you gift, but the Xiucai said with great sorrow that the Great Sage was the one who made great efforts and asked Yun’er to thank the Great Sage, and Yun’er had to leave. Wheat is curious about Yun’er’s mind and spies on Yun’er, but Yun’er wants to focus on cooking, and the rest will be discussed later.

The elder sister and brother-in-law moved, and the great sage asked Yu Huai to go forward to support the scene. He stayed behind and guarded the warehouse, but was unexpectedly stabbed and fainted to the ground by a trick to move the tiger away from the mountain.

In the evening, Yu Huai and others were drinking and eating at her sister’s new home, but suddenly heard about the assassination of the Great Sage and the loss of the warehouse. Yu Huai rushed to the Great Sage’s home, but learned that the Great Sage’s injuries were too serious and she didn’t know if she could survive. Yu Huai was anxious, but she had to take someone to search for the thief first.

On the second day, Mai heard the guests talking in the store, learned about what happened in the escort, and hurried to rush, but was told that the Great Sage was only left to stand up, and Yu Huai was searching for the culprits, but in the end it was fruitless. Return. The brothers were very anxious if they could not find the official bank. Some people couldn’t help but complain, and blamed Yu Huai for yesterday’s accident, which caused quite a quarrel, but Yu Huai himself did not participate.

Just walked into the escort and looked at Uncle Ke, who was getting older overnight. Uncle Ke was relieved that Yu Huai was an accident last night, but he had to take on the responsibility of the escort. Knowing what Uncle Ke meant, he wanted to go to the Yamen alone, but Uncle Ke said to accompany him again this time and was scolded together.

Because of the affairs of the official bank and the Great Sage, Yu Huai was so busy that he had no time to eat, so he hurried out. When he bumped into a little beggar on the road, Yu Huai thought he was a little weird, but he thought it was because of him that he didn’t care.

Unexpectedly, the little beggar turned around and entered the Huajianlou, and ordered a table of expensive vegetables. Shouxi sister-in-law was worried that he would not be able to pay for the meal. Unexpectedly, he took a large ingot of silver on the table. Shouxi sister-in-law felt the silver.

Very strange, like the official bank, hurriedly went into the back kitchen to inform wheat. Mai Mai was busy sending someone to call Yu Huai, and asked Shouxi’s sister-in-law to take him to Yajian and try his best to hold him back. But unexpectedly, this little beggar was reborn as a starving ghost and ate very fast, but Yu Huai did not. Haven’t come back yet.

Wheat had to make another after-dinner dessert to hold him back. The little beggar hadn’t wanted to, but heard that it was free, so he promised to stay and leave after eating, and Yu Huai finally came back.

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