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The Monster Killer Season 3 无心法师 3 Episode 3 Recap

Catfish recounted that he bewitched Li Chongxiao and Cui Zhen for suicide for Yang Huaizhen’s revenge. He had no intention of guaranteeing that he would let He Jingming pay for what he did, so that Yang Huaizhen got Zhaoxue, and Catfish believed that he left without intention. He inadvertently comforted Liu Xuanzhang just now that he was in a blind eye. Seeing that the sky was about to light up, he was unconscious because he was worried that Liu Xuanzhang’s arrival in Yemen would affect the imperial examinations, so he decided to send He Jingming alone to see the officer.

Yuliu Xuanzhang was uneasy and went alone, and patted her friend’s chest inadvertently to put her heart in her belly. She never thought that Liu Xuanzhang was a woman. With his sword, Liu Xuanzhang threatened that he was a man. He believed that he was a gentleman and asked him to keep a secret for himself. He inadvertently sent He Jingming to Yamen, and He Jingming took out the body of Yang Huaizhen with his servant. Liu Xuanzhang won the title of master of the Huamen Tower this year. Liu Xuanzhang’s sister came to his brother’s room to congratulate his younger brother.

Yun Shangqing came to Yuxiang Pavilion with a big demon with an unwillingness. Although she didn’t believe it, she still entered Yuxiang Pavilion. The two stayed in Yuxiang Pavilion for a long time, and there were no signs of monsters appearing. Wu Shangqing took out the monster Sinan he brought to find the monster, and he saw that the monster Sinan didn’t work, so he wanted to leave. The purpose of Shang Qingtian pulling unintentionally is to let him pay for himself, so he pulls unintentionally to ask him to pay for himself.

When Wu Wuxin left Tianxiang Tower, he found that Liu Xuanzhang was eating and drinking with a group of women’s uncles with his breasts open. He asked Liu Xuanxi not a woman? After hearing this, Liu Xuanzhang was very angry and made people inadvertently pull out. Inadvertently inspected it and found that Liu Xuanzhang in front of him was really a man and left in shame. After leaving Yuxiangge unconsciously, the more and more wrong he thought, the more he returned to Yuxiangge. Inadvertently thought to be a painter who came to apply, and the other party asked to come to work tomorrow.

On the second day, I inadvertently asked about the use of the wooden wedge on the railing. Brother Chen said that it was used for hanging things. He was instructed not to ask indiscriminately, just work hard. Wu Wuxin asked who was a woman and two men downstairs. Brother Chen carefully told him the origins of three people, one was Yuxiang Gehua Kui Xueniang, the older was the playwright Wu Wenhao, and the younger was Wan Lingqing.

Mr. He and his classmates brought three outstanding people from the literary world to see Xue Niang to discuss guest dramas. Xue Niang and others were dissatisfied with the arrangement of Mr. He and ridiculed him in private. The master of the class did his best to fight for the three talents, and his tongue was like a clever tongue. He inadvertently pursued Liu Xuanzhang and asked whether he was a man or a woman. Liu Xuanzhang showed that he was born a man. Liu Xuanzhang hoped that he could abide by his promise and be alienated from himself, and never talk to himself again.

Based on her own understanding of the script, Wu Xueniang wanted Wu Wenhao to change the script so that everyone else could modify it accordingly. Ge Chen thinks that the use of unintentional pigments is a bit wasteful, and the extra money is deducted from the unintentional salary. Unintentional because Brother Chen always poke himself, determined not to quit. Just before leaving, I heard Xue Niang crying for help from an upstairs. Yuliu Xuanzang poured a glass of water and was shocked for Xue Niang, seeing that she had no intention of secretly going upstairs and thinking about an idea. Liu Xuanzhang suggested that everyone accompany Xue Niang to the room to take a look.

Xun Wuxin went upstairs, cast a look and found nothing, and Liu Xuanzhang took the crowd to discover the unconscious that he was about to leave. Xue Niang finds that she has no intention of moving her, causing people to tie him up and send him to the officer. If you don’t care about it, you will come up with an amulet, pretending that you like a little lady, to send the amulet. Xun Xueniang believed that she had no intention of catching up with Liu Xuanzhang, and in the conversation, they found that Liu Xuanzhang was like a different person. Liu Xuanzhang didn’t want to inadvertently ask about her.

The owner of the class let everyone disperse, Wan Yuqing returned to the room to put on makeup, and suddenly Qin Muyan’s face appeared in the mirror. After looking at it, he found that there were a few blood spots on his face, which scared him to rush out and ran out Already.

Everyone looked at Wan Yuqing screaming at his face, very puzzled. Wan Yuqing was mad and usually made someone lose his face. Wan Yuqing slapped Wan Yuqing, and Wan Yuqing calmed down. She Wan Yuqing said that she saw Qin Muyan in the mirror. When Xueniang heard it, it was Qin Muyan and said that the ghost she just saw was also Qin Muyan. Xue Niang said that Qin Muyan had pursued herself and wanted to redeem herself, but she later killed herself.

Yuliu Xuanzhang comforted Xue Niang, and Wan Yuqing also went mad and shouted, “Qin Muyan, someone asked you to write a table that looks at you because you are not talented, you can’t write it, and who you blame.” Wu Wenhao, when changing the script, suddenly felt that everyone laughed at him better than everyone, everyone was abandoning him, but also saw Qin Muyan, and went crazy to find Qin Muyan. After unintentionally seeing, Wu Wenhao also stopped going crazy.

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