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The Monster Killer Season 3 无心法师 3 Episode 1 Recap

Running unintentionally chasing the monkey demon, chasing from the roof to the house, and from the house to the shelf of the hanging lamp, the monkey demon was defeated unconsciously. The monkey demon asked why he had no intention of catching him, and he wanted to make him happy.

Although the monkey demon didn’t believe it, he still attacked unintentionally with a fatal blow. Unintentionally pulled out bamboo slips and threw them to the monkey demon, saying how to always poke on the chest. The monkey demon looked at the hole in the heartless heart and asked why he had no heart. He shouted that there was a monster. The tamarin demon didn’t know why he died unintentionally. He inadvertently made a snowball analogy, saying that he had lived too long, and the more he lived, the more tired. My life is like an endless downhill, only death can truly relieve you. The tamarin demon decided to show his secret ancestral technique for the unintentional, and to peek into the future. Inadvertently decided to give it a try, but inadvertently thought that what I saw was a mess. The monkey demon thinks that what he sees is all inadvertently thought, but he said that he still went to heaven to find a great saint and killed him.

He walked alone on the cold street, feeling eternal life is an endless punishment. Qi Shangqing opened in a lively street market and sold Shiquan Dabu Pills, which can treat the loss of energy and poor appetite. The folks in the village asked if the medicine was so easy to use. Shang Qingtian said that there are heaven and earth, and there is conscience in the middle. The medicines you make are all secret recipes from the palace. If the emperor manages every day, she will be very good.

As soon as Qing Shangqing tasted it before buying it, some people rushed to try it. One of the old men kicked his legs and closed his eyes, saying that Shang Qingtian’s medicine was poisonous, and everyone wanted to take Shang Qingtian to the officer. Wu Wuxin suddenly said that he had changed a magic trick for everyone, and afterwards he turned the old man taking medicine into a scarf. When everyone saw that the medicine was not good, they left, and Shang Qingtian complained that he had no intention of blocking his own way of getting rich. I didn’t want to think that the medicines sold by Shang Qingtian were all counterfeit medicines. Seeing that Shang Qingtian had a bad attitude towards himself, he said that he had forgotten who pulled him out of the pit.

Inadvertently asked Changan City if there were any monsters recently, Shang Qingtian said that there were indeed monsters recently. Shang Qingtian came to Chongrenfang with no intention, and a celebrity named Li Chongxiao died bizarrely. Wu Shangqing said that although Liu Chongxiao had committed suicide, who would choose to sever all the meridians and die. The two were talking, Shang Qingtian let no intention to enter from the inconspicuous place of Chongrenfang to investigate.

Wu enters a room unconsciously and turns around to see He Jingming who is preparing to burn paper money for Li Chongxiao. Inadvertently casting spells made He Jingming think he was Li Chongxiao, and he came only to investigate the cause of death. Xun Wuxin casts a spell again, restoring the scene at the time from He Jingming’s memory: He Jingming and Li Chongxiao drank and celebrated, while talking, Li Chongxiao came up with a book of Huazheng. He Jingming asked how the collection of Huai Zhen was in Li Chongxiao’s hands. He looked up and saw that Li Chongxiao’s look was not right. He was holding the platform and smashing his head. He Jingming hurriedly asked for help.

After He Jingming returned to God, he saw an unintentional inquirer about who he didn’t know, and he could only perform tricks to prove that he was really an alchemist to drive out demons. Wuxinhe learned from Jingming’s mouth that the master was the master of the literary world of Huamenlou and left. Inadvertently brought Shang Qingtian to Huamen Tower, and introduced Shang Qingtian to the master of Huamen Tower. Shang Qingtian vowed that he was a rough man and left.

I inadvertently listened to the shopkeeper of the Huamen Tower talking about the literary platform, and the first master died. Now I need to re-elect a new master. In the first round of the game, Liu Xuanzhang appeared, and he watched Liu Xuanzhang drawing on the stage while playing a sword. In the first round of written examinations, Liu Xuanzhang and He Jingming won. The second round of the competition was composed of poems. The two had a fierce competition, but He Jingming suddenly could not write words. He Jingming could only admit that he had lost the game.

In the evening, Liu Xuanzhang was unintentionally followed and found. He smiled unintentionally and said that he just wanted to make friends with each other. Inadvertently encountered He Jingming before leaving, He Jingming found Liu Xuanzhang to persuade him to give up his position as master. Liu Xuanzhang did not agree on the grounds that he was not short of money, and emphasized that the scholars should not bend back for the five meters.

On the second day, Cui Min became the attacker. Today Liu Xuanzhang’s performance is not good, Cui Min becomes today’s uncle. Cui Wei thanked Liu Xuanchi for saving money for himself. Liu Xuanchi realized that He Jingming was for Cui Wei and Cui Wei. Liu Xuanzhao persuaded Cui Xu not to be too proud, because Li Chongxiao who had won himself was dead.

At night, Liu Xuanzhang found Cui Min to pay back money, and Cui Min attacked Liu Xuanzhao like crazy. Liu Xuanzhang and Cui Xun restrained Cui Xuan. Liu Xuan Xuan who left Cui Xuan’s residence asked who was unintentional, and he still said with a smile that he was a foreigner.

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