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The Monster Killer Season 3 无心法师 3 Episode 2 Recap

Unintentionally explaining his identity to Liu Xuanzhang, he heard the sound and rushed to Cui Min’s room, but found that Cui Min inserted himself with a brush.

Puppet officials believed that Liu Xuanzhang had killed Cui Min and had no intention to explain to him. The shopkeeper banned Liu Xuanzhang from going to Baihualou to snore because of two murders. He had no intention to eat supper with Liu Xuanzhang. Liu Xuanzhen was surprised to see that he had no intention to eat meat. The two talked about the death of Cui Wei, and said innocently that they suspected that the incident was evil and that they would leave clues. Liu Xuanyu decided to investigate with Wuxin.

Wu heartlessly took Liu Xuanzhang home, and found that Shang Qingtian stole his money. Inadvertently reprimanded Shang Qingtian for a meal. When Shang Qingtian left, he smelled the smell of medicine on Liu Xuanzhang’s body and said that Liu Xuanzhang’s innate deficiency. The two of them sat at home to analyze the case and did not think that the monster had a motive for killing. Liu Xuanzhang mentioned that Li Chongxiao and He Jingming were both friends of He Jingming.

The two came to He Jingming’s home. Liu Xuanzhang explained his intentions. He Jingming did not cooperate with the investigation. Liu Xuanzhang believed that He Jingming was to beat Cui Wei, and finally lost to him intentionally, all for money. The two left the home of He Jingming. Liu Xuanzhang analyzed that Li Chongxiao, who was probably a hired by Cui Xuan before, came to the Huamen Tower and saw two collections of poems last year. Xiaodian explained that one of them was Yang Huaizhen last year. Last year, he retired from the tournament to make Cui Yan cheap.

Wu Wuxin remembered that he saw from Liu Jinghe’s memory that Liu Chongxiao had read a “Zhenzhen Collection” before he died. He Jingming was very panicked when he saw “Zhenzhen Collection”. Recalling that Cui Min read this book before death, and accidentally speculated that their death must be related to this book. Xuanliu Xuanzhang wanted to bring He Jingming’s involuntary rebirth to He Jingming again to understand the ins and outs of the whole event. He said inadvertently that the other party’s mind or unwillingness could not be used during the operation. Liu Xuanzhang decided to make He Jingming scared and unwilling.

With no intention, He Jingming took advantage of He Jingming’s fear of “Huaizhen Collection” and took advantage of it. When he saw Yang Huaizhen’s death, He Jingming, Cui Wei, and Li Chongxiao were all present. Unintentional analysis Yang Huaizhen’s innocent soul claiming should be a demon in the heart of the world. He Jingming also has a demon. This matter still needs to be watched.

He Jingming was lying on the bed, listening to the wind blowing the “Zhenzhen Collection” on the table, and he was so frightened that he was unconscious. Unintentionally casting, seeing the scene where Yang Huaizhen was killed, he was thinking of taking it home to study the book, but He Jingming immediately burned the “Huaizhen Collection” because he was afraid. When the book burned, the flame once turned into a blue monster fire, and he accidentally pulled away He Jingming, using his own blood to change the blue fire into a normal color.

He inadvertently told He Jingming that the matter was resolved and asked the truth about Li Huaizhen’s death. He Jingming didn’t hit Li Huaizhen. He thought that He Jingming’s help to Cui Yue to conceal the truth was also an accomplice. Wu Wuxin thought that He Jingming could not kill anyone even for his fame. He Jingming heard this sentence and said with excitement that he hadn’t killed anyone. He had no intention but to interrupt He Jingming and left.

The next day, I deliberately discussed with Liu Xuanzhang about investigating the case. I didn’t know why He Jingming couldn’t pass the exam after leaving Cui Zheng. Liu Xuanzhang explained that the imperial examination system is not enough. Traveling with papers requires talent, contacts, and financial resources, and it is difficult for people from poor families to do so. Xuanliu Xuanzhang said that he had been busy scrolling since he entered Beijing, and was suffering from the lack of a way, so he wanted to become a hit in Huamen Tower. I didn’t think it was easy to live, but I continued to work hard. He found Shang Qingtian unintentionally and asked him to find a new case for himself.

I came to the Huamen Tower unintentionally, and met Liu Xuanzhang who was watching. Inadvertently, Huamen Tower was still overcrowded even after two murders. Liu Xuanchi said that the owner of Huamen Tower invited the examiner this year, so there are so many people. He watched He Jingming win indifferently, watching his restless look and saying that the matter was not over.

After He Jingming woke up, he once wanted to commit suicide on his face with paper soaked in water. Fortunately, he and Liu Xuanzhen came to stop in time. Inadvertently fighting with the book in the room, Liu Xuanzhang restrained He Jingming while hearing Li Huaizhen’s temptation to help her in high school. I did not want Liu Xuanzhang to resist to deceive myself, Liu Xuanzhang resisted by her own will. At this point, He Jingming and Liu Xuanzhang both spit black ink, unintentionally casting spells to repel the demons.

I have no intention to let the demon show up. Catfish said that he wanted to avenge his disciple Yang Huaizhen, but he didn’t understand why he was partial to He Jingming. Xun Wuxin thought that He Jingming didn’t kill Yang Huaizhen by hand, but Yuyu said that although He Jingming hadn’t killed anyone, his mind was more poisonous than Cui Xuan. Fortunately this year, Cui Wei took Li Chongxiao and He Jingming to hiccup, so he had the opportunity to revenge for the true.

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